The Almighty Martial Arts System 187

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It’s not surprising that he never stops talking, which is about the current situation.

A person who is like a giant in the field of traditional Chinese medicine is called the “ghost gate hand”. He can return people’s lives from the ghost gate to the miracle doctor. Now, in front of the public, he says that a young man less than 30 years old is the real “king of Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine”!

This sentence almost made the hundreds of famous doctors in the hall gape and look dull, unable to close their mouths.

This old doctor Cui, isn’t he an old fool?

If the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine is what Jiang Fei should have, let alone the young people at the scene, even the leaders of the three universities, and Cui lao shenyi himself, where will they be placed?

If Jiang Fei’s medical skills can still stand out among the younger generation, it’s hard to meet the enemy. Even if the opportunity is a little smaller, it’s not totally impossible.

However, Jiang Fei’s medical skills are better than those of the leaders of the three major schools and the old doctor Cui himself. It’s just a joke!

The muscles on Yu Qingsong’s old face trembled. He didn’t know what to say with his mouth wide open. Kong Yun and Yan Xiping, two leaders of the Millennium school, were also shocked by Cui Qinghe’s sudden news.

Even Jiang Fei himself picked his eyebrows and looked at the urging voice with puzzled eyes. At this time, he couldn’t understand the real intention of the old doctor.

Do you want to help him or hurt him?

This statement, no different then he really pushed down the opposite side of all the people in the Chinese medicine society!

If you think about it, Cui laoshenyi said that Jiang Fei could stand out among the young generation and represent the whole traditional Chinese medicine community to compete with the western medicine exchange group, you have already made the young experts of several big families from three universities not agree with him, and feel that Jiang Fei is not qualified to represent them.

Now, instead of explaining for Jiang Fei, the old Cui doctor admitted Jiang Fei’s identity as the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine through his mouth. What are the other people in the traditional Chinese medicine society?

Isn’t that a lot of killing?

Hold a person high to a height he could not have reached. And then let other people push him down, is not a direct “Baji” fall dead?

But just when everyone was surprised. In addition to Cui Qinghe, who said this in person, there is another person whose face is the same as before. Did not feel how incredible, the face is still with a light smile.

This man is Yu Ruzhi, the leader of Huoshen sect!

It seems that she was not surprised by Jiang Fei’s title of acupuncture king. Like Cui Qinghe, she also felt that Jiang Fei deserved the title and deserved it!

“Cui Lao, you said that this little friend is the real king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine. What’s the reason?” Kong Yun, the fat body leader of Danxi sect, deserves to be the main speaker of every activity. His reaction ability is fast enough. When people were still surprised that they couldn’t close their mouths, he recovered his expression and forced out a smile.

Cui Qinghe didn’t answer directly, but asked, “you guys, there should be a lot of people who know the origin of the title of” king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine “

“King of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, I don’t know who won the title in ancient times, but more than 100 years ago, there was a famous doctor in the history of traditional Chinese medicine, Yu Qinghou. It is said that traditional Chinese medicine was superb, and it was the first person in the field of traditional Chinese medicine at that time. Moreover, Yu Shenyi was not a royal doctor, nor was he a doctor specially for princes and equal rich people. But to help the poor people. With a set of silver needles in his hand, there is almost no disease that he can’t cure!

At that time, western medicine was not mature, far less influential than today’s. not only was Dr. Yu famous in the domestic, but even abroad, many people knew the name of Dr. Yu, which is equivalent to Hua Tuo in the world. It can be called the greatest doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in more than 100 years! At that time, the most famous title of doctor Yu. It’s the king of acupuncture! “

Cui Qinghe nodded and asked again, “the acupuncture technique that was performed by Yu Shenyi at that time. What is it? “

Kong Yun frowned, not knowing what Cui Qinghe said. However, he quickly replied: “it is said that the acupuncture technique used by Dr. Yu at that time was the legendary” eight methods of divine acupuncture “! However, the eight methods of Shenzhen have been lost for many years since Dr. Yu. No one has used them for more than 100 years. Even so, the eight methods of Shenzhen have become a legend now, but in order to commemorate Yu Shenyi, the “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine”, later Chinese medicine listed the eight methods of Shenzhen, the thirteen methods of Guimen and the eight methods of Linggui as the three top acupoint selection methods in the field of traditional Chinese medicine! But — what do you mean when you ask, old Cui? “

Originally shocked people, especially many young experts in the hall, heard Kong Yun saying this secret thing in the history of traditional Chinese medicine. They could not help but slowly return to their minds and listen to Kong Yun’s explanation carefully.

Most of them know that the top acupuncture method in the legend, Shenzhen eight, is very powerful. It is listed as three top techniques with Guimen thirteen and Linggui eight.

Even the other inheritance methods of the three universities and several aristocratic families are far from comparable.

However, most people did not know that the eight methods of Shenzhen were the acupuncture techniques used by Yu Shenyi.

Even Jiang Fei himself I don’t know.

Cui Qinghe smiled and said: “it’s true that in the past 100 years, only Yu Qinghou, who was famous all over the country, even the world, and admired by countless foreigners and Western doctors, was known as the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine. Because of the former and respect for the former, no one can be called the king of acupuncture in the last 100 years, even if there are many superb traditional Chinese medicine! “

Hearing the words of old Cui and his expression, some people with flexible heads in the hall suddenly frowned, as if they had guessed something about to happen. They knew why the old Cui said that the name of “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine” should be obtained by Jiang Fei. He was worthy of the name!

“What do you mean, old Cui?” Yan Xiping, the leader of the evil attacking sect wearing glasses, jumped with his eyelids and looked at Jiang Fei involuntarily. The shock in his eyes was more unbelievable than what Cui Qinghe had just said.

At the same time, his shocked eyes were somewhat unpredictable, as if he was thinking about something.

“Yes. This is Jiang Fei’s little friend. He is really the heir of the eight methods of Shenzhen. He is the first doctor who can master the eight methods of Shenzhen in more than 100 years since Yu Qinghou, the doctor of Yu! So. In a sense, as a descendant of Yu Shenyi, it is called the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine. Is that too much? ” Cui Xiuping said with a smile.


Everyone took a breath of air conditioning, but I didn’t expect that things would turn around. It’s an inside story that many people have never thought of.

Yu Qingsong is completely ignorant at this time.

When he was in Jincheng last time, he heard from his friend Ge Fangping that the skill Jiang Fei used to cure Ye Zhennan’s old general that day was the eight magic needles lost in the legend for more than 100 years.

But at that time, Yu Qingsong didn’t pay attention to it, and he didn’t pay much attention to the eight methods of Shenzhen, which turned out to be the exclusive method of the Chinese medicine needle king Yu Qinghou.

Now, Jiang Fei’s plaque of traditional Chinese medicine needle King presented by patients is unexpectedly appropriate!

Yu Qingsong’s face is red. I feel as if my cheeks were slapped hard on both sides, which is more humiliating than when I was in Jincheng last time! After all, the last time I was in Jincheng, there were only a few people in front of me, and most of them were irrelevant people.

But today, it’s in the capital, and it’s still in the seminar of the Chinese medicine society, where the top Chinese doctors gather. There are hundreds of people. He’s so disgraced, he’ll be disgraced in the future!

The party felt embarrassed. Self pity, shame. But in fact, the onlookers did not pay much attention to him. But was completely shocked by the secrets of Kong Yun and Cui Qinghe.

This unknown young man, Jiang Fei, who has never heard of before, is actually the heir of the eight methods of Shenzhen!

In this identity, Cui Xiuping, the only descendant of Guimen needle, can compete with Jiang Fei.

If we add in the legendary nature of the eight methods of Shenzhen and the features that have never appeared in more than 100 years, Jiang Fei’s identity is much stronger than Cui Xiuping’s!

After all, rare things are precious.

There is also an old doctor Cui on Cui Xiuping, and there is also a “traitor” senior brother Duan mude. As the smallest one, Cui Xiuping can get thirteen needles of the ghost sect. It’s not as good as Jiang Fei.

Moreover, the eight methods of Shenzhen, the thirteen methods of Guimen and the eight methods of Linggui are the three top acupuncture techniques. But that’s just the aftereffect of the eight methods of Shenzhen.

If the eight methods of Shenzhen reappear again, it will show the demeanor of Yu Qinghou. Is he really only able to compete with ghost gate thirteen needles and spirit turtle eight methods?

Is it possible to surpass these two major acupuncture techniques?

People’s eyes changed as soon as they looked at Jiang Fei. Curiosity, doubt, expectation, challenge and so on varied, and there were all kinds of emotions.

Kong Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly, and said, “if Jiang Fei’s little friend association has long lost the legend of the ‘eight methods of Shenzhen acupuncture’ , which is called the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s true and worthy of the name. But how do you know about it, old Cui? “

At the same time, Kong Yun and Yan Xiping looked at Yu Ruzhi, the female leader of the fire god sect, and thought in their eyes.

Old Cui’s eyes knew Jiang Fei. This woman must be the same. Otherwise, with her temperament, it’s impossible for Jiang Fei to take part in the doctor fighting competition just now.

“It doesn’t matter how I know it, but I’m sure that Jiang Fei’s little friend will use the magic eight needle method, which is enough.” Cui Qinghe looked at Jiang Fei and asked with a smile, “Jiang Fei’s little friend, should what I said be true?”

Who knows what you said? Is it true! Jiang Fei murmured in his heart.

However, he nodded: “I really know the eight methods of magic needle.”

“That’s good.” Cui Qinghe smiled very brightly, then turned to the crowd and asked, “so in the next doctor fighting competition, let Jiang Fei participate in it and compete with many young experts of our Chinese medicine society. Does anyone have any opinion?”

“No problem!” Many young men and women, including Cui Xiuping, replied loudly.

One by one, they all looked at Jiang Fei with great challenge. Now they all regarded Jiang Fei as a stepping stone and a touchstone.

Since this guy is a new king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, he seems to be very powerful.

So if they beat this guy, what kind of honor will they have?

All the young masters are eager to fight!

This time, they want to be famous in World War I!

Not only to defeat Jiang Fei, but also to participate in the exchange of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, to keep their name forever in the history of traditional Chinese medicine!

Suddenly, someone exclaimed:

“No, Dr. Yu Qingsong fainted!”

“It’s OK. It’s just dizzy. It’s good to pinch people.”

“Alas, Yu’s gas capacity is not good, so he is stunned by Qi…”

“Do you think doctor Yu will resign?”


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