The Almighty Martial Arts System 186

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At this time, an old man in plain white Tang suit came into the hall.

Although it seems that he is not young, and there are few people in the hall who can surpass him, he is full of energy, has no age spots on his face. There is no old man who should have the old age of dragon bells.

Seeing the old man coming in, many members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine looked with awe. They all looked at the old man with a kind of respect from the heart. They dared not speak any more words. Even the leaders of the first three schools of universities came to meet him at this time, and they were all polite.

Cui Xiuping was still having a headache about how to keep Jiang Fei and finish the task his grandfather gave him. Now, seeing the old man come in, he was relieved and hurried to say, “Grandpa, you are here!”

At present, this old man, who is wearing Tang suit, tall and thin, has a kind of Taoist spirit. His temperament is obviously different from that of other members of the Chinese medicine society. It is the “ghost master” Cui Qinghe, the old doctor Cui!

Although Cui Qinghe is only the honorary president of the Chinese medicine society, his real power lies in the Chinese medicine society. In fact, he is no better than the leader of the three universities. But his fame and medical skills, medical ethics, but the other three school leaders are far less than.

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, as in the academic world, we should pay attention to the teacher who can reach the target.

Cui laoshenyi has naturally become the most prestigious person in the society of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be called the sea calming needle of the society of traditional Chinese medicine.

A month ago, it was because the old doctor Cui went abroad alone to turn the tide and shocked many Western doctors with his incredible medical skills that he saved the last reputation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Otherwise, there will be no more exchanges between Chinese and Western medicine this time. Newspapers have already begun to have a lot of malignant reports on traditional Chinese medicine.

Jiang Fei also looked at the old doctor who had heard about it many times, but never met.

This is a great figure in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. The first time I saw him, Jiang Fei had some admiration.

Jiang Fei doesn’t judge a man by his appearance. He thinks it’s unscientific to look at a man’s appearance. It’s hard to see what’s inside. But when he saw the old doctor Cui, Jiang Fei overturned his theory.

Some people. At a glance, I know that they are really high-quality, which is quite different from ordinary people!

Jiang Fei has just looked at the members of the Chinese medicine society in the hall once. Even the leaders of the three universities don’t pay much attention to them and don’t think they deserve their admiration. After seeing the old doctor Cui, Jiang Fei slightly moved.

He could see that the old man was different from others, and had something in line with what he always thought the master of traditional Chinese medicine should have — unyielding and lofty!

Chinese medicine is not a Taoist. I can’t cultivate, so it’s unrealistic to say that Chinese medicine should have immortal Qi.

But an old man with excellent medical skills, who can be called a master of traditional Chinese medicine, and who has a medical ethics that people admire, their temperament should never be like Yu Qingsong!

They don’t have the spirit of hegemony, but they should definitely have their own Aura!

Before Jiang Fei came to the society of traditional Chinese medicine, he always thought about whether he could meet the legendary master of traditional Chinese Medicine – just like him!

It’s a pity that he has just looked at nearly a hundred people in the hall, as well as the leaders of the three universities, but he has not found them.

Now, at last, he saw one.

“Are you Jiang Fei’s little friend?” Cui Qinghe looks at Jiang Fei. Asked with a smile.

Jiang Fei also smiled and nodded, and replied, “it’s me.”

“Yes. Young people are full of integrity and courage. In the territory of the Chinese medicine society, it is also not humble or arrogant. It is rare for a doctor to have the lofty character. Not easy! Not bad! ” Cui Qinghe looked at Jiang Fei with both hands on his back, and said two good things.

Jiang Fei found that although the old doctor Cui should be seventy-eight years old, his height has not shrunk. His tall and thin man is still about the same height as him!

You know, as soon as you get older, your height will shrink. Become much smaller.

“But it’s good for young people to have pride and enterprise. But pride can’t be too strong, don’t you think? ” Cui Qinghe asked, looking at Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei touched his nose. I’m sorry.

I know that the old doctor is saying that although his remarks just now should be counterattacked, they are actually overdone.

In fact, it is.

Just now, in order to get out of his mind, he didn’t think about how to avoid offending the traditional Chinese Medicine Institute. Instead, he broke his body with a broken jar. If he wanted to offend, he would offend thoroughly.

“In fact, I don’t have much pride.” Jiang Fei said.

“Haha, I don’t mean to blame you. It’s nothing. If I were young, I would be as proud as you Cui Qinghe said with a rare laugh. “Just now, Confucius should have said that the main content of this seminar of Chinese medicine society is right?”

Jiang Fei nodded.

“That’s good. I don’t need to repeat any more.” Cui Qinghe looked at Jiang Fei and said. “What I want to say is that now that the situation of traditional Chinese medicine is not optimistic, we can no longer stick to the rules and develop in the same way. Young people, there should be a little enterprising, there should be a bit of pride and courage! If the two armies meet, the brave will win. Otherwise, we will have already declined in the face of Western medicine. How can we fight with western medicine without courage… “

When Cui Qinghe said this, he looked at Jiang Fei at first, but later he looked at other members in the hall. Obviously this is for others.

“Of course, as a member of the traditional Chinese medicine community, we have the responsibility and obligation to work hard for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Jiang Fei, I know you are angry, but we can’t ignore the development trend of traditional Chinese medicine because of a little contradiction. Isn’t it? “

Jiang Fei could understand Cui’s words.

Obviously, the old doctor is still the same as the first one to write an invitation letter to him, hoping that he can participate in the seminar of the Chinese medicine society, that is, to participate in the fight medicine competition later, and then stand out, and make efforts for the upcoming communication meeting between Chinese and Western medicine.

Looking at the expectant eyes of old Cui, Jiang Fei said helplessly, “old Cui, you are right. I am a young generation, how dare I leave the relationship with the Chinese medicine field. There is no qualification and strength to control the development direction of traditional Chinese medicine. “

Cui Qinghe shook his head and said seriously, “no, you have! This exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine. You must be able to help a lot! “


Listening to the words of the old doctor Cui, some people in the hall couldn’t accept it.

They didn’t expect to see old doctor Cui. Unexpectedly, I think so much of this arrogant young man named Jiang Fei.

Just appreciate Jiang Fei’s character, and even have confidence in his medical skills, which is highly praised.

When he said that, didn’t he mean that he thought Jiang Fei’s medical skills were among the top of the young generation, and that the other three universities and several families, including his grandson Cui Xiuping, were not Jiang Fei’s rivals?

Otherwise, how could he be so adamant that Jiang Fei would be of great help in the next exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine?

This is one of them. Is there any secret?

At this time, Yu Ruzhi, the leader of the fire god sect, also came over and stared at Jiang Fei with burning eyes. He nodded and said: “yes! As long as Dr. Jiang is willing to fight at the Sino Western medical exchange meeting, you will surely be able to achieve something! “

Jiang Fei took a rather surprised look at the woman.

Old doctor Cui knew that he had cured Ye Zhennan’s legs, and even that he had forced out the poison from Wu Xuelian, the poison king in Ye Zhennan’s body, so it was understandable to look at him differently, but how could this woman have such great confidence in him?

It’s hard for Jiang Fei to understand.

Jiang Fei frowned, his face a little embarrassed, and said: “I can’t attend the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine. Just… “

Jiang Fei paused, looked at Yu Qingsong and said, “but some people disagree. What else can I say as long as I join the society of traditional Chinese medicine. He’s going to quit. If I join in, am I a villain? “


A lot of people take a smoke at the corners of their mouths. Their eyes are angry and funny. They look at Jiang Fei very much. This kid is really cruel. A leader of “Millennium school” and Taishan Beidou in the field of traditional Chinese medicine personally invited him, but he didn’t agree. He had to be angry just now!

At this time, many people have some sympathy for Yu Qingsong. At this time, he must be embarrassed to death, angry to death, right?

Of course, Yu Qingsong was extremely angry and embarrassed. How could he have never thought that there would be such a thing? Cui laoshenyi, a leading figure in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, would come out to help Jiang Fei. And still so unswerving help!

Over the years, we can make old doctor Cui treat us like this. I’m afraid Jiang Fei is the only one!

If he had known this, Yu Qingsong might have swallowed his breath at the beginning today and stopped looking for Jiang Fei’s trouble.

Yu Qingsong took several deep breaths, relieved the mood that was going to be fainted by Qi for a while, and then said: “old master Cui, I have always admired your medical ethics and actions. But I can’t agree with what you are doing today! “

“Oh. Why? ” Cui Qinghe asked.

Yu Qingsong organized a speech and said: “I admit that Jiang Fei’s medical skill is good. He defeated me in Jincheng. But it’s not for this reason that I opposed him… “

“That’s why you are against me.” Jiang Fei said quietly.


Yu Qingsong almost breathed blood and tried to let himself ignore Jiang Fei. Looking back at Cui Qinghe, he continued: “his medical skills are good, but compared with many young experts of our Chinese medicine society, the rising stars, such as your grandson, Cui Shenyi, are not so good! First of all, I don’t think his medical skills can surpass the excellent disciples of three universities and several families. He is not qualified to represent the Chinese medicine society to participate in the exchange meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Second, maybe you don’t know that old Cui, the God doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine, is called the king of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine in Jincheng! Although he didn’t call it his own, he accepted the title that no one dared to call for decades. Dare you ask such a doctor, is he still qualified to join our society of traditional Chinese medicine? “

Cui Qinghe’s face hasn’t changed. He calmly listens to Yu Qingsong. When he finished, he nodded and asked, “is doctor Yu finished?”

“That’s all.”

“That’s good. It’s up to me. “

Cui Qinghe said gently: “first of all, how about Jiang Fei’s medical skills? Can you surpass many young experts present to participate in the exchange of Chinese and Western medicine. Now we don’t need to make a conclusion. We just need to take part in the doctor fighting competition later and have a competition. Everything is clear. “

“Secondly, as for the title of Jiang Fei’s little friend, the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, in my opinion – he is not too much, he is worthy of the name! It should be! “

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