The Almighty Martial Arts System 179

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These supplements are not only sold in Jishitang, but also sold through channels all over the country!

Jiang Fei immediately understood why the Cui family was such a local tyrant.

This is not equivalent to the establishment of a pharmaceutical brand!

The money earned from selling these expensive supplements nationwide is astronomical. And listen to this cheongsam beauty, the sales performance is still very good, which is even more terrifying.

If the price of these supplements is a little higher

“By the way, what’s the price of these supplements?” Jiang Fei asked suddenly. He didn’t pay attention to the price of these supplements just now, just browsing and disappointment. Moreover, these supplements are not marked with prices as clearly as those in the general shopping malls. They do not indicate the prices.

“Prices vary. A big cheap box of nutritious products costs only three or four hundred yuan. And some nutritious liquid composed of precious Chinese medicine, even a small box will cost thousands yuan, even thousands of yuan! ” Qipao woman explains.

The two just walked into a separate small shop. The cheongsam woman invited Jiang Fei to enter. Then she pointed to the counter and pointed to a bottle with excellent packaging. On the cover was a tiger bottle. She said, “for example, this tiger bone wine is one of the most valuable products of Jishitang. Tiger bone wine is mainly used to treat the disharmony of meridians and collaterals, cold and dampness arthralgia, which causes muscle contracture, hemiplegia, numbness of limbs, shoulder and back pain, backache and cold legs, physical deficiency of the elderly, weakness of muscles and bones, pain of joints, walking difficulty, injury due to falls and bruises. Even such a 250ml bottle, the unified sales price is 6666 yuan. “

Jiang Fei’s eyes widened, and some of them said incredulously, “how much? Six thousand six hundred sixty-six yuan! So expensive? The name of your wine is tiger bone wine. Is it really made of tiger bone? “

He didn’t listen to the main therapeutic function of the product. He just felt incredible that the price of such a small bottle of wine could reach thousands of yuan.

It’s more expensive than the best national wine. Jiang Fei felt speechless deeply. If you sell products like this, it’s hard to be rich.

And this tiger bone wine can’t be really made with tiger bone and other important liquor. If it’s real wine made from tiger bones. For example, the tiger bone wine in compendium of Materia Medica, the price is understandable.

But tigers have long been listed as rare and protected animals. It’s not like everyone yells to kill the big insects and beasts. Therefore, tiger bone wine has long been banned from manufacture and use.

Now it is estimated that some rich people with certain conditions still hope to drink real tiger bone wine. After all, in this society, there are few things that money can’t do. No matter what is illegal, someone still does it.

For example, ivory and Tibetan antelope skin, are there still criminals who take risks for money?

However, even if there is a way to buy. But I dare not sell it openly!

Even if Jishitang has a big background, it’s not good.

The woman in cheongsam smiled and said: “I don’t know if there is any real tiger bone in the ingredients of this tiger bone wine, but it should not. But I know the curative effect of this tiger bone wine is really good. It seems that it was developed by old doctor Cui himself. I have a relative, who has been suffering from rheumatism all year round. Since I bought tiger bone wine, if I take a sip of it, the pain will be relieved immediately. “

Jiang Fei frowned when he heard that it was the product developed by the ghost master Cui himself. At first, he thought this kind of supplement was too absurd to be believed. Now, he thought it might be a little useful.

Does it mean that old Cui doctor has developed any formula. Can it replace tiger bone?

Thinking so, Jiang Fei said to the woman in Qipao, “show me the instructions of tiger bone wine. It’s amazing. I want to see it. “

The woman in cheongsam nodded and said to another young saleswoman in cheongsam standing in the counter. The other woman took out the manual of tiger bone wine and handed it to Jiang Fei.

Salvia miltiorrhiza, dried rehmannia, dried cortex, dried ginger. Xiong? Pig pepper root. Atractylodes macrocephala, acanthopanax senticosus. Fructus aurantii Immaturus.

Jiang Fei looked at the prescription medicine in the manual and frowned.

This tiger bone wine as like as two peas in the eleven volumes of tiger bone wine is basically the same formula except for the most important thing.

But tiger bone wine, tiger bone wine. If there is no tiger bone, can it still be regarded as tiger bone wine, can it still have the effect of tiger bone wine?

Jiang Fei frowned and thought for a while, and soon figured out the reason.

He thought that since the Jishitang dared to set the price of the tiger bone wine so high, there should be a reason. I’m afraid that the tiger bone wine really has an effect and can’t be deceiving the world.

As for what kind of formula is used, Jishitang doesn’t write it in the user’s manual, but it’s easy to explain. This top secret formula must be extremely precious and need to be kept absolutely confidential. If this formula is casually written in the manual and leaked out, can not other manufacturers also produce tiger bone wine? That Jishitang also buys a fart.

Therefore, the formula in the tiger bone wine manual is only the incomplete version, as long as most doctors know it. And the real formula can replace the part of the real tiger bone, which is hidden.

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei is curious. He wants to know whether tiger bone wine really has magical effect, and what kind of medicine it can replace tiger bone.

So Jiang Fei couldn’t wait to ask, “can you pour me some tiger bone wine? I want to see how it works.”

“The salesgirl at the counter was stunned by Jiang Fei’s request and couldn’t laugh or cry.

She has never heard of such a request from a guest since she worked in Jishitang for more than a year.

Do you think this is a fruit shop selling fruit? Also taste the taste, try the effect how, this thousands of yuan a small bottle of wine, can you also taste it at will?

What’s more, these wines are sealed. They will never be opened if they are not sold. How can I pour them to you?

The round faced woman who served as a tour guide for Jiang Fei was also made a little confused by Jiang Fei’s request.

Although according to Cui Xiuping’s look and words, the identity of this young doctor Jiang is absolutely unusual. Even the old doctor Cui is very important. It’s nothing to ask for such a request in this Jishitang. I don’t think it’s a problem to waste more than 6000 bottles of tiger bone wine for him.

But. She dare not make a decision without permission!

More than six thousand yuan, for these salesmen. It’s not a small amount of money. A month’s salary, if there is no commission, is far from so much. And if you make a decision without permission, on the one hand, you may be dismissed directly!

“Dr. Jiang, the tiger bone wine is sealed, so I can’t pour out a glass for you to taste…” The round faced woman said awkwardly.

At this time, Jiang Fei also reacted and found that his problem seemed to be a little too much. Don’t talk about buying this tiger bone wine. Even if you go to the general place where you sell wine, there is no reason to buy wine and taste it first.

“Then I’ll take one. Should you be able to swipe your card here? ” Jiang Fei thought and said. He’s not short of money now. In order to find out the effect and formula of tiger bone wine, it’s nothing to spend thousands of yuan.

Ye Yuanyuan paid two million yuan to Jiang’s hospital. Before coming to the capital, he asked Lin Molly to make a sum of money to his bank card. Although Lin Molly knew that Jiang Fei went to the capital to accompany Bai Ruoxi, she didn’t mean to be mean, and she hit a million dollars directly in silence

The woman in the counter was relieved when she heard the words. She also saw that Jiang Fei’s identity was not simple, or she would not be accompanied by a special person all the way. Now Jiang Fei is willing to pay for the wine instead of making unreasonable demands, so she has no pressure. On the contrary, there will be more achievements.

But this time round collar women are more worried.

It’s hard for Jiang Fei to taste the wine. She still dare not agree to pay for the wine!

If Jiang Fei is really a very important guest, now she has to pay for a drink in Jishitang. It’s still her fault when it reaches Cui Xiuping’s ear.

Then she said anxiously, “Dr. Jiang, can you wait a moment? I’ll send someone to tell Shaodong’s house. It’s on the second floor. “

Jiang Fei didn’t find out the meaning of the round face woman when he heard the words. He was a little puzzled. Can’t you taste it for free? Can you pay for it? But when I saw the worry on her face, I understood a little. Said: “well, you go to let Cui Xiuping come down. I happen to have something to ask him. “

Now I have a look at the real face of Jishitang. Knowing the sales methods of Jishitang, Jiang Fei felt that he had benefited a lot. Although it is impossible for him to fully learn from the business model of Jishitang to make money. But at least we can learn some useful experience and digest it slowly.

These experiences are not what these salesmen can tell themselves. I’m afraid that Cui Xiuping, a small boss of Jishitang, can understand the inside story.

The round face woman nodded to inform Cui Xiuping. Cui Xiuping didn’t let Jiang Fei wait too long. He came down from the second floor in about three minutes.

Before he finished his grandfather’s order, he still tried his best to meet Jiang Fei’s requirements. He could not make this guy angry.

It’s a big deal. At tomorrow’s Chinese medicine seminar, he will directly defeat this guy’s famous Shenzhen Bafa, and then he will be able to directly export the evil spirit and revenge these days!

These two days, Cui Xiuping was suppressed by Jiang Fei. He didn’t really disappear.

“What are you going to do?” Cui Xiuping asked angrily.

“I’m curious about the tiger bone wine of your Jishitang. I heard that it was developed by your grandfather himself? I want to try it. ” Jiang Fei asked with a smile.

Cui Xiuping frowned, looked at Jiang Fei thoughtfully, looked at the manual on the counter again, and soon guessed Jiang Fei’s intention, and said, “you don’t want to taste it simply, you want to taste it, and then infer our unique secret recipe of tiger bone wine?”

Jiang Fei smiled. Unexpectedly, Cui Xiuping had brains and was very smart. He guessed his intention at once. So Jiang Fei didn’t beat around the Bush and said, “That’s true.”

Cui Xiuping not only does not get angry when he hears the words, but he smiles gently and says to the salesman, “open a bottle of tiger bone wine for him.” Then he looked at Jiang Fei and said with a smile, “I’ll wait for you to taste the ingredients of our tiger bone wine!”

Can you deduce the formula by tasting tiger bone wine?

You are dreaming!

If that’s the case, not long ago will all of us have the tiger bone wine?

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