The Almighty Martial Arts System 177

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There was no delay in the flight, and it rushed straight to the blue sky on time.

From Jincheng to Jincheng, it takes about two and a half hours. Because there are people around you who you like, it’s not boring. It’s good to spend time listening to songs and reading books.

Jiang Fei hasn’t been to the capital before. Bai Ruoxi has worked in the capital for a long time before she went abroad. So she is quite familiar with the capital.

After waiting for more than two hours, they got off the plane. Jiang Fei dragged his suitcase and went out of the hall with Bai Ruoxi. Jiang Fei wants to take a taxi or call Cui Xiuping and ask him to arrange a car to pick up the two of them. His cell phone rings suddenly.

Jiang Fei looked at the caller ID on his mobile phone and said to Bai Ruoxi with a smile, “it seems that we don’t need a taxi.”

It’s Cui Xiuping’s phone.

“Jiang Fei, are you in the capital?”

“Here we are. Just got off the plane. ” Jiang Fei said. Jiang Fei didn’t have any good feelings for this robed man who was self-confident and inherited from a Chinese medicine family. However, after he bowed his head last time, Jiang Fei didn’t feel much bad for him.

At least, in Jiang Fei’s view, this robed man can be taught by children. Maybe it’s a little bit of a bad character. Some of them have high eyes and low hands. But at least they’re not some dandy. They’re not the brainless second generation like Gao Hengyuan and Li Jirong. As long as it is saved, Cui Xiuping still has hope to become a flower and pillar of the motherland.

“Well, you will wait for me at the gate of the hall. I’ll be there in three minutes at most. ” Cui Xiuping said that and hung up.

“Is he going to send for us? Now he’s sending someone. Should it be a long time? Or we’ll take the car ourselves. ” Said Bai Ruoxi. As for the traffic situation in the capital, Bai Ruoxi knows very well that if there is a traffic jam or something on the other side’s road, they will have to wait for half a day at this airport.

Jiang Fei shook his head. Very satisfied with the way: “no, this guy should have arrived soon. He came to pick us up himself. “

It’s not three minutes yet, two at most. Cui Xiuping saw Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi at the entrance of the hall.

Jiang Fei is OK. Bai Ruoxi is too conspicuous in the crowd. These two days in the rice village villa. After Jiang Fei’s cultivation and irrigation day and night, although he was tired, Bai Ruoxi’s complexion did get better. Even though a face was basically plain, without any paint, it was still bright and moving. The water was smart, and the skin was white and red. Like an eighteen year old girl.

Plus the perfect face and the golden proportion of body, walking in the crowd, the rate of turning back should not be too high. Single men can’t help looking back, and men with female partners can’t help secretly looking back. When they see Jiang Fei standing in the way of Bai Ruoxi’s waist, they all show envy, jealousy and hate.

Bai Ruoxi is used to stunning others, Jiang Fei is also used to being envied by others, so they are also happy.

“I went out half an hour in advance, but I was blocked for a while, and now I’m here.” Cui Xiuping came and said. Take a look at Jiang Fei’s suitcase. “Should I help you with the suitcase?” he said

Although under the pressure of his grandfather, he had to take soft clothes in front of Jiang Fei, but this does not mean that Cui Xiuping really recognized Jiang Fei. It doesn’t mean he has to listen to Jiang Fei. He can drive to pick up Jiang Fei himself, which is the biggest face for Jiang Fei. He is not a real doorman driver.

Jiang Fei doesn’t care about this either. If this guy can come to pick him up, he feels satisfied and says with a smile, “no need.”

Cui Xiuping nodded and led the way ahead.

Cui Xiuping’s dress today is quite different from that when Jiang Fei saw it two times before. He didn’t wear the troupe robe that seemed to be out of place in the crowd any more. Instead, he put on a suit that looked strange to Jiang Fei.

It’s not how weird the suit is. On the contrary, this suit is from a famous designer and is of great value. It’s pretty. What makes Jiang Fei feel strange is that Cui Xiuping put on this suit.

In the first two meetings, Cui Xiuping was dressed in a robe. The temperament is integrated, which makes people feel that this guy should wear a robe. How could I know that he changed his fashion and modern line today, and suddenly changed his suit.

“It seems that these so-called traditional Chinese medicine families are not too old-fashioned. They will try to accept new things.” Jiang Fei thought in his heart.

When Cui Xiuping leads Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi to his car and opens the back compartment, Jiang Fei takes a look at the sign of the car and mutters, “don’t touch me.”.

Well, it seems that the famous doctors of these Chinese Medicine Societies, the children of the family of Chinese medicine, are all good money masters.

But this is also true in this society. Doctors are already a high profit industry. As long as they are intelligent and skilled doctors, they live a smart life. Their wages are several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary white-collar workers. There is no problem at all.

Bai Ruoxi is no stranger to working in the headquarters of Beijing News Agency. Now he is transferred back. It’s no trouble whether it’s the company’s address or the place he’s looking for. She is going to see Jiang Fei’s meeting place first.

In the car, Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi naturally sit in the back seat.

Jiang Fei asked Cui Xiuping a question: “do you, the organization of Chinese medicine society, have been recognized by the state? It’s like the writers’ Association or something. “

“Of course! The society of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most important departments established by the Ministry of health. Even the Minister of the Ministry of health should be polite when meeting my grandfather. As long as they can enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine, they not only represent that the medical skill level of doctors has reached a very high level, but also directly enjoy the special allowance issued by the State Council every year! ” Cui Xiuping said proudly.

“So powerful? It seems to be a glorious thing to be able to enter the Chinese medicine society. ” Jiang Fei nodded. Then he asked, “but I’m still curious. How much is your monthly allowance?”

“Kacha …” Cui Xiuping, who was driving, heard his hand shake and almost didn’t drive the car and hit the nearby electric pole.

The famous doctors who can enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine are very short of money? Can enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine, the biggest is honor, OK? It’s not an allowance!

You say so, as if entering the society of traditional Chinese medicine is to get the monthly allowance!

“600 a month!” Cui Xiuping replied in silence.

“Ah? Six hundred a month? ” Jiang Fei is a fool. What can you do in a month? It’s ten yuan to eat noodles. Six hundred yuan a month is really nothing to do. Therefore, Jiang Fei had a little interest in the traditional Chinese medicine society and heard the figure. Interest was suddenly reduced again.

“Even if the annual allowance is 7200 yuan, it is estimated that you can buy a tire of your car?” Jiang Fei looks at Cui Xiuping’s car again. Say.

“What do you want to say?” Cui Xiuping said with a gloomy face.

“I’d like to ask you what is your main job at ordinary times? Which hospital is he a doctor in? But when a doctor makes money like this, you should be a little younger than me. How can you make money to drive such a good car? ” Jiang Fei asked curiously.

“This car is a family car! I didn’t buy it! ” Cui Xiuping drew at the corner of his mouth. After he passed, he took a look at Jiang Fei’s expression sitting behind him. He was very angry.

Obviously, when he saw that he was driving a BMW, he thought of himself as the kind of doctor who specialized in accepting red envelopes and bribes.

He is the son of Cui family and the descendant of the thirteen needles of the ghost sect. A family with a large business needs to receive red envelopes. Is it still short of money? What’s the big deal with driving a BMW? It’s not a private jet!

“Oh.” Jiang Fei nodded, but didn’t ask again. It seems that these traditional Chinese medicine families also have their own industries outside, just like the Jiang’s hospital he opened. However, with the reputation of Cui’s family and the inheritance of Guimen thirteen needles for hundreds of years, the scale of Cui’s industry is estimated to be a little intimidating.

After leaving the airport, the BMW went straight to the downtown center. Half an hour later, I stopped at a place surrounded by modern high-rise buildings and a conspicuous antique building in the middle. When Jiang Fei saw the building, he thought he had come to some ancient palace. Because the shape is very similar to the vermilion walls and gates, colored glazed tiles and cornices, and there is a pair of lion statues at the gate, which is very powerful. With the general quadrangle, it is not a concept at all.

Then look up at the signboard hanging above the main gate. The three traditional characters of Jishitang are vigorous and powerful, which are very appropriate to the characteristics of this building.

“One day, I must also be in the bustling downtown. Give my Jiang’s hospital such a face! ” Jiang Fei thought admiringly after seeing it.

This style of building is in line with the artistic conception of traditional Chinese medicine. At a glance, we can see that the high-end atmosphere is superior. But it will cost money to build such a building in the center of the city. It’s hard to imagine.

“This is the headquarters of the society of traditional Chinese medicine?” Asked Jiang Fei curiously.

Cui Xiuping said lightly: “No. Jishitang is one of my Cui family’s industries. We will go to the headquarters of the Chinese Medicine Society for a meeting tomorrow. “

This time, Jiang Fei was even more surprised. He thought this Jishitang was the headquarters of the Chinese medicine society. Even if the cost is too high, it doesn’t matter. After all, it’s supported by the state. No matter how extravagant it is.

But this is actually one of Cui’s industries!

Jiang Fei’s understanding of Cui’s family was clear in a moment.

This Cui family is not a traditional Chinese medicine family at all, but a tuhao family!

A few days ago, he was very satisfied with the earning power of his Chiang’s medical center. Now it seems that compared with these traditional Chinese medicine families, their ability to make money is just one hundred and eight thousand miles away. Looking at the momentum of Jishitang, Jiang Fei thinks that the money his Jiangshi medical center makes in a year is not as good as the money his Cuis make in a week!

“It seems that in addition to looking at the current level of the top Chinese medicine in China, we have to learn from Cui’s” tuhao family “and learn some experience to go back to the seminar, so that we can also use it in the development of Jiang’s hospital.

Now Jiang’s Medical Center has been systematically defined as a guild, which can earn experience, improve medical skill proficiency and earn gold coins. It is the foundation of Jiang Fei’s later upgrading, so we must speed up the pace of development!

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