The Almighty Martial Arts System 188

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What will Yu Qingsong do when he wakes up? Will he quit the society of traditional Chinese medicine? Jiang Fei doesn’t know and doesn’t care much. Other people don’t care much

Because, the competition of Chinese medicine society is about to start. This competition is not the same as before. It’s just for the purpose of communication. The friendship is the first and the competition is the second. Although there may be open-ended fights between different interest groups, they will not fight out of anger after all, and they will deliberately hide themselves.

It’s the same as the martial arts experts’ duel. If it’s not for a life and death contest, it’s not necessary to see a duel between life and death. In general, where can you reveal your efforts to the bottom of the box?

That’s it.

If you expose your details completely when you are dueling, what should you do if someone else learns it or thinks of a way to solve it? Isn’t it worth it?

Traditional Chinese medicine is like this. Many times, it will make a fool of itself. Let alone outsiders, even if they are their own disciples, if they are not close relatives, they will not easily teach their own skills.

There is an old saying in China: Master apprentice starve to death!

There are also many in the Chinese medical profession who are convinced by this saying. The average disciple wants to learn the master’s most powerful skills. Without a decade of hard work, it is impossible to succeed.

This bad habit is also one of the reasons why most of the young generation of traditional Chinese medicine are not very skilled and generally need to pass the examination of the old generation of traditional Chinese medicine. It is also for the sake of all ages, the ancestors of traditional Chinese medicine have already summarized countless valuable experiences and prescriptions, but most of them are lost in the long history.

This time, we will not worry about it.

The situation of traditional Chinese medicine is in danger, and it can’t be left behind any more. Many young experts have been secretly instructed by their teachers or elders for a long time. This competition must go all out. Just give me as much energy as you can! Even some sects and families set rules behind their backs. If anyone can stand out in this competition and become one of the seven members to welcome the western medicine exchange group. There will be plenty of rewards!

This reward is definitely not a martial arts script. It’s not a martial arts novel.

This reward is very realistic and exciting, such as a multi million sports car or a few million cash directly

With the reward behind it, many young masters of the Chinese medicine society will rub their hands one by one. They are bound to defeat Jiang Fei, the new “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine”!

However, the place where the competition is held is not the headquarters of the Chinese medicine society.

Fight doctor, fight doctor. There must be patients to treat, so that doctors can compete. The headquarters of the society of traditional Chinese medicine is just a meeting place, which is equivalent to an office building. Naturally, no patient will come here to see a doctor. Therefore, to participate in the competition, many young experts have to move to the pharmacy of Tongrentang in Beijing.

It’s true that Tongrentang, which is very famous in China, is also inextricably connected with the society of traditional Chinese medicine. Even some decisions of the Chinese Medicine Association can affect Tongrentang.

As a result, tens of thousands of people moved their positions. Driving their own luxury cars, began to drive towards the destination.

Fortunately, they did not act together, but left in batches. Otherwise, even in the capital city, where the price of the fleet of 20 or 30 luxury cars is more than a million, pedestrians will have to look at it.

Others thought that what kind of local tyrants were sitting in it. As a result, a group of Chinese doctors who were forced by western medicine and had no way out

Jiang Fei still wanted to take Cui Xiuping’s BMW. Anyway, Cui Xiuping has no other partners.

However, when he was about to get on the bus, Yu Ruzhi, the leader of the fire god sect, came to stop Jiang Fei.

First, she closed the back door of the BMW, and then she smiled at the repair. Said: “Little Doctor Cui, you go first. I’ll take charge of Dr. Jiang Fei and send him to Tongrentang later. “

Cui Xiuping stared at the woman. After another look at Jiang Fei, he nodded his head and drove a step in the car.

At this time, Yu Ruzhi looked at Jiang Fei and asked, “if Dr. Jiang Fei doesn’t mind, take my car to Tongrentang. Do you think it’s ok?”

“All right.” Jiang Fei had no choice but to lead.

Can’t you? You’ve driven Cui Xiuping away. I don’t have a car of my own. I don’t want to take your car. Do you want me to take a taxi?

But he would like to see, this woman so pestered him, at the beginning of these hot actions to give him a wink, what exactly is to do! Even if a woman is thirty like a wolf and forty like a tiger, she should not be so naked.

Does she have any idea about her magic eight methods? It suddenly occurred to Jiang Fei that when he was in the headquarters of the Chinese medicine society, Mr. Cui and Kong Yun, the leader of Danxi sect, talked about the last king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, that is, the last doctor who can use the eight methods of acupuncture, called Yu Qinghou.

Yu Qinghou and Yu Ruzhi, both surnamed Yu, have nothing to do with them? Is this beautiful woman leader of Huoshen sect the descendant of Yu Qinghou?

Yuruzhi’s car is a Porsche Cayenne, and the price is about 1.5 million.

Jiang Fei took a look with envy and thought how all the people who learned Chinese medicine were so rich. Now that he has a million yuan in his bank card, he feels that he has a lot of money. When he comes to Beijing, he feels that he has enough money.

Now after seeing the driving of famous doctors of the Chinese medicine society, I find that I am still very poor and can’t even afford a car!

It seems that we really need to seize the time to reform and accelerate the development of our own “medical Empire”.

Jiang Fei subconsciously prepared to take the seat at the back of the car just like Cui Xiuping’s car, but Yu Ruzhi pressed the door again, and a pair of eyes, which were still like autumn water, peered at Jiang Fei and said, “Hey, are you suitable for the seat at the back of the car with beautiful women?”

“Oh. Then sit in the front. ” Jiang Fei has no choice but to go forward.

“That’s right.” Yu Ruzhi smiled and sat in the driving position.

Wait a minute. After four or five minutes of driving in front of us. This group of cars just left.

On the way.

Yu Ruzhi drives the car. From time to time, he looks at Jiang Fei sideways with a squint in his eyes and a smile. He doesn’t speak. Anyway, it’s like a flower with a smile.

Jiang Fei by the woman see some in the heart not bottom, let him have kind of he is a pure small place. Male. I met a mature woman who wanted to “run” him, and was completely in the weak position of being transferred. Moreover, Jiang Fei was afraid that the woman would not pay attention to her driving, so that she could easily lead to traffic accidents.

After all, this is also a female driver.

Subconsciously tightened the seat belt, Jiang Fei coughed and asked, “what do you want to ask me?”

Yu Ruzhi said with a smile, “Dr. Jiang, you are so smart, should you guess?”

How do you know I’m smart?

Jiang Fei muttered in his heart, “because of the eight methods of divine needle?”

“Dr. Jiang, you are really smart. Just a second. ” Yu Ruzhi praised. “Of course, Dr. Jiang, you are so young and versatile. You are not only outstanding in medical skills, but also a master of piano skills. You are known as the world’s top piano master. Such achievements also make me admire you.”

This woman really pays attention to the entertainment circle and knows about her affair with Joey!

This beautiful leader of the fire god sect is really not simple!

But Jiang Fei didn’t talk to Yu Ruzhi about it. He didn’t believe that this woman would really adore him because she played the piano so well. It’s just a flattery. It’s not true.

“The leader of Yu school is very interested in the eight methods of Shenzhen? Or is there any connection between the leader of Suyu sect and the doctor of Yu Qinghou? ” Jiang Fei asked directly without turning around the corner.

“Don’t call me Yu sect leader. I always feel strange when you call this name from Dr. Jiang Fei. If you don’t dislike doctor Jiang Fei, you can call me sister Yu, or call me sister Zhi. ” Yu Ruzhi did not answer immediately, but said the question of address.

Yu Jie? Domineering lady?

Jiang Fei thought for a moment and said, “then I’ll call you sister Ruzhi?”

“Alas!” Yu Ruzhi answered, then covered his left hand with his mouth and smiled happily: “it’s my bargain. Jiang Fei, you don’t dislike me for my age.”

“If you say you’re old, there’s no such thing as” mature woman “in the world. It’s all aunts.” Jiang Fei said.

“Jiang Fei, your mouth is so sweet!” Yu Ruzhi smiled more happily.

He smiled for a while. She said, “well. Your guess is accurate. I’m very interested in the eight methods of Shenzhen, and I’m also related to the doctor Yu Qinghou. Actually, that’s a good guess, isn’t it? All surnames are Yu. But I’m not a descendant of Dr. Yu. But without Dr. Yu, there would be no me. “

Is it not a descendant of doctor Yu? But without Dr. Yu, there would be no her?

Did Dr. Yu do the work of Lao Wang next door?

Jiang Fei had some evil thoughts in his mind. But of course, he didn’t dare to say it. If he said it, he didn’t guarantee that the beautiful young woman would kick him out of the car.

Keep listening carefully.

Yu Ruzhi said that he was not so obsequious about the business. He charmed the smiles of all living beings. He was serious and said: “my grandfather was an orphan at the beginning, and Dr. Yu was my grandfather’s life-saving benefactor. If Dr. Yu had not rescued me, my grandfather would have died of illness when he was a child. Later, Dr. Yu accepted my grandfather, but he was not accepted as a disciple or a adopted son. My grandfather was even a little medicine boy of Dr. Yu. My grandfather’s surname is Yu, which he later took for himself. He took the surname together with doctor Yu… “

Yu Ruzhi slowly and roughly talked about the relationship between their family and Yu Qinghou. Then his eyes suddenly changed. Some of them looked at Jiang Fei with awe and asked, “my grandfather said that doctor Yu never received any disciples in his life, nor taught anyone the eight Shenzhen techniques. I don’t know where Jiang Fei learned your eight Shenzhen techniques.”

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