The Almighty Martial Arts System 185

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“How does this woman know me? You told him? ” Jiang Fei asked Cui Xiuping in a low voice.

Cui Xiuping heard Yu Ruzhi suddenly put forward Jiang Fei’s name at this time. He was also curious and puzzled. “I haven’t dealt with the leader of Huoshen sect at all. How can I tell her about you?”

“That’s strange.” Jiang Fei frowned. He doesn’t doubt Cui Xiuping’s words. Cui Xiuping won’t cheat him on this matter.

But how did Yu Ruzhi know him and his origin? Isn’t the leader of vulcan sect, who has a different identity, also a person who likes the entertainment circle, often pays attention to the newspaper news in the entertainment circle, so he knows him like a fan of Qiao Yiyi?

It’s not impossible.

This woman feels so strange to Jiang Fei. If he had not seen her, he would not have believed that she was the leader of the ‘Millennium school’. According to this speculation, it is not impossible for her to pay attention to entertainment news.

Just, even if she pays attention to the entertainment circle and knows about himself and Qiao Yiyi, she doesn’t need to wink at herself. At this time, she will bring him up alone and invite her to the doctor fighting competition?

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

Jiang Feifei always felt that he didn’t have this woman’s “bra” shrouded in him, and most of the women thought of him! What’s the plot.

Although Jiang Fei knows that he is very handsome, he is a handsome man. He can capture the hearts of many girls who take beauty as the first condition only by virtue of his appearance!

However, Yu Ruzhi, the leader of Huoshen sect, did not think that Jiang Fei was such a simple girl. He has been captured by his great charm since he never met!

Jiang Fei is confident. But not brain damage.

Could the leader of a “Millennium school” be a simple woman? And look at the way the woman looks. I know that she is not a fuel-efficient lamp. If a man dare to look down on her, I’m afraid she will eat him to the bone!

Of course, this woman wants to eat Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei thinks that if she can’t resist, he can also give her his life and let her eat.

Jiang Fei is afraid that the woman who has some outstanding and exaggerated figure and temperament will not eat him, but have other purposes and want to pit him!

Then Jiang Fei will not agree.

“Jiang Fei?” On the stage, Yan Xiping and Kong Yun frowned at the name and wondered. Following Yu Ruzhi’s eyes, he immediately saw Jiang Fei sitting next to Cui Xiuping.

As the leaders of the two “Millennium schools”, they would not care about these small things. They did not hear that Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming were defeated in Jincheng, nor did they know the recent events in the entertainment circle, so they did not know Jiang Fei.

“How many members of our society of traditional Chinese medicine have been defeated in a row? So young, it seems that medical skills should be good. ” They thought happily that they would soon be able to absorb another rising star.

But below, those who had just clashed with Jiang Fei stopped. Start shouting.

“He? Is it possible for him to participate in the fight medicine conference and exchange with western medicine on behalf of our Chinese medicine community? Isn’t that a joke! “

“This man is known as the” king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine “. Is he really the” king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine “? He’s qualified! To represent our Chinese medicine society, we need more than just medical skills. More importantly, we should have medical ethics! I don’t think this guy’s medical ethics is good enough! “

Seeing that the excitement in the hall just disappeared and turned into the opinion of most people on Jiang Fei, Yan Xiping and Kong Yun both frowned deeply. I don’t know what it is. Only Yu Ruzhi kept a smile from beginning to end, still smiling at Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei’s heart was empty.

What’s the idea of this woman?

“Be quiet! Calm down! What’s the problem. Let’s talk slowly. ” Kong Yun stood up and said, “it’s quieting the people who are agitating.”.

At this time, Yu Qingsong stood up with an old face and said angrily, “Yu sect leader, I am the first one to oppose this decision! How can this boy replace us in the field of traditional Chinese medicine? A person who even despises our Chinese medicine society also represents our Chinese medicine society. That’s a joke”

Although Yu Qingsong is not very good at medicine in the society of traditional Chinese medicine, his qualification is not simple, and he is not young, so he still has the right to speak.

In fact, as long as the doctors can enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine, which one is not famous and respected in their own one mu and three Fen land? Otherwise, it will not be absorbed into the Chinese medicine society.

Therefore, as long as they are members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine, each of them has the right to speak. Even in the face of the leaders of the three universities and the leaders of the society of traditional Chinese medicine, they still dare to put forward their opinions.

“Despise our society of traditional Chinese medicine? What’s going on? ” At the same time, Kong Yun and Yan Xiping glanced at Yu Qingsong and Jiang Fei, and said unhappily.

It’s nothing to beat the members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine in medicine. After all, other people’s medical skills are higher than you. If there is any crime, you can’t limit the members who are not members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine?

However, it’s nothing if you have high medical skill. If you look down upon the Chinese medicine society, it’s a big problem!

Look down on the Chinese medicine society, that is to want to learn with Chinese medicine as the enemy of the rhythm. As the leader of the society of traditional Chinese medicine, even if they are one of the three presidents, they certainly have no good feelings for such people.

Even if this person is a talent with good medical skills, it can’t be accepted by them!

Yu Qingsong snorted coldly and said, “this man not only despises our Chinese medicine society, but also hangs a plaque of ‘king of Chinese medicine needle’ in his private medical library! I don’t know how to be a senior, even if I have some medical skills, so what? Is such a person qualified to fight on behalf of our Chinese medicine society? “

Jiang Fei finally stood up and arched his hands at the doctors who were colleagues around him. Then he looked at Yu Qingsong and said, “you know, I wanted to be polite and gentlemanly, just like Voltaire said: I don’t agree with you. But I will defend to the death your full power. But, to you this kind of old man who has already passed the age of knowing destiny. I can’t listen to such a small-minded person because of hatred and distortion of the facts… “

“You …. “

Jiang Fei waved. He was interrupted.

“Don’t you first. I’ll tell you what you said for a long time. First of all, I know you’re upset with me. Because last time I was in Jincheng, you wanted to teach me a lesson, but I gave a good lesson to you for your poor strength, so I always wanted to get back the face of that day. If you have this strength, I’m always welcome.

As for what you said, I despise the saying of the Chinese Medicine Society – to tell the truth. For the Chinese medicine society, I didn’t look down on it, because I had never contacted the Chinese medicine society before. Do you look down on someone you don’t know? You don’t know him. If you look down on him or look down on him, it’s impossible to talk about it.

However, I can be sure that for you, Professor of Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine. I must look down on it! If you want to say that you represent the face of TCM society, so I look down on you is to look down on TCM society. Well, then, you’ll think I look down on it.

Finally, from the beginning to the end. I remember I didn’t even say that I wanted to take part in your so-called fight medicine competition, or that I wanted to take part in any exchange meeting instead of your Chinese medicine society, did I? I’m surprised. I didn’t even want to participate. Why are you all standing up against me? “

Jiang Fei looked at the group with a sneer on his face.

Since these guys don’t like him. That one time offends enough!

Anyway, he is not familiar with these people and has no plan to deal with them in the future. There will be no demand for these people. Offended also offended, he will not be less than two meat!

Jiang Fei wants to be a good talker, but he is not afraid of anything. Since someone wants to step on him, he must resist.

Moreover, this Yu Qingsong old man is really fed up with.

He stepped on Jiang Fei for the first time, and Jiang Fei didn’t have the same understanding with him. As a result, he still has to stand up and rely on the old to sell the old. This is just his own fight!

If he is skilled in medicine, it would be better for him to come against Jiang Fei. But the old man is not so good at medicine. He is so strong. Who gives him confidence?

Someone hit you in the left face. You have to stretch out your face to fight this kind of thing for him. Jiang Fei can’t do it even if he has a fever in his head.

Hearing Jiang Fei’s series of words, many people in the hall were smoking at the corners of their mouths, thinking that this kid’s mouth is really poisonous! Although Jiang Fei’s words have some meaning of disdaining the Chinese medicine society, there is really not too much place for him to be reasonable and convincing.

But Yu Qingsong, who was completely targeted by Jiang Fei in the storm at the event center, was so angry that he almost fell down.

“You, you, you…” He pointed at Jiang Fei, but he didn’t even say a complete word in three words. He seemed to be speechless with anger.

Yan Xiping and Kong Yun looked at each other, nodded their heads slowly, and then Kong Yun said in a cold voice, “since this little friend is not interested in participating in the fight medicine competition of our society of traditional Chinese medicine, please leave here!”

At present, the situation of traditional Chinese medicine is in danger, and it really needs young talents. However, no matter how short they are, they will not be like Jiang Fei’s prickly head and disobedient doctors!

What they want must be obedient doctors.

Otherwise, even if this kind of person has excellent medical skills, it will be troublesome to be able to help in the next exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine.

What’s more, they don’t think Jiang Fei really has the ability to stand out from the young masters of three universities and several medical families. This is a very small possibility.

Jiang Fei shrugged, curled his mouth, clapped his hands and stood up ready to leave.

Anyway, although the heart is still a little suffocating, some want to teach this group of experts of traditional Chinese medicine an impulse. But just now that speech has been said, it’s a little bit of venting. It’s ok if you can’t stay there.

Cui Xiuping looks worried. He wants to stand up and stop Jiang Fei. Yu Ruzhi also stood up at this time and hurriedly walked over.

But before they moved, an old man in Tang suit came into the hall and said, “Jiang Fei, you must take part in this competition!”

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