The Almighty Martial Arts System 178

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The Jishitang here is a three-story antique building, and it is full of the flavor of the old capital city, with various patterns of red and blue, which is very ancient in Ming and Qing Dynasty.

After the three got off, a wearer came to help pick up the suitcase and lead the way.

Through the three-story antique building in the front hall, the view at the back suddenly became bright. It turned out to be a unique small courtyard, which really felt like a royal mansion. Although the area of the small courtyard is not very large, the white decoration is very remarkable. There are many beautiful flowers and plants in the courtyard. Jiangfei horticulture is also at the level of Ninth level master. The research on flowers and plants is also at the peak. When I see these potted plants and trees, my eyes change. I lamented that this Cui family was really rich!

“This boxwood should be valuable, right?” Jiang Fei asked, looking at a very tall boxwood with a strange shape placed in the center of the courtyard.

Cui Xiuping was shocked and asked, “do you know anything about potted plants?” Then he said lightly: “this is not ordinary boxwood. It’s a boxwood king. It was given to my grandfather by others after my grandfather helped others cure the disease more than ten years ago. My grandfather didn’t know much about this either. He didn’t think a potted tree was worth much money, so he took it. Later, a famous master Jianbao came here to have a look, and said that now the yellow poplar emperor is worth at least one million yuan. “


Well, Jiang Fei has been defeated completely. The Cui family is really rich. According to the value of this boxwood in Chengdu and its price, the total value of all kinds of potted plants in this yard will be 2.5 million!

Bai Ruoxi in the same trade also smacked her tongue. She was not a gold digger. She was not very keen on money, but she was surprised to see a tree worth at least one million yuan.

“What’s the environment like here? If you are satisfied, you have been in Beijing for two days. I live in the backyard of Jishitang for the time being. Although it’s not a hotel, it’s not so different from the hotel because there are people helping with everything. ” Cui Xiuping takes Jiang Fei to a suite on the second floor.

Jiang Fei watched the luxurious decoration of the yard all the way. I thought that even the standard of presidential suite in five-star hotel is not as high as that of your small courtyard. All the furniture is mahogany. The blue and white porcelain vase with one height can be seen everywhere. The ink splashing landscape picture and famous calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall can’t tell whether they are genuine or fake.

But look at this situation, the possibility of counterfeiting is very small. And even if it’s a fake, it’s not hard to be afraid that it’s worth thousands of dollars.

Jiang Fei was naturally too satisfied with the environment here. If he had not been skillful enough in medicine, he would have known the eight methods of Shenzhen given by the system. It is estimated that he would never have the chance to stay in such a suite and enjoy such treatment in his life.

Look at the Cui family. Jiang Fei is even more determined to learn from Cui’s family, learn their business model, and see if they are developing a medical family into a family even more prosperous than tuhao!

“I want to see the shop in front of Jishitang, OK?” said Jiang Fei, who had some thoughts

Cui Xiuping was angry with Jiang Fei’s comments all the way. He finally finished the work of receiving Jiang Fei. He was just about to leave. Unexpectedly, Jiang Fei suddenly asked for it again.

Frown some doubt looked at Jiang Fei, guess Jiang Fei’s purpose. Why do you want to see the shop in the front hall of Jishitang, but after a while, you nodded lightly: “OK. It’s just that I have something to do before I go. Come with me. “

Bai Ruoxi did not follow. She began to pack in the room, ready to go to the company to report things.

Go through the small yard again, come to the front hall, and enter the shop in front through another channel. There are two beautiful welcome ladies in cheongsam at the front entrance.

The two welcome ladies always smile. When they saw Cui Xiuping’s little host coming, they bent down and nodded their luggage. Cui Xiuping waved and pointed to a round faced woman and said, “this doctor Jiang is going to visit Tongji hall. You’ll take him on a good tour. ” Then he turned to Jiang Fei and said, “I have something to do, so I won’t accompany you.”

Jiang Fei smiled and nodded. He is a normal man. It’s much better to be led by a beautiful woman than Cui Xiuping.

Before Cui Xiuping left, he thought about it again and said to the round faced woman, “you can’t neglect this doctor Jiang. If he has any request, he will be satisfied. He is an honored guest invited by my grandfather. “

It’s not that Cui Xiuping wants to help Jiang Fei speak, but that he knows Jiang Fei’s temper very well. If this guy gets upset, a servant in Jishitang accidentally offends him. Maybe this guy will clap his hands and walk away. He regrets not to participate in the seminar of Chinese medicine society tomorrow!

At that time, isn’t he just giving up? So it’s better to be careful.

Wearing cheongsam and plump round face, the woman suddenly looked at Jiang Fei with surprise. She naturally knew who Cui Xiuping’s grandfather was. This young doctor, unexpectedly, is a distinguished guest invited by Mr. Cui Laozi. Does it mean that this young man, like their young host, is also a disciple of any big family, or a miracle doctor with amazing medical skills?

“Dr. Jiang, this way, please.” The round faced woman politely made an invitation sign and took Jiang Fei into the main hall.

Jiang Fei walked behind the women, admiring the taste of women wearing cheongsam, wondering if he would buy a cheongsam for Bai Ruoxi to wear when he came to the capital this time? In fact, Jiang Fei always had this idea. He thought that with the body and temperament of Bai Ruoxi, wearing cheongsam must have a great taste! But there was no chance before.

Now when he comes to the capital, Jiang Fei has heard that Rui Juxiang seems to be very good at making cheongsam. After tomorrow’s seminar of Chinese medicine society, he can accompany Bai Ruoxi to have a good tour.

Entering the main hall, Jiang Fei was stunned by the real appearance of Jishitang. This Jishitang is not the same private hospital as his Jiangshi medical center, and it is absolutely different from the general pharmacy.

If it’s hard to say what it’s like, Jiang Fei thinks the internal structure of Jishitang is very similar to the mall!

Yes, it’s the mall!

At least this floor gives Jiang Fei the feeling that it’s no different from the general large-scale shopping malls, but it looks more advanced, and the average person probably won’t visit here. And the waiters here are also more advanced. Each of them is wearing a uniform cheongsam, which is very attractive.

What is sold in this shopping mall is not clothes, appliances, jewelry and other things. What is placed in the glass counter is all supplements, nutrient solutions, and then nutrient solutions, supplements

Anyway, it’s a series of nutritious products with different packaging and functions. There are so many kinds of nutritious products. The huge first floor is full of these supplements anyway! Give Jiang Fei a strong sense of “brain platinum” store!

Drugstores don’t sell medicine, but nutrition products? Is that ok?

What makes Jiang Fei speechless most is that in one place of the shopping mall, he also found a specialty store selling chocolate, ice cream, macarone, Haagen Dazs, coffee and other drinks and desserts.

This… What a mall?

Is it possible to say that the Cui family did not rely on real medical skills to make a fortune, but under the guise of medical skills, doing the work of businessmen and developers?

Jiang Fei was disappointed, which was different from what he expected. He thought that the traditional Chinese medicine family such as Cui family should be the right one. Even if the family became rich, it was mainly related to medical skills. While using medical skills to benefit the people, it could also make a lot of money.

This idea, in fact, is now Jiang Fei’s idea of opening Jiang’s medical center. But where would Jiang Fei think, this Cui family is selling brain platinum!

If the family of traditional Chinese medicine has fallen to such a level, traditional Chinese medicine has gradually declined, and the domestic market has gradually been completely eroded by western medicine, it is also self-made.

These people are no longer doctors, are they businessmen?

Jiang Fei is not opposed to doctors, so he shouldn’t sell supplements and nutritious liquid, but Jiang Fei doesn’t think he should put all his energy on it! If a drugstore doesn’t sell drugs, but all of them sell supplements, is that still right?

If so, what do you call Jishitang? How nice to call it directly Ji Ji Tonic Hall !

“Are the three floors of Jishitang such shopping malls?” Jiang Fei looked at it disappointed and asked the round faced woman beside him.

The woman shook her head and explained, “we have three floors in Jishitang, which represent three different areas. This floor is really like a “shopping mall” selling all kinds of nutritious liquid and tonic that are good for the body

“On the second floor are prescriptions, mainly selling all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. The types of traditional Chinese medicine are also very complete, from the general diagnosis and treatment of the common Chinese medicine, to such as ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum valuable traditional Chinese medicine have! At the prescriptions on the second floor, there are also some old doctors in our Jishitang who are in charge of treating patients. “

“On the third floor, there is a traditional Chinese medicine health center. The main items are back massage, massage, acupuncture, cupping and so on. However, the Chinese medicine health center on the third floor is a member system. Only the members of our Jishitang can enter the third floor for consumption… “

“Is Dr. Jiang going to have a look?”

Jiang Fei heard that the second floor and the third floor were no longer like the first floor, so he changed the drugstore into a shopping mall, and was a little better.

Fortunately, these traditional Chinese medicine families haven’t completely abandoned the practice of self-discipline, and haven’t fully regarded the profession of doctor as a businessman.

At least, Jishitang has kept the basic rules of drugstores and is really mercenary.

“Don’t hurry up. I’m looking at the first floor.” Jiang Fei said. “How about the sales of these supplements in Jishitang? How about the efficacy and the buyer’s response? “

The woman immediately took it for granted: “Jishitang’s tonic is famous all over the country, of course, its sales performance is very good. These drugs are not only sold in our Jishitang, but also in some pharmacies in many places and cities. As for the curative effect, as long as it is the tonic produced by the regular Jishitang, the effect is very good. “

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