The Almighty Martial Arts System 180

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It’s impossible to analyze the composition and preparation of medicinal wine just by tasting it.

Do you think your mouth is an advanced precision instrument? Able to directly decompose the composition and composition of substances?

Don’t say you are not an instrument. Even if you are a real instrument, it’s not so easy to succeed if you want to crack the exclusive secret recipe of Jishitang tiger bone wine!

This has nothing to do with the level of the doctor’s skill, but the common sense is that. Even if Hua Tuo is the best doctor in the world, it is impossible to deduce the formula from a sip of medicine and wine.

It’s not scientific at all!

Cui Xiuping, the little owner of Jishitang, opened up in person. The salesmen in the counter dared not hesitate to take out a bottle of tiger bone wine with excellent packaging. However, there is no special cup for drinking, after all, ordinary people can not enjoy the right to try drinking on the spot.

Jiang Fei didn’t pay much attention to it either. He took the 250ml bottle of wine and put it on his head.

Cui Xiuping looks at Jiang Fei with a smile and wants to see him look ugly. Jiang Fei didn’t care what others thought. After drinking tiger bone wine, he frowned slightly, closed his eyes, and carefully felt the effect of medicine wine in his mouth.

The level of medical skill has been upgraded to level 7, which is not only for people to feel the pulse and see a doctor, but also for drug identification. It’s like seeing ye Zhennan at the beginning. He can directly check that ye Zhennan is poisoned and know how toxic the poison is.

In fact, poisons and poisons are three parts of poisons, so poisons are also a kind of drugs!

Jiang Fei can clearly distinguish the poison in Ye Zhennan’s father. Although the tiger bone wine is of good value, it can be sold for more than 6000 yuan in a small bottle. But it’s so much worse than the last poison. It’s just a small thing.

“Well, this fake version of tiger bone wine. Indeed, the effect is not bad, almost comparable to the real tiger bone wine. It also has the functions of strengthening muscles and bones, strengthening waist and kidney, and dispelling wind and cold. But it’s a substitute for tiger bone…… ” Jiang Fei closed his eyes. While tasting the efficacy of medicinal wine, he frowned.

Cui Xiuping has a contemptuous smile in his eyes. It’s not too hard to infer the effect of tiger bone wine. Doctors who are knowledgeable and have a solid foundation in traditional Chinese medicine can do it. It’s really difficult to say the formula of the medicine.

At this time, Jiang Fei suddenly opened his eyes and put the bottle back on the counter with disappointment on his face. He shook his head and sighed.

“What? What’s the problem, or do you despise the tiger bone wine of Jishitang? ” Cui Xiuping said in a cold voice. Squinting at Jiang Fei, he was a little upset. He was still waiting for Jiang Fei to say nothing about the formula of tiger bone wine. How could this guy not play according to common sense and directly change into a disappointed expression?

What’s the matter?

The prescription his grandfather used almost completely has the effect of tiger bone wine, replacing the ingredients of tiger bone, and the effect is almost the same. This guy can’t make a recipe. There is nothing to be disappointed with!

“I don’t look down on your tiger bone wine. The effect of your tiger bone wine is very good. It’s not a fake product. ” Jiang Fei shook his head and said. “To my disappointment, it’s the recipe of your tiger bone wine – Leopard bone is indeed the best substitute for tiger bone. With more than a third of the dose, leopard bone can almost completely replace tiger bone. It’s just that tiger bone has become the material strictly prohibited by the state, and leopard bone will be banned soon, right? “

Hearing Jiang Fei’s answer, Cui Xiuping was stunned! Shocked!

This guy, after just one taste, knows the recipe of tiger bone wine?

Not only did they say that they replaced the tiger’s bone with the leopard’s bone, but also accurately said that they used more than one third of the dose. Is this guy’s mouth really a precise instrument?

So he did not dare to question Jiang Fei’s contempt and disappointment.

“You… How to know. ” Cui Xiuping asked incredulously. In his opinion, even if Jiang Fei has excellent medical skills. It’s impossible to be so magical that it will lose the eight methods of magic needles that have been passed down for a long time!

Jiang Fei didn’t answer. But some gloated at Cui Xiuping, shook their heads and said, “leopard bones are about to be banned. What will your Jishitang use to replace the leopard bone? If you can’t find it, you have to take the tiger bone wine off the shelf, right? “

Cui Xiuping is speechless.

In fact, Jishitang is facing this problem. Tiger bone wine can wait for a while at most, and it will have to be completely removed from the shelves and can no longer be produced. They have also tried to find medicine that can replace the leopard bone. They have tried many kinds of bones, such as cattle bone, cat bone, pig bone, dog bone and so on. But the results are not satisfactory.

Even if we can continue to produce tiger bone wine in the future, but the wine has already gone beyond tiger bone wine. The effect and price will be greatly reduced.

At that time, they are even embarrassed to continue to use the name tiger bone wine, or it will become a pig nose inserted with onions – pretend!

Looking at Cui Xiuping’s expression, Jiang Fei knew that he had stabbed the pain of Jishitang. They are really unable to continue to operate this extremely profitable product.

But this Jishitang can do nothing. Jiang Fei is very happy at this time!

Just now, when tasting the tiger bone wine, the system automatically analyzed the specific formula of the tiger bone wine. When he saw the material of the leopard bone, he subconsciously thought about whether there could be any medicine to replace the leopard bone, so that the effect of the tiger bone wine would not be reduced, and it would still be strong enough to get rid of wind and dampness.

As a result, Jiang Fei had a formula in his mind. There was no leopard bone, not to mention tiger bone. These two things were used instead of Caulis Spatholobi, qianjinba, plus five step snake bone!

This three kinds of medicinal materials add up to the original formula of tiger bone wine. The effect of the new wine is almost comparable to that of tiger bone and leopard bone!

Among the three kinds of medicinal materials, Caulis Spatholobi and Rhizoma Polygoni are abundant in many places, and their prices are not expensive. Even the bones of the five legged snake, which are hard to find, are much easier than those of the tiger and the leopard. The five legged snake can be raised artificially. As long as it is cultivated, it is not difficult to get the bone!

“The tiger bone wine of Jishitang will not be sold in the future. When it comes to being produced by my Jiang’s Hospital, will it not be profitable? ” Jiang Fei thought of it secretly and happily.

Jiang Fei estimated such a bottle of tiger bone wine. The cost price only needs more than 2000 at most, even excluding labor cost, channel cost, sales cost and tax. I’m afraid a bottle will earn at least 2000 yuan!

This… It’s a profiteering industry.

Two thousand yuan for one bottle. How much is ten thousand bottles?

Twenty million!

Although the price of this tiger bone wine is a little higher, ordinary people can’t sell it, but it can’t resist the large population of Chinese people. 10,000 bottles is only a small number. One year’s sales of Cui’s Jishitang must be more than 10,000 bottles!

This number, think about it makes people hot.

This time I came to the capital and saw the Cui family’s industry. Jiang Fei’s mind was really moved. At the same time of opening a medical center, if you can also build your own medical center into a famous brand, like Jishitang, it is not only for patients to see a doctor, but also for the production of various functional drugs, which is the king!

Of course, it is still a long way to go.

Jiang Fei, by himself, certainly has not inherited the essence of the family of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years like Cui family. For these families of traditional Chinese medicine who have passed on for hundreds of years, medical skills, acupuncture and so on. It’s just one aspect of their heritage. The most important thing for them is the various formulas left over from the hard research and summary of their ancestors!

It’s like all kinds of tonic liquid sold on the first floor of Jishitang. I’m afraid most of them were developed by the younger generation of Cui family through their accumulated experience!

Although grandpa Jiang Fei used to be a traditional Chinese medicine, there was no prescription for him to develop into medicine. However, if Jiang Fei has a system, there will be infinite possibilities!

Just like his current medical skill level is still at level 7, he can easily crack the formula of tiger bone wine. If he reaches level 8 and level 9, his medical skill will be improved by a large part, will he not be able to make more magical drugs in the future?

Even if the drugs produced can’t be compared with all kinds of panacea in the store system. But in real life, estimation can also be a sensation, right?

Jiang Fei decided to return to Jincheng. Just discuss it with Lin Molly.

Jiang Fei never thought about using traditional Chinese medicine before. Can also develop a business empire! And it seems that it’s much easier than anything else!

Thinking of the medical skill level, Jiang Fei can’t help but look at his character attributes at this time, and see how far his experience value and medical skill level have reached.

Role: Jiang Fei

Grade: 3

Experience value: 1988 / 3500

Physical strength: 2.6

Spirit: 3.7

Agility: 3.6

Strength: 2.8

Unassigned points: 0

Martial arts skills: lightness skill triple cloud, level 1 (0 / 100), incomplete Taijiquan, level 1 (0 / 200); Qimen Dun skill, level 0 (0 / 100); available skill points: 378.8

Sidelines: weapon forging (Level 9), plant cultivation (Level 9), cooking (Level 9), gardening (Level 9), Qin (Level 9) wine making (Level 9), summoning animal training (Level 9), medical skill (Level 7 + 96%)

Gold coin owned: 4175

More than half a month has passed since the last time when the character level was upgraded to level 3. In the middle of the battle, Jiang Fei also experienced a fierce battle. He killed a gunman with Xiao Li’s flying knife and gained a lot of experience. So now Jiang Fei’s experience value is about to break the two thousand mark, not far from being upgraded again.

But medical skills, only from the last 71% to 96%, to upgrade to level 8 still need to wait a while. This is mainly due to the fact that the scale of Jiang’s medical center is too small to receive the number of patients, and the improvement of Jiang Fei’s medical skill proficiency is naturally slow.

Next, Jiang Fei went to the second and third floors of Jishitang and visited some drugstores and traditional Chinese medicine health centers.

Looking at the Jishitang, which is full of the flavor of local tyrants and reveals high-grade products everywhere, Jiang Fei is more determined in his mind to go back to Jincheng to make a good plan for reform and development.

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