The Almighty Martial Arts System 181

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Jiang Fei spent one night in Jishitang, but he did not see the old doctor Cui, the head of Cui family. According to Cui Xiuping, his grandfather just came back from abroad a few days ago, but he went to see a doctor again yesterday.

This made Jiang Fei’s influence on the old Cui family deepened. It seems that this old doctor Cui is quite different from other famous doctors. His family is already so rich and has such a high status. It can be said that he has made great achievements and is still so busy. When he has a job, he doesn’t put it off at all.

This is enough to be admired!

I don’t see the professors in many hospitals now. The medical skills are not so good, but the shelves are very big. It is more difficult to meet them than to meet the leaders of the country. Leading the hospital’s high wages, but not to say, when to see a doctor completely depends on the mood.

Compared with the so-called famous doctor, the old Cui doctor is a model worker.

Why did Jiang Fei praise Cui Laoshen Medical University who had never met before?

Well, the biggest reason is that old Cui respected him very much. He wrote an invitation letter specially for him, and the words in the invitation letter were very polite.

Jiang Fei, who believes in the principle that others respect me for one foot and I respect others for one foot, naturally respects the old doctor Cui.

The next morning, Cui Xiuping came to call Jiang Fei to prepare for the departure.

Bai Ruoxi is not a doctor, and she has no interest in the field of doctors. So even if she knows that the seminar of the society of traditional Chinese medicine is extremely high, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people for a lifetime, she doesn’t want to see anything.

Today, she intends to go to the newspaper’s headquarters today to complete the procedures of the office, and then wait for Jiang Fei to finish the meeting today and find a house together tomorrow.

Today, Cui Xiuping put on a well-made robe and drove Jiang Fei from Jishitang to the headquarters building of Chinese medicine society.

The society of traditional Chinese medicine is a regular organization. Although the established headquarters is not as popular as Jishitang, its scale is still large, and its location is more superior than Jishitang. It is completely in the center of Beijing.

When the car stopped half an hour later. Jiang Fei and Cui Xiuping get out of the car. There are many cars parked outside the headquarters of the Chinese medicine society. Moreover, Jiang Fei glanced at the specifications of these vehicles and found that the worst of these vehicles, hundreds of thousands of Audi, and millions of luxury cars are just ordinary. It seems that this is not a doctor’s seminar, but a gathering of local heroes!

Jiang Fei sighed again. Now Chinese medicine has declined to the extreme, almost swallowed by western medicine, and these Chinese doctors are even rich in oil.

Since they can make money, why didn’t they carry forward traditional Chinese medicine?

You know, this society of traditional Chinese medicine is an officially recognized organization. It is also a group of top Chinese medicine doctors in the country! It has been said for a long time that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Since these people make a fortune by using traditional Chinese medicine and make a lot of money, they should bear the responsibility of promoting traditional Chinese medicine.

You can’t make money in this industry. But I don’t have the strength to watch the industry decline little by little? Even if you don’t think about others, you should try to think about yourself.

Because only traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more powerful. More and more people believe in traditional Chinese medicine, then the life of all traditional Chinese medicine will be better, and the pockets will be more fulfilled.

“Come on, let’s go in.” Cui Xiuping said to Jiang Fei. “These parking outside are all from famous doctors who come to the seminar of Chinese medicine society from all places. If you are interested in meeting some of your peers later, I can introduce you to you. “

Jiang Fei smiled and asked, “I haven’t asked. I see it in the invitation. Cui is the honorary president of the Chinese medicine society. But what about you? What position should you hold in the society of traditional Chinese medicine? I think you are very worried about this conference, and let you send invitations and other things in person. “

“I don’t hold any position in the society of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s just because our Cui family has lived in the capital for generations, and my grandfather is the honorary president. So our Cui family is the host. Every year, we Cui family will participate in the organization of the seminar of Chinese medicine society. ” Cui Xiuping said.

Jiang Fei asked curiously, “who is the president of the Chinese medicine society?”

“There is no president of the Chinese medicine society.”

“No president?” Jiang Fei was stunned. There are all Honorary Presidents. How can there be no president?

This honorary president is quite different from the president. Honorary president is just an honor, generally awarded to people of high prestige, with great prestige, but they do not do routine business.

This is a concept with many of the adjunct professors of pheasant university.

In many pheasant universities or training institutions, they will write on the enrollment brochures how many respected professors our school has and how excellent the teacher resources are, but in fact, they just give these professors a sum of money, and then “borrow” the reputation of these professors.

From the beginning to the end, these professors did not go to the school institution for any class at all.

Can we say that this society of traditional Chinese medicine is also engaged in this way?

It sounds like a bull. Fork, but it’s actually a pheasant organization?

Cui Xiuping nodded. He didn’t know why he was embarrassed. He said in a deep voice, “the president of the Chinese medicine society has led the whole situation before.”. But later because For some reason, the post of president was cancelled. Now there are only a few leaders, as well as doctors like my grandfather, who are superb and recognized by virtue, to be Honorary Presidents. “

Jiang Fei frowned at the words.

He was not stupid. He heard the embarrassment in Cui Xiuping’s words. He cancelled the post of president for some reasons. I’m afraid that the word “some” would hide something.

Most of the reasons why an organization does not have a president are that the president is full of his own pocket and uses his power to misappropriate the interests of the society. Therefore, the group is excited and dissatisfied.

After touring around the capital and seeing how rich the traditional Chinese medicine family like Cui family has, Jiang Fei has no doubt about how powerful the organization of the Chinese medicine society, which claims to gather the best Chinese medicine in the country, will be.

If you can control such a learning organization, you may have a lot more money than controlling a large company or something.

If you have money and power, it’s easy to have a bad time. This is the most basic theorem of human beings. So after going through some terrible past events, the Chinese medicine society became smart and cancelled the post of president. It’s not just someone who leads.

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei could not help but sneer. A society of traditional Chinese medicine. There is such a way in it that even the president can’t be elected for the sake of interests.

This kind of organization, can concentrate on thinking of the Chinese medicine will be bright, there are ghosts!

“What are the leaders of the Institute?” Asked Jiang Fei.

“There are three. Now I’ve told you that you don’t know each other. I’ll tell you later when the grey clothes begin. ” Cui Xiuping said.

Then they entered the hall and saw all the people inside.

Jiang Fei was surprised. He thought that the so-called society of traditional Chinese medicine should be a gathering of old people over half a hundred years old, or even the oldest. It’s just like the old directors of several Chinese Medicine Societies he met in Jincheng before.

But what Jiang Fei didn’t expect was that although there was no lack of silver haired old people in the hall, the number was not too much, and even half of them didn’t account for it!

The main crowd here are the middle-aged people in their thirties and forties and the young people before their thirties!

These people are tall or short, fat or thin, men and women have different colors, dress different. There are rigid research sexists and handsome men and uncles. There are all kinds of sexy women, and there are also young and lively women. They are very fashionable.

This… Where is it like the seminar of top Chinese medicine in China?

More than half of these people are out there. Not on this particular occasion, Jiang Fei could not recognize them as famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. And in general, the Chinese medicine with strong medical skills is all old people. Are these young people in their twenties really qualified to enter the society of Chinese medicine?

Do they have an on / off system like themselves?

“These Are all members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine? ” Jiang Fei asked with some difficulty.

Cui Xiuping nodded and smiled. He knew what Jiang Fei was surprised by.

“Don’t think that you are young and successful. You can be skilled in medicine at a young age. In the Chinese medicine society. There are not many famous doctors of young age. They are all experts from the family of traditional Chinese medicine! ” Cui Xiuping said.

Just as they entered the hall, many people came to greet them warmly.

Of course. They all say hello to Cui Xiuping.

Now Cui Xiuping has a good reputation in the Chinese medicine society. It seems that people also admire him. After all, this guy is the second descendant of the “ghost door needle” in the young generation, the grandson of the old doctor Cui. He is very hopeful to become one of the leaders of the Chinese medicine society in the future.

“Here comes the little doctor Cui. It seems that old doctor Cui hasn’t arrived yet? I heard that old Cui was asked to go abroad some time ago to treat a foreign chief? How powerful our country is! How powerful our traditional Chinese medicine is! ” An old man said.

“Ha ha. My grandfather has been back home a few days ago. We’ll be here later. “

“Xiuping, I heard that you went to Jincheng a while ago. Apart from helping a chief to see a doctor, you also wanted to solve a problem called” king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine ” Asked a group of young people familiar with Cui Xiuping.

“I heard about it, too. I also heard that this guy still looks down upon our Chinese medicine society? How about the follow-up development of this matter? Did you teach that guy a lesson when he was repaired? “

“… We’ll talk about it later. ” Cui Xiuping took a look at Jiang Fei beside him and said.

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