The Almighty Martial Arts System 110

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Finding such a beautiful place as Daocun, Zeng Tong and He Yuxuan, the young couple, naturally refused to leave as soon as possible. Depending on Jiang Fei’s family, they consumed the three-day holiday of Dragon Boat Festival. Until 5:30 in the afternoon on the third day, after eating breakfast and dinner, the two men drove away reluctantly.

“Fei brother! Boss! Let’s talk about it first, I will come to play with you often on vacations later. You can’t turn a blind eye to my brother. “

Before leaving, he took Jiang Fei to one side and said pitifully, “my wife-in-law said last night, if I don’t take her to come to you often to eat, she wouldn’t sleep with me! The eldest brother, I will rely on you for my future ‘the sexual blessing’ life, may all depend on you”

Once said pitifully together, but what recollects in the mind is last night’s wonderful taste. He Yuxuan did ask Zeng Tong to come to Jiang Fei often to eat and drink, but not by threat.

Although He Yuxuan is a serious woman, her life style has always been very good. But I can’t bear to have a rotten heart. Women’s heart is always quite bold, and meat is not taboo, especially in bed.

Last night, He Yuxuan used her petite body to perform 18 kinds of martial arts. She would be frank with this tall and strong man, and could hardly find north and south.

The hero is sad about the beauty pass. All kinds of steeling turn into finger winding softness.

Under the attack of He Yuxuan, how could he ever resist?

So last night, he immediately promised to come down. Today, he would have the cheek to beg for it to Jiang Fei.

“Does your sexual happiness have anything to do with me?” Jiang Fei laughed and scolded.

“No, Feige. You see, I’m getting married soon. You will be merciful, and then you will accept the two of us. You should think it’s good deeds and good morals… ” I pleaded with you without restraint. Said like a little woman, holding Jiang Fei’s arm. Shaking constantly from left to right, just like being coquettish.

Being held by such a big man. Jiang Fei’s body was suddenly cold and goosebumps were about to rise. He quickly pulled his arm away and said: “OK. I promised, okay? If you two are free in the future, come to me and welcome with both hands! “

Finally, Jiang Fei agreed. He smiled and thanked again. He Yuxuan and him drove away together.

He sent away this couple with some living treasure characters. Jiang Fei’s villa was suddenly quiet and deserted.

Because Lin Moli has to deal with the small and large trivial things in the hospital, she often runs to Jincheng, so most of the time, only Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi the big stars in the villa.

However, in these days, even if Lin Moli has to go to Jincheng for business in the daytime, she will definitely return to the villa in Daocun every night

After three days of treatment, Qiao Yiyi’s damaged vocal cords are gradually recovering steadily and well. Compared with the time when she came three days ago, Qiao Yiyi is no longer so hoarse and can only make a very low voice. It’s like being speechless.

Of course, there is still a certain distance to complete recovery. She still can’t speak loudly, let alone practice singing. You can only do some basic and simple recovery training at most.

Although Qiao Yiyi can’t practice singing these days, she hasn’t let go of other aspects and still keeps a good cultivation of an artist.

For example, in order to keep fit, you have to exercise every day and dance. She also asked her agent, Mei Yi, to send her a guitar, and every day she would spend half an hour practicing it. According to her, it’s because playing the guitar is a long-term thing. If you don’t touch it for a long time, you will feel strange.

Qiao Yiyi is not just playing the guitar.She can also play the piano. But the piano is too big. It’s too troublesome to transport it from Jincheng to Daocun. So she just brought guitar practice.

“By the way, I’ll go back to Jincheng tomorrow. It will take half a day to help others. Your vocal cords have improved a lot now. If you don’t acupuncture for half a day, it won’t affect the treatment process too much. ” Jiang Fei looked at Qiao Yi, who was going to play guitar, and said.

“It’s time to treat Ye Yuanyuan’s grandfather again?” Asked Lin Moli.

Jiang Fei nodded.

Ye Zhennan’s legs, tomorrow it’s time for Jiang Fei to go to sanatorium to help him. His legs should be more strictly controlled than Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords, without delay.

“It’s been so long, it’s almost over, isn’t it?” Asked Lin Moli.

She has had contact with Ye Yuanyuan, and Jiang Fei has gone to the sanatorium so many times, which has gone well, without any danger. Lin Moli is not worried about Jiang Fei’s going to the sanatorium at all.

“Ye Laozi has been able to walk under the ground reluctantly. If he goes four or five times at most, his legs will be cured completely.” Jiang Fei said.

Qiao Yiyi didn’t understand very well, but she roughly knew that Jiang Fei had a very important patient who had to go to treatment at a fixed time every week. So she nodded, smiled and said, “OK. You will go back to Jincheng tomorrow, and I will follow you back to Jincheng. I have something to do. “

After the discussion, Qiao Yiyi sat on the stool and began to gently pluck the strings.

The soft, gentle and lyrical music is not the type of strong songs and hot dances, which is different from the general performance style of Qiao Yiyi on the stage.

You know, Qiao Yiyi is a singer who came back from South Korea, and the most popular song in Bangzi country is not lyrical songs. Most of the singers are anti sky beauties, plus sexy dance. Generally, it is impossible for Qiao Yiyi to play quietly with a guitar like this on the stage, but to sing and jump all the time.

Even though Qiao Yiyi prefers to be quiet, there will never be such a quiet picture in her concert.

“Yiyi, you in your daily life are not the same as you on the TV network.” Lin Moli sat on the sofa, listening to the music and holding her chin in her hands.

Ordinary people know that Qiao Yiyi is good at singing and dancing, but few people know that Qiao Yiyi actually likes musical instruments. She can play several kinds of instruments. She can play guitar, piano and violin. Although we can’t say that we are proficient in everything, but for an artist. You can definitely show it.

“No way. When the company started to train me, it positioned me as a singing and dancing singer. But myself. In fact, it’s more like being a quiet and beautiful girl. ” Qiao Yiyi laughed and joked with a good rhythm.

After playing for a while, Qiao Yiyi stopped and exclaimed, “it’s really good to be a quiet singer. Singing and jumping singers is too tired. I’m tired when I train at ordinary times and when I perform on stage. Even when you sing a song, you sweat. For the first time this year, if I don’t rest for such a period of time, even if my voice doesn’t have a problem. I’m afraid there will be some problems. “

Lin Moli sympathizes and asks, “I often say in the news that s / M company is almost strict with its artists’ management. It doesn’t even have much time to sleep all day long. Many artists are suffering from physical diseases. In the past two years, your company has not always had artists falling out with the company, but also in court, just to get rid of the contract. “

Qiao Yiyi didn’t have much self pity or anger, but chuckled and said, “most of the year, there are activities. And when there is activity, it’s really tired, and the body can’t bear it. However. It’s not as terrible as the rumor”

Lin Moli shook her head. Qiao Yiyi is a very hardworking woman. If she says she’s tired, she’s really tired.

At this time, Jiang Fei came out from the kitchen with the hot traditional Chinese medicine. Let Qiao Yiyi drink it and give her acupuncture.

After so many times of treatment, he was already familiar with everything, and soon finished. He asked Qiao Yiyi to spit out the traditional Chinese medicine in his throat.

Jiang Fei hands the silver needle to Lin Molly for disinfection. When he sees the guitar lying beside him, he suddenly gets a move.

In his life, his piano skill has also been promoted to level 9, if he plays the piano. The effect should be very shocking, right?

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei can’t sit still. He wants to have a try. I rubbed my hands and asked, “Qiao Yiyi, can I play your guitar for me?”

“You can play the guitar, too?” Qiao Yiyi was a little surprised. Then he handed the guitar to Jiang Fei and said with a smile, “just try it.”

“Jiang Fei, do you really know how to play guitar? I haven’t heard of you before. Don’t play together and break the piano that others depend on. ” After putting the silver needle in place, Lin Moli looked at Jiang Fei curiously, but subconsciously he deliberately did not care.

“Well, today I’m going to let you two women with long hair and short knowledge know what it’s called an expert!” Jiang Fei said confidently.

Qin art level 9 grand master, can you play any kind of Qin? Jiang Fei looks at the life sub skill column in the character attribute in his mind.

How easy it is to play guitar!

Take the guitar from Joey. If it is true, Jiang Fei immediately felt different. Just like when he picked up acupuncture and was ready to treat people, he naturally entered a certain state, and the guitar in his hand became very familiar, just like playing thousands of times.

What slippery sound, point string and push string are all clear and clear. You can’t be more skillful!

Without fake nails, Jiang Fei bounced up with his hands.

“Dangdang ~ ~”

When the music started to float, Jiang Fei didn’t play any difficult music deliberately at the beginning, that is, any folk song he liked better, and Jiang Fei sang while playing:

“I know, those summers

Just like youth, I can’t come back

Instead of dreams, we have to be reluctant

I know. It’s a boast

I will laugh with my youth

Let me be trapped in the city to remember you… “

After a little show, Jiang Fei looked at the two women proudly and asked, “how do you like me?”

“I played the guitar well and sang beautifully.” Qiao Yiyi commented with a smile.

This Song Jiang Fei plays is just a common folk song. Even if he is a piano master of level 9, he can’t show it without difficulty, so that others can’t see it!

So Qiao Yiyi and Lin Moli didn’t feel shocked, just a little surprised.

Lin Moli is more direct, deliberately white Jiang Fei, said: “what is very good. Yiyi, you don’t want to give him face. I think it’s just the same. I’ve learned the three legged Kung Fu for two days… “

Very good?


What a blind eye!

Women are really creatures with long hair, big breasts and no brains!

Jiang Fei, who didn’t get the compliment from his imagination, was very dissatisfied. He hummed, prepared for it, and struck the strings again.

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