The Almighty Martial Arts System 184

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“Did you find anything unusual just now?” Jiang Fei asked Cui Xiuping next to him.

He didn’t feel that he had just had an illusion. Yu Ruzhi, the leader of Huoshen sect in cheongsam, did blink at him.

“What’s the exception?” Cui Xiuping asked in bewilderment. At this time, his eyes were still melancholy, and he was probably in the mood of his elder martial brother just mentioned.

“Nothing.” Jiang Fei frowned and shook his head. Then he looked up to the front of the hall.

The leaders of the three schools, that is, the three leaders of the Chinese medicine society, have sat down in front of them. Kong Yun, a slightly overweight Danxi school, took the lead in his speech: “the annual seminar of the Chinese medicine society is held again, and I’m very glad to meet the best famous Chinese medicine doctors all over the country again. Every one of you here has contributed to the fact that the Chinese medicine industry still has a place in China. Thank you from the bottom of my heart again! “

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa————

Hearing Kong Yun’s speech, many famous doctors clapped their hands.

Kong Yun’s hands pressed in the void, indicating that the following people would calm down. It seems that he is a good eloquence leader among the three leaders, so he presided over the conference. There is no problem with the two universities, the evil attack school and the fire god school. They all sat by him with a smile, indicating their acquiescence.

“The main content of this seminar, even if I don’t say it, I believe all of you here should know something about it?” The smile on Kong Yun’s face disappeared and replaced by a solemn expression.

The following members of the Chinese medicine society, one by one, had a smile on their faces, because everyone gathered together to recite the past in a warm atmosphere, but now they are also a little cautious.

Even Yu Qingsong, who had just turned red and wished to drag Jiang Fei out to give him a good beating, slightly suppressed his anger and focused on the main business.

After a pause. Then he continued, “yes, that’s right. Half a month later, the western medicine alliance of Europe and the United States sent an exchange delegation to our country for academic exchange visits. But we all know it. On the surface, it is an academic exchange visit, but in fact it is. But we Chinese medicine and Western medicine have been fighting for decades! “

“Just like a month ago, many of our colleagues here formed an exchange group to visit Europe and the United States and hold academic lectures on traditional Chinese medicine, but secretly they competed for medical skills.”

“But unfortunately, we lost last time! If it wasn’t for old doctor Cui to arrive in time time to turn the tide. I’m afraid that this exchange meeting will not need to be held any more. Our traditional Chinese medicine has lost completely to western medicine, and we can’t look up in front of Western medicine any more! We can only watch western medicine erode our living space in all aspects! “

Listening to Kong Yun’s speech, many young people sitting below suddenly blushed and looked ashamed with their heads down.

These people, the exchange group that went to Europe and America for a visit a month ago, were defeated.

Jiang Fei listened to this, but he frowned again and was attracted by the secret news.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are not only in a state of competition, but also send exchange missions to visit each other. Conduct in-depth academic ‘exchanges’?

What’s more, when Cui Xiuping’s grandfather, old doctor Cui, went abroad a month ago, didn’t he treat a foreign chief for a difficult and miscellaneous disease? When he was in Jincheng. It’s said by Ye Zhennan’s father that it’s too late for Cui to treat his legs.

How can old Cui not only go abroad to cure foreign leaders, but also help the TCM exchange group?

Jiang Fei did not rush to ask Cui Xiuping what happened next, but continued to listen to Kong Yun, the leader of Danxi school, explain the following.

“Last time we went abroad, we were completely defeated by others. In the process of diagnosis and treatment, there have been many mistakes, not only the patient’s condition has not been cured, but also the misdiagnosis – these, we now say that these have not helped, and things have happened. “

“But the last one failed. Let’s just paralyze ourselves. I find an excuse for myself. It can be said that it’s because of the war between the passengers. The land of life is not familiar with the water and the land. So it’s not working. It’s understandable to lose to others in their territory! But this time, the Western exchange group came to our country to compete with us! Can we still lose? ” Kong Yun asked, glancing at everyone.


The young man’s face turned red.

“Yes! We can’t lose this time! If we lose to others this time, we will never find any excuses and reasons, only to admit that we are inferior. If there is another fatal mistake like the last one in the process of competition, western medicine will surely once again vigorously promote the absurd theories of “Chinese medicine is useless” and “Chinese medicine is poisonous”

“At that time, I’m afraid not to mention foreign countries. Even at home, it’s very difficult for us to have a foothold in traditional Chinese medicine. Our ancestors have passed on thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine, which is going to be buried in our hands! In the future, no young people will learn Chinese medicine and no one will believe in it. “

Although some of Kong Yun’s figures are fat and fat, he looks like a middle-aged upstart. But when he said these words with a straight face, he was very infectious, making the hall, no matter men, women, old and young, driven by emotions, become impassioned.

Jiang Fei was also a little surprised at this time. Unexpectedly, this seminar was to talk about this matter, which was not the money making plan he expected. It seems that there must be a lot of nasty things among these people in the society of traditional Chinese medicine, but at least they have made efforts to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

But they didn’t do it well enough.

Or the general situation is hard to break, they can not stop the rolling wheels of Western medicine, so they were captured.

“Since they are coming, we are sure to meet them. Therefore, this time we have to fight for a doctor’s competition, we can’t just compete and communicate with each other as before. We have spared no effort in order not to hurt the harmony.

This time, all of us must do our best to show our strong ability! At that time, we will select the seven most skilled doctors to compete with the western medicine exchange group in half a month!

This competition is no longer a friendly match, no longer the first one and the second. This time, it can be said that it will largely determine the future development of our traditional Chinese medicine!

But this exchange meeting must be the same old rule. Their Western medicine will definitely send young people. When they do this, they force us to send young people to fight. So, we need to change the rules later. Our senior colleagues are here to watch the battle. Don’t go to fight. Only the young generation of three universities and several big families of traditional Chinese medicine can compete and select. The seven winners will be the representatives of our traditional Chinese medicine and the exchange group of Western medicine in half a month! “


Hearing Kong Yun’s words, hundreds of people in the hall immediately began to boil.

No one is dissatisfied with the decision, but they are all sharpening their swords and rubbing their hands. It’s like a knife hidden in the sleeve is already hungry. Be ready to show off your skill and turn over western medicine under the horse!

Young people are arrogant. How can these experts, who are young enough to have great attainments in traditional Chinese medicine, be allowed to be defeated by western medicine by their own skills? So they are all ready to use their abilities to press the bottom of the box later to stand out in the competition and take the place of the whole traditional Chinese medicine to fight against the coming western medicine!

This is not only a responsibility, but also an honor.

At this time, the old people will not make trouble. They can’t attend the exchange meeting, so they have to place their hopes on the children of the three universities and the aristocratic family.

Western medicine will use intrigue on the staff in every communication competition, and send young people to participate in the competition deliberately every time. Young people who study western medicine. Even if the talent is average, it can become a famous doctor in a very short time, but in fact. At present, the doctors in charge of Western medicine in major hospitals are not very old.

But traditional Chinese medicine, in this respect, has to suffer a lot of losses. Most traditional Chinese medicine will become more and more powerful as it grows older and more knowledgeable. Young traditional Chinese medicine can become more and more skilled, which is rare.

Fortunately, traditional Chinese medicine has been passed down for thousands of years, with a family and heritage. There are still outstanding young people, enough for the first World War.

“If you have no opinion. then prepare to start the fighting doctor competition” Said Kong Yun in a deep voice.

“Slow!” Just then. A very charming voice sounded, just listening to the voice let people know that this is a sexy woman, full of feminine charm and soft waxy.

The crowd was slightly surprised and looked at Yu Ruzhi, a woman in cheongsam who was sitting at the right of the front desk.

She was the one who said “slow”.

Yu Ruzhi, with a smile on his face, said: “in addition to the children of the three universities and the family of traditional Chinese medicine, I would like to add another person to this competition.”

Yan Xiping, who was wearing glasses, one of the three leaders of the Chinese medicine society, who was the leader of the evil sect, asked, “Oh? Did the leader of Yu faction know any outstanding young people? Since you can personally recommend it to the leader of Yu sect, you must have great strength. It’s a pity to participate in our doctor fighting competition. I just don’t know where this person is, can he be in the capital city, and can he participate in our doctor fighting competition in time? “

Generally speaking, the three schools are not hostile, but at least they are not good friends. There are many disputes between them. Especially in the annual competition of traditional Chinese medicine society, they will fight against each other in the open and in the dark, just like people fighting for a breath of Buddha to receive a pillar of incense. No one is satisfied with anyone, no one wants to suppress anyone.

But this time, the situation is different. Traditional Chinese medicine is in danger. Under the general trend, western medicine will come to “challenge”. All people have to give up their personal interests temporarily for the sake of the overall situation.

Therefore, Yu Ruzhi decided to add some people in midway, and no one opposed it. As long as there are really powerful young masters of traditional Chinese medicine, which will help the communication between China and the West in half a month, it is worth everything!

“Here comes the man. And it’s in the hall. ” Yu Ruzhi said with a smile, his eyes fell on Jiang Fei again at this time. “That’s Jiang Fei, who came from Jincheng and defeated several famous doctors of our Chinese Medicine Institute in succession!”

No matter what other people’s eyes are like, Jiang Fei’s whole body is tense again after being stared at by this woman. He is not comfortable, and his brow is wrinkled.

If he didn’t have any illusions just now, this woman really knew him in advance, so she just winked at him.

But is it a good idea or a bad idea for the woman to push him out at this time?

And what is this attention?

For a moment, Jiang Fei couldn’t figure out.

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