The Almighty Martial Arts System 183

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As soon as Yu Qingsong called on Jiang Fei’s identity, there was an uproar in the hall.

Some people here know a little about what happened in Jincheng, some don’t. But after Yu Qingsong said this, he was not happy to hear the words “acupuncture king of traditional Chinese medicine” and “despise the society of traditional Chinese medicine”, regardless of whether these people knew what happened in Jincheng.

The society of traditional Chinese medicine may not bring in the most advanced traditional Chinese medicine in China, but at least it is the most advanced organization of traditional Chinese medicine in China. All the people present, even the descendants of Cui Xiuping’s family of traditional Chinese medicine or the three university school, were not so easy to enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine at the beginning, but also spent some time.

They don’t say they are proud to be able to enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine, but they are indeed part of the society of traditional Chinese medicine. Now a “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine” comes out and despises the society of traditional Chinese medicine. Isn’t it equivalent to slapping them in the face?

This is simply, can bear which can not bear!

No matter the young masters of the three universities, the younger children of the family of traditional Chinese medicine, or the top old and famous doctors all over the country, they can’t stand this saying.

The haughty young people have poor eyes directly. Some fashionable and attractive women also look at Jiang Fei curiously with their eyes. They seem to want to see clearly what the young handsome man is coming from.

“Xiuping, didn’t you go to Jincheng to deal with this guy? How could he have brought him to the capital instead, and today he has come to join our Chinese medicine society? “

“Why, is this guy ignorant after seeing the magic medicine of little Dr. Cui, so now that he knows the height of the earth, he can look up to our Chinese medicine society?”

“Acupuncture king of traditional Chinese medicine? I’ve heard of this name some time ago, but it’s not in the Journal of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s in some entertainment newspaper. It seems to be Qiao Yiyi’s rumored boyfriend, who is known as the first piano player in China

“Ha ha, it’s the actor in the entertainment circle! No wonder it’s so hype! “

The crowd burst into laughter. There is a constant stream of mockery.

In their opinion, the name of “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine” is absurd enough. If it’s like grandpa Cui Xiuping. The current “leader” of Cui’s family, the old doctor Cui, has this title, and they will be convinced.

But old Cui doctor will not give himself such a name.

At present, the king of traditional Chinese medicine needle and the first master of piano playing, in their eyes, should be really just a means of hype. They regard Jiang Fei as a player in the entertainment circle.

When Yu Qingsong saw Jiang Fei being ridiculed by everyone, his flushed face became much better.

How do you say that?

He was relieved to see his colleagues attacking Jiang Fei.

Although he was defeated by Jiang Fei in Jincheng last time, his face was ruined. But this time it’s in the capital city, and it’s still in the seminar of the Chinese medicine society. Of course, he doesn’t need to be afraid. Last time’s face must be found!

Jiang Fei listened to the disorderly language around him. He didn’t panic or blush.

Only when the name is not worthy of the truth and someone has broken through his heart, can he feel flustered and blush. He is worthy of the name, the body is not afraid of shadow slant, the person with a plan in mind! Why do you need to be afraid?

Jiang Fei’s heart was a little dumb. I didn’t expect that my fame had reached such a level. His and Qiao Yiyi’s affairs were really known all over the country. He has already walked out of Jincheng. Even in the capital, which is thousands of miles away, he is still a doctor of these Chinese Medicine Societies, and even some people know him.

“Little Doctor Cui, what are you bringing this man today? Does he have a clear idea now and want to join our society of traditional Chinese medicine? I said first, even if I admit that Jiang Fei’s medical skills are good, I will never agree with him to join the society of traditional Chinese medicine! If he joins the society of traditional Chinese medicine, I will quit! ” Yu Qingsong said in a cold voice. The first mate and Jiang Fei are at odds. A martyr who will never coexist.

Jokingly, he still remembers the special sanatorium in Jincheng military area. When Jiang Fei cured Ye Zhennan’s legs, he mocked him.

If I work with Jiang Fei in the future. In the society of traditional Chinese medicine, don’t you want diaphragm to die?

“Yes. Although the Chinese Medicine Society says that there is only one hard condition for us to enter, that is, we must have certain attainments in medical skills. However, if it’s some people with bad moral character, it’s impossible for us to accept it. “

Someone chimed in.

“Yes. We have to be strict with the Chinese medicine society. Otherwise, another person like your elder martial brother duan mude, a little doctor Cui, will be completely eroded by Western Medicine… “

Said an old man with silver hair indignantly. However, he was pulled by a nearby doctor’s sleeve and coughed. Only when he found that he was a little impulsive and stretched a little further, he quickly shut up.

Cui Xiuping, who was sitting next to Jiang Fei, was happy and a little nervous to see Jiang Fei being besieged by others. He was glad that someone finally stood up to take a breath for him. He was nervous whether Jiang Fei could not bear the outbreak.

But after hearing the old man’s words, his face suddenly became gloomy.

It was more gloomy and unhappy than Jiang Fei, just like being stabbed at the most painful place in his heart.

Jiang Fei saw all this in his eyes, and he was immediately curious. He guessed: “is this senior brother of Cui Xiuping a scum? By the way, I remember that this guy claimed to be the only second generation of his grandfather’s thirteen needles. The first descendant of Guimen needle should be Cui Xiuping’s senior brother. Is his name duanmude”

When he overheard the news, Jiang Fei immediately ignited the fire of gossip in his heart and carried Cui Xiuping thoughtfully in his eyes.

Cui Xiuping looked at the people around him angrily, and his tone was not as kind as before: “yes, this guy around me is Jiang Fei. However, it wasn’t me who invited him to our seminar of Chinese medicine society, but my grandfather invited him personally! So whether to let him join our society of traditional Chinese medicine or not, it’s useless for you to oppose it! “


As soon as this statement came out, everyone around was surprised.

This doctor from Jincheng, who doesn’t know what’s coming from, was invited by Dr. Cui himself? What kind of person is old Cui, one of the only two Honorary Presidents of the Chinese medicine society!

It’s their members who have joined the society of traditional Chinese medicine. They have to look up to the existence! Even if it is the leader of the three universities of the Chinese medicine society, the three leaders of the Chinese medicine society. An old doctor who must be respected.

Old Cui’s magic doctor is not only superb in medical skills, but also highly respected. These ordinary famous doctors are incomparable.

Even if the old doctor Cui has been in trouble all his life. Seeing this, I once received a disciple with extremely bad conduct. No one dares to say that Mr. Cui is not a doctor.

After all, apprenticeship and medical skills, medical ethics, are totally different things, are irrelevant.

Cui Xiuping took a look at the crowd and continued: “if anyone doesn’t believe in Jiang Fei’s medical skills for a while, then we can duel with him in the process of fighting doctors.”

When he said this, Cui Xiuping’s eyes fell on Yu Qingsong. Its meaning is self-evident.

Naturally, he said this to Yu Qingsong, the old man.

Cui Xiuping really has some complaints and anger about Yu Qingsong.

First of all, Jiang Fei’s incident was caused by him. After he was defeated by Jiang Fei in Jincheng, he ran back to the capital to spread his indignation. Today, he waited patiently for the start of the conference. It was only when this man came to expose Jiang Fei’s identity that someone could raise his elder martial brother Duan mude.

Yu Qingsong was agitated by Cui Xiuping’s words. His old face is even redder and his heart is furious.

I didn’t mention your elder martial brother duanmude. What are you doing to vent your anger on me? You young man are so careless!

Jiang Fei was smiling and looked at Cui Xiuping in surprise. He didn’t expect that the man in the robe was very angry. When he was angry, he didn’t even care about Yu Qingsong’s face.

“After the meeting, do you have a medical skill competition?” Jiang Fei asked with a smile.

Cui Xiuping nodded. Well, “yes.”

Jiang Fei nodded with a smile and said to Yu Qingsong, “welcome Professor Yu advice again.”

Yu Qingsong’s old face flushed, “you –!”


Suddenly there was a commotion in the hall, only a few figures appeared at the door of the hall. Among them, there are two men at the front. They are all men in robes about 50 years old.

The two men’s robes were embroidered with a special mark on the chest. Among them, the sign embroidered on the chest of some fat people on the left side is a Ding stove with a very simple shape. Jiang Fei paid attention to it when he just entered the hall, and found that there were the same robes in the hall. Chest embroidered with such a standard reporter is not a few, enough to have a dozen people.

In the middle is a thin man with glasses. The logo embroidered on his chest is a skull, which will be on the box representing “highly toxic products” in primary school textbooks when Jiang Fei rings.

As for the rightmost one. To Jiang Fei’s surprise, his eyes widened a little.

This is a beautiful young woman in her early thirties!

The young woman is wearing a standard cheongsam with a flame embroidered on her chest. Her figure is not only concave and convex, but also somewhat exaggerated and attractive. Her chest and buttocks are huge, and her waist is thin. Wearing a cheongsam like this is a great weapon.

Moreover, the young women are obviously well maintained at ordinary times. Although they can see from the amorous feelings that they are not young, they don’t wear heavy makeup on their faces, and their skin is still delicate.

Jiang Fei looked at the three people walking in the front and the respectful look of the people in the hall. He couldn’t help asking Cui Xiuping, “they are the leaders of the three schools and the leaders of the Chinese medicine society?”

Cui Xiuping nodded and said, “from left to right, they are Kong Yun, the leader of Danxi school, Yan Xiping, the leader of attacking evil school and Yu Ruzhi, the leader of Huoshen School.”

Jiang Fei nodded, remembering that Yu Ruzhi, the leader of the Huoshen sect, was the most attractive young woman on the right.

If it wasn’t for what he saw, introduced by Cui Xiuping, Jiang Fei would not believe that this woman was actually a leader of “Millennium school” of traditional Chinese medicine!

Just as Jiang Fei was muttering in his heart, the three leaders of the Chinese medicine society had already stepped into the hall and passed through in the polite voice of everyone’s boxing.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. When Yu Ruzhi, the leader of Huoshen sect, was passing by Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei’s eyelids suddenly jumped. He found that this woman even gave him a wink!

Is this true, or is it dazzling?

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