The Almighty Martial Arts System 175

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Today, Bai Ruoxi is wearing a white long sleeved slim fitting shirt with some patterns on the buttons in front of the shirt; the lower part is a light colored short skirt with buttocks. Although the dress is simple in style, it is inclined to the ol dress of the urban workplace beauty. In peace time, Bai Ruoxi’s dress at work is not very poor, and there is no elaborate dress.

But in this way, there is still a kind of breathtaking beauty in her body, which shows the perfect figure in golden ratio vividly. But at this time, the suit was half undressed, the buttons in front of the shirt were torn off, and fell on the bathroom floor, making the clear sound of pearls falling on the jade plate.

At this time, the short skirt with buttocks has also been loosened, and it slides down a pair of straight white delicate * of Bai Ruoxi, revealing a set of purple lace patterns inside. Bai Ruoxi looks a little shy, and her eyes are like silk. Jiang Fei’s eyes are full of fire, and she is excited.

Bai Ruoxi is not only discerning in the appearance, but also in the matching of clothes. She is choosing the inner and outer clothes, which makes Jiang Fei exclaim that her taste is just right, which can inspire men.

One is a strong man with excess energy, the other is an empty, lonely and intolerable mature woman. When the last two pieces of cloth on Bai Ruoxi’s body also fall like leaves under Jiang Fei’s rude action, Bai Ruoxi’s scream has become a soul hooking and soul stirring hum.

With the long hair falling down, Bai Ruoxi’s delicate body was pressed on the white bathroom wall by Jiang Fei. A pair of soft and weak catkins gently encircled Jiang Fei’s broad tiger back. Jiang Fei still lowered his head and used them hand and mouth together, pinching and biting on her plump chest meat.

“Ah!” When Bai Ruoxi felt that her body was light, she was held up by a pair of strong hands. Suddenly, She felt that my body was severely pierced, and the two were really integrated. She hasn’t been in this kind of sports for a long time, but she doesn’t adapt to it.

But that doesn’t mean anything. The taste of being filled in an instant was really wonderful, which made her a kind of soul out of her shell. The unreal sense of slowly rising.

However, this kind of unreal feeling was immediately destroyed by the man in front of him rushing forward, and the soul returned to its original position in an instant. He felt this kind of ultimate comfortable feeling.

While the sound of “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa” went into his ears, Jiang Fei raised his head, caught Bai Ruoxi’s delicate and slightly opened lips, and sucked them hard.

“Hum ~ ~ ~ bad guy, don’t you mean to take a bath?”

“Well, hey ~ ~ ~ Stop talking nonsense, ah. Bathing is an activity during the intermission. Now it’s better to feed your husband well! “

“MMM ~ ~ ~ villain! Lighten up, you really should be killing people! How did you get so strong. And… That guy seems to be getting bigger too! “

“Hum! Who told you to go abroad for half a year! Fairy, you will be obedient today and wait for the poor monk to clean up

“Who is afraid of whom! I’ve only heard of tired cattle, never of ploughed land! “

“Good! It seems that I have to use some real skills today. Don’t beg for mercy! “

“Who is begging for mercy, who is not a man…”

As a result, Bai Ruoxi got a pair of discs around Jiang Fei’s waist, and even the toes on the instep were straightened. In a short time, they were sweating profusely, but the fireworks of the battle never stopped. They went from the bathroom to the big bed outside, then to the chair, and finally to the bathroom. Bai Ruoxi, like a small animal, lies in front of the glass mirror of the washstand. Her hands are pulled by Jiang Fei, who is full of vicious interest. Her eyes are red and silky when she looks at the mirror.

No one could have imagined that the first beautiful reporter who is always strong and has appeared in CCTV news interview several times would have such a scene.

This battle really lasted. Bai Ruoxi, who thought she knew Jiang Fei’s combat effectiveness well, thought he should be able to cope with Jiang Fei’s angry attack. I didn’t expect that in the end she was still paralyzed and gave up an hour later.

Jiang Fei, who was completely relieved once, smiled triumphantly and paid off. Holding up Bai Ruoxi, whose legs were almost too soft to stand, and putting them into the big bathtub, they began to take a bath.

“Fairy. Have you ever been convinced? ” Bathtub, even if two people sitting at one end will not think much crowded, Jiang Fei smilingly looked at the wet hair, white face flushed white Ruoxi, asked.

Bai Ruoxi felt that she was lazy all over at this time, and could not lift a little strength. This is the sequela of fatigue and extreme joy. The intense joy almost paralyzed her nerves and almost whispered, “how can you be as strong as a cow!”! Do you go to the gym for exercise in the past six months? “

For Jiang Fei’s strength, Bai Ruoxi is a complete blessing. In the past confrontation between the two men, except for the first time, Jiang Fei won her most of the time, but none of them was a close victory. How could they win her by overwhelming?

Even if Jiang Fei had accumulated and “ammunition” for several months, she had also accumulated desire for several months!

According to the different body structure of men and women, as well as the proportion of physical strength expended on the battlefield, Bai Ruoxi thought it was he who should squeeze Jiang Fei out!

Bai Ruoxi is weak all over, so in the process of the mandarin duck bath, Jiang Feishi can only be allowed to “insult” Bai Ruoxi with the excuse of helping to clean his body.

Taking a hot bath is a kind of relaxing physical exercise that can recover physical strength. Hot water is helpful to the microcirculation of blood, which can relieve people’s fatigue and recover their physical strength quickly.

So, in the middle of the hot bath, Bai Ruoxi felt that his thigh had been touched by a hot unidentified object.

“No, really. Shall we come back in the evening?” Bai Ruoxi quickly shrinks to the back, never refuses to lose. The beautiful monitor who often “humiliates” Jiang Fei with the position of monitor in the high school class, looks at Jiang Fei pitifully at this time.

“How can it not be? It’s just a half-time break. If you can’t do it, you can’t be a man if you ask for mercy… ” Jiang Fei suddenly remembered that this woman was not a man. This is not a cruel word.

This woman has a deep mind. She didn’t forget to leave her way in that situation!

So Jiang Fei, who felt more angry, stopped tolerating it. He grabbed Bai Ruoxi, who was going to flee to the other side. He said viciously: “once the war is started, it will be easy to calm down. If the war were so easy, it would be over. Then the people of the world have long been united! Go on! “

“No, really not…” The woman’s voice panicked, and she was very ashamed and said, “I feel like I am I… It’s almost swollen… “

Jiang Fei was shocked and said, “no way. In the past, we didn’t have a record of seven times a night. At that time, you were OK! “

Bai Ruoxi’s watery eyes gave Jiang Fei a white look, and he said pitifully, “because you are not so strong as an ox, you are not so strong from the beginning to the end!”

Jiang Fei was dumbfounded.

His physical fitness is far beyond ordinary people. Even his physique and endurance are so ferocious. The combat power in bed is really much stronger than before.

“Then… Let’s do something else! ” Jiang Fei still didn’t let go.

“In what way?” The woman’s voice is more pitiful. She wants to win men’s sympathy.

But women don’t know, their delicate and pitiful appearance, in fact, falls in the man’s eyes is more can let the man beast. The blood boils, cannot stop.

Jiang Fei looked at Bai Ruoxi’s pink lips, which were as red as Canna petals. He smiled badly, raised his head and shook Bai Ruoxi’s ears. He said softly, “bite and split the two halves!”

“No way Absolutely not! I’m not used to this! ” Bai Ruoxi’s head shook like a wave valley, and he did not hesitate to object.

Jiang Fei shrugged and said with a rogue face: “if you don’t want to compromise. Then we have to fight head-on. I don’t care. “

At last, Jiang Fei sat up naked with a smile. Bai Ruoxi, on the other hand, buried his head in humiliation, like a concubine waiting on some old man.

However, more than ten minutes later, Bai Ruoxi’s oral skills have changed from unfamiliar to proficient, and his cheeks are sore, but the other side is still motionless and has no appearance of losing at all.

“No, no, what’s the matter with you today!” Bai Ruoxi looks up. Said tearfully.

She really shed tears, but it’s not sad tears.

Jiang Fei also smiled bitterly. He doesn’t know whether he should be happy or miserable now.

It seems that he is now stronger. The combat effectiveness is surprisingly strong.

“Don’t tell me. Comrade Bai Ruoxi, we have already won half of the revolution. If we work harder, we will succeed. We can’t give up halfway, but only one step away from success! Come on, let’s continue… ” Jiang Fei coaxed and said, gently pressing his hands on Bai Ruoxi’s head.

Bai Ruoxi refused to say anything this time. She felt that she had been cheated by this helpless bastard. She felt that this guy just didn’t vent on purpose and deliberately embarrassed her.

Jiang Fei looked at Bai Ruoxi’s tearful eyes and rubbed his cheeks with both hands. It seemed that he was in some pain, so he changed his mouth and said, “it’s no use biting words and breaking them in half. Let’s try to hold a ballpoint pen!”

“Ballpoint pen?”

“Well, a ballpoint pen! Comrade Bai Ruoxi, you don’t have to be modest. With your capital, you should still be able to do it. “

Finally, a large piece of Deluxe sprayed on Bai Ruoxi’s white breast.

It’s not easy to succeed in the revolution!

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