The Almighty Martial Arts System 176

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When the battlefield calmed down, the sky had turned from sunset to dusk. Looking out of the window, it was still. Occasionally, two barks of dogs could be heard.

After taking a bath in the bathroom, Jiang Fei felt his chin contentedly and watched Bai Ruoxi on the big bed wrapped in a sheet, covering her head under the pillow. He kept laughing.

“Smile at you! You’re not ready to cook, I’m going to starve to death!” Bai Ruoxi said with her head covered. Today, she is completely disgraced and disgraced. She has been ravaged by Jiang Fei for a variety of tricks. Now when she think of it, she feels flushed.

“Come on, sister Bai, don’t worry. Today I’ll make you a good meal and reward you for your husband to the revolutionary cause!” After Jiang Fei casually found clothes and pants to put on, he hurried downstairs to prepare the late dinner.

This kind of thing is individual, although he behaves as if he can’t use all his energy, in fact, his stomach has been hungry for a long time.

The body is the capital of the revolution. If you don’t get well fed, how can you continue fighting later?

After hearing Jiang Fei’s footsteps leaving the room, Bai Ruoxi, blushing and blushing, raised her head. She held her hair and face in her hands and didn’t know what she was thinking. She waited for a long time until she was not so tired and recovered a little strength. She expected AI to get out of bed and open the wardrobe and look for Jiang Fei’s large clothes.

About half an hour later, Bai Ruoxi estimated that the food should have been almost done. She opened the door and went out. She held the railing on the second floor and looked down at her head. She looked at the layout of the villa and nodded with satisfaction. The decoration of this villa is very agreeable to her, not luxurious, but not vulgar. There is a kind of exquisite feeling in it. In foreign countries, there are many villas in Bai Ruoxi. But I think Jiang Fei’s villa is not bad at all, no matter what the beautiful scenery of rice village is.

“Only. Other women have lived in this villa for a long time. ” Bai Ruoxi frowned and thought of it very unhappily. She already knew Lin Moli, Jiang Fei’s Hospital partner. There is a suite of rooms in this villa, and they often live here.

However, Bai Ruoxi’s melancholy has not been haunted by this problem for a long time. When she walked down the stairs slowly, she smelled the smell of food in the air. After a huge amount of labor, Bai Ruoxi was hungry and immediately focused on this aspect. She felt the smell of food in the kitchen.

“What are you doing, so fragrant?” Bai Ruoxi went behind Jiang Fei and sniffed his nose. I leaned over to see Jiang Fei, who was busy.

She wondered how Jiang Fei could make such a fragrant thing.

Bai Ruoxi is not a foodie like Lin Moli, but Jiang Fei’s dishes are too tempting. Even Ye Yuanyuan, a proud and cold lady of Ye family, has to bow in front of Jiang Fei’s food, let alone Bai Ruoxi?

Jiang Fei lightly poured the fresh soup on a plate of elbows, then smilingly handed a pair of chopsticks to Bai Ruoxi from the side, saying: “come and taste the taste of” Dongpo elbow “. See if I boast about my cooking. “

Bai Ruoxi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. At present, the delicious food can’t care what to argue with Jiang Fei. Without hesitation, he reached into the plate with chopsticks and tasted the taste first.

Elbows are rotten at the touch of chopsticks. Obviously, the fire has arrived completely. Bai Ruoxi is also very good at wrapping a piece of skin in the red and bright soup, and then carrying it with one hand. Put it in your mouth. “Ah… Hiss, it’s hot! ” Just out of the pot, the elbow skin was blown by Bai Ruoxi. She put it into her mouth without blowing. She was too hot to close her mouth. She called out the air conditioner, and her left hand was still fanning.

However, even if it is so hot, Bai Ruoxi has no idea of spitting out the vegetables. Instead, he is whirring and opening his eyes. Shocked and intoxicated, I had no idea that the taste would be so delicious. So hungry she didn’t care about the heat. He quickly reached out his chopsticks again to pick up the vegetables.

This time she got a piece of lean meat.

“It’s delicious! I thought it was a good smell, but I didn’t expect it was so delicious! I’ve never had such a delicious elbow! The skin is fat but not greasy. It’s comfortable and delicious. The lean meat tastes just right and doesn’t jam at all! Xiao fei, have you really studied cooking in this half year? ” Bai Ruoxi stared at the plate of Dongpo elbows, praised Jiang Fei constantly in his mouth, and wanted to move chopsticks. Even the name Jiang Fei was rarely used.

Jiang Fei snatched her chopsticks away and took a look at the casserole beside her. Suddenly, there was a strong fragrance different from the smell of vegetables, which was the flavor of chicken soup.

“Didn’t someone just say that it’s good to eat my cooking? Now I know it’s delicious. If you want to eat, don’t stay in the kitchen. Go out and set the table. It’s ready for dinner. ” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

Bai Ruoxi, who used Jiang Fei’s long sleeved T-shirt as a long skirt, reluctantly took back his eyes and went out to play with the table.

After a while, Jiang Fei brought some delicate dishes out of the kitchen and said with a smile, “wait a moment, there is still work to be done.”

“What. Come on, I’m starving. ” Bai Ruoxi put his hands on the table, propped up his chin and tooted his mouth.

“Don’t worry, it’s fast.” Jiang Fei smiled. He didn’t know where he found out a few candles and two tall glass glasses. He put a triangle with the word “mountain” on the lampstand. After lighting it, he turned off the light in the living room directly. Then the atmosphere suddenly became warm, ambiguous and romantic.

Jiang Fei gave Bai Ruoxi and himself another glass of red wine he had just taken out of the cellar. This red wine has only been buried for more than half a month. It’s not fermented to the best extent. It takes about a month to open the bottle. However, Jiang Fei’s cellar design is really outstanding, so even if it’s taken out now, it’s very good to drink.

As for the candles, it was the last time that there was a power outage in Daocun. Jiang Fei later bought a package of candles and put them away to prevent another power outage that night.

“How is it? Is this candlelight dinner romantic? ” Jiang Fei asked with a smile.

Bai Ruoxi’s eyes glowed abnormally under the candlelight light. Shee looked at Jiang Fei and nodded.

It is undeniable that most women are born emotional animals, and are easily influenced by external conditions and atmosphere, even if it is Bai Ruoxi. She always likes to wear Jiang Fei’s loose clothes at home. At this time, she can’t help but go to rummage and change into an elegant dress, make a good-looking hair style, draw some delicate light makeup, and then come down to eat with Jiang Fei.

Such a romantic atmosphere should be more formal. Now she also thinks that no matter how upset Jiang Fei was just now, this guy is worth it even if he has a little bit of playfulness.

Jiang Fei, holding a tall glass with three fingers, extended it to Bai Ruoxi with a smile, made a gesture of invitation and said, “I’m very proud to have the honor to have dinner with you, beautiful lady. I can hold your hand and spend the rest of my life with you. What’s more, I’ve cultivated countless reincarnations, which I can only have in my life! “

Although we don’t have western food, no steak or cutlery, all other atmosphere is romantic enough. Bai Ruoxi, who has always been very rational and has a strong temperament, has been a strong woman since childhood. At this time, she was completely provoked by emotions and felt moved to cry.

However, she managed to hold back, holding up her glass with a smile like a flower, and looking back at Jiang Fei with eyes full of affection, she said, “it’s my greatest happiness to be able to hold hands with you!”

Xiaobie wins the wedding.

In the two days in Daocun, Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi who had been separated for half a year, completely lived a life without shame and impatientness.

In addition to Jiang Fei’s trip with Bai Ruoxi, they spent nearly an hour visiting the mountains, rivers and mountains of Daocun, after the beautiful scenery. They stayed in the villa all the time.

Apart from going downstairs to eat, most of them are naked and tired of bed and doing shameful things.

In such a situation, it’s really the same to make up for all the lovesickness in half a year.

In this state, in addition to the time when he was still in college, Jiang Fei deceived Bai Ruoxi on the evening of Valentine’s Day and watched the movie to open the room. Several days after taking Bai Ruoxi for the first time, they asked for leave and absenteeism at the same time. They lived a shameless and impetuous life in a small hotel for a few days. In the next few years, they were not so crazy.

Two days later, Bai Ruoxi’s holiday is over. He has to go to the capital to go through formalities and start work again. Jiang Fei is also very satisfied with this. He doesn’t dare or want to ask Bai Ruoxi to give up his work completely and stop being a journalist. As a man, he can’t be so selfish. Bai Ruoxi has made a great compromise for him. He can’t get more money.

Some women are born to dislike work, like eating, drinking and taking photos every day. If they can not work, they will have no worries about their food and clothing, and they will have a good life. I’m afraid that they will be more than happy. But some women are most afraid of idleness.

Bai Ruoxi’s temperament is that work can make her life meaningful. If she doesn’t work, she will lose her love for life.

Fortunately, Bai Ruoxi’s going to the capital doesn’t mean that they want to separate. Jiang Fei agrees to Cui Xiuping’s invitation to go to the capital to attend the seminar of the Chinese medicine society. He can accompany Bai Ruoxi to the capital, so the two will not be separated for the time being and will not be sad.

The two happily prepared their suitcases and bought tickets on the Internet. Like traveling, they got on the plane to the capital.

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