The Almighty Martial Arts System 190

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After the diagnosis, all the young experts returned to their seats and began to prescribe “Prescriptions” for the patients according to their diagnosis just now, that is, what kind of food to eat, what kind of porridge to drink and what kind of ingredients to use to mix the body in the future life.

“Jiang Fei, did you just put it on the patient’s wrist so casually that you could have a clear diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s condition?” Cui Xiuping asked with a frown.

On the left side of Jiang Fei is a young girl with a ponytail from Huoshen sect, and on the right is his old partner Cui Xiuping. Just now, Jiang Fei’s diagnosis is too unreliable. In such a short time, it’s even more unreliable than feeling the pulse with a thread!

“Yes. Even if dietotherapy is your weakness, you should do your best and take it seriously? Otherwise, you will get acupuncture in the next two sessions, and how good is your acupuncture, but you A performance was too bad, but it was to lower the average score. ” The young woman of Fire God’s ponytail also joked with suggestions.

Maybe I saw that Yu Ruzhi, the leader of their sect, attached great importance to Jiang Fei and had no deep meaning. Other disciples of Huoshen sect didn’t hate Jiang Fei so much.

“Don’t worry, I have a diagnosis. In fact, the patient’s condition is just a look, it is very clear, right? ” Jiang Fei said lightly.

He has a system of medical skills. Where can I really feel the pulse.

Just put your hand on it for a second, and all the patient’s conditions appear in his mind.

Of course, if Jiang Fei wants to pretend to be less attractive, he can actually extend his pulse taking time a little longer, just like other people.

But isn’t that a waste of time?

Jiang Fei did it not to pretend to be forced or to be independent.

Since childhood, teachers have taught that time is money; time is money. It’s hard to sell time for money. Wasting time is wasting life. How can we waste life if it’s too short————


Jiang Fei did this just to install a little force

“Did you just look and smell the patient’s condition?” Cui Xiuping doesn’t know about Jiang Fei. So he had a smile on his face. There was some gloating in it. “If you only rely on ‘look’ and ‘smell’ to judge the patient’s condition, I can advise you now. You’d better go back and have a good pulse cut. This patient’s condition is not just one, but from the aspect of face and breath, it is not clear. “

Jiang Fei smiled and said, “well, I know. There’s no need to waste time trying to pulse. “

Cui Xiuping and the young woman on the other side of Jiang Fei looked at each other, and they could see the good look in each other’s eyes.

Now they can be sure that Jiang Fei is so independent. In order to play handsome, I will lose face later!

Yes, as long as it is a Chinese medicine with strong medical skills, through ‘looking’ and ‘smelling’, analyzing the abnormal development, color and breath of the chest of the patient, we can know that the disease of the obese patient is caused by the fatty liver caused by obesity.

But if you feel the pulse, and then ask about the situation, you can know that this patient is not only fatty liver, but also other complications, tuberculosis and ulcerative colitis!

A doctor who can join the society of traditional Chinese medicine. Every one of them can be called a famous doctor, whose skill is very important. More than 20 young experts participated in the competition, each of them can definitely check out the fatty liver and complications of the patients.

Want to decide. We have to work hard on the prescription. Whoever has better method and faster effect is the winner.

Now, if Jiang Fei is too proud and confident because he wants to show off, and thinks that he can do everything just by “looking” and “smelling”, then the final result must be that he can’t show off. But lose face!

Seeing this scene, the four judges looked different. Kong Yun and Yan Xiping, the leaders of Danxi school and the evil attacking school, saw this and smiled.

Their guess is similar to Cui Xiuping’s. I also think Jiang Fei is overconfident. I really think that the Chinese medicine society is a common place. It’s so easy to participate in the competition and see a doctor here. I can deal with it easily.

How can the patients they choose to participate in the competition be cured so easily?

Yu Ruzhi frowned and looked at Jiang Fei with some disappointment. He thought to himself, is this young man not as capable as she thought he would be, even if he could master the eight skills of acupuncture, but in fact, he is a young man who likes to show off and show off his cleverness?

If that’s the case, it’s disappointing for her.

However, Cui Qinghe, the old doctor of Guimen hand, never changed his expression from the beginning to the end, let alone urged Jiang Fei to cut the pulse again. Because he knows more about Jiang Fei’s ability than others. Jiang Fei not only cured Ye Zhennan’s highly paralyzed legs, but also knew that Jiang Fei later forced out the poison from the “poison king” old man Wu!

It was when Cui Qinghe got this news from Jincheng some time ago that he valued Jiang Fei so much that he felt that Jiang Fei was the hope of the exchange of Chinese and Western medicine and could help a lot.

A doctor who has achieved this level of medical skill and can force out the poison from the old man of poison King wizard will not be an impetuous young man who only knows how to make a fuss and show off!

There must be a reason for him to do so.

More than 20 young masters of the Chinese medicine society, at this time, lie down on the table, writing fast, and open the most appropriate diet for patients. Jiang Fei is also writing. The pen rustles on the paper, which is quite pleasant.

The prescription of dietotherapy is much longer than the general prescription. There are many materials to be used and many things to eat. Besides, we have to pay attention to the usage of various materials and how to cook and prepare them.

Ten minutes later.

Just like the test, after the test, there are special staff to seal the place where each contestant writes his name on the white paper, and then submit it to the hands of four judges.

In this way, the judges could not tell which piece of white paper was written by whom.

There are many formulas, more than 20 points. Even if it’s distributed to four people on average, there are several, so it’s more than ten minutes later. Four people read the recipe in their hands.

Then, two best recipes are selected for cross examination. Compare again, choose the best and make a ranking.

In this second relief, the four referees had to discuss it in private and have a quiet discussion.

In the discussion above, the following 20 young and vigorous experts are also talking in a low voice, aiming at Jiang Fei, the outsider. The so-called new king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine.

No way, first of all, Jiang Fei’s identity is too special, and just at the beginning of the competition, he was so “pompous” and conspicuous, it’s hard to not let people notice him.

This is the young expert recommended by the old doctor Cui and the fire god sect leader. He lost his face in the first competition. This is a big news. At that time, not only Jiang Fei’s own face will not survive, but even Cui Qinghe and Yu Ruzhi will be affected.

Cui Xiuping looks at Jiang Fei, shakes his head, sighs and sighs: “Jiang Fei. You really let me down. I thought you should be a good opponent, let me have a little fighting desire. It’s like having a good fight in a doctor’s competition and then beating you to win. Let you be convinced and know what it means to have someone outside of us! However, it’s not interesting that you’re acting so badly, which makes my interest suddenly decrease. “


Jiang Fei took a silent look at Cui Xiuping. He thought that he had been a mess just now. Unexpectedly, the guy next to him pretended to be more powerful than himself. He was better than blue!

“Don’t worry, it should be interesting.” Jiang Fei said.

Cui Xiuping took a look at Jiang Fei who didn’t seem to repent and said, “do you still feel good now? It’s a pity that you can imagine the competition of fighting medicine in the society of traditional Chinese medicine too simply. You will know the result later. “

“Yes! Because of your conceit, you’ll lose face later. Our sect leader and Dr. Cui still value you so much. But you did… ” The young girl with a ponytail next to her sighed and said that she looked at Jiang Fei with some sadness and anger.

The last four referees seemed to have a long discussion. After nearly half an hour of discussion, the eight prescriptions got the result. They took apart the sealing lines of the eight “test papers” and revealed the names of the eight best ones.

However, it seems that one of the eight names surprised four referees, but then the eyes of the four people showed a sudden appearance.

The four exchanged a look. Instead of letting Kong Yun do the task of announcing the results, Yu Ruzhi stood up and threw a meaningful ‘wink’ at Jiang Fei’s position before saying: “the patient’s loss of appetite, fatigue, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dull pain in the liver area or right upper abdomen is the manifestation of fatty liver; in addition, the patient has insomnia, dreaminess and constipation And mild fever and cough, which is a complication of ulcerative colitis and tuberculosis! All of you are doing well in these three diseases. Everyone will be diagnosed! “


Hearing Yu Ruzhi’s last words, most of the 20 young masters below are stupid.

Everyone diagnosed these three diseases?

How could it be! After a few seconds of pulse cutting, Jiang Fei, who did not ask any patient for any symptoms, was also diagnosed?

This is just too unscientific!

At this time, all the people who were waiting to see Jiang Fei’s jokes felt something was wrong and didn’t follow their expected script.

Yu Ruzhi continued: “and to be honest, the” food recipes “you’ve offered are very good. Each of them can be regarded as the right medicine, which can effectively treat the patient’s symptoms. We have to select the top few, which is not easy. Now I’m going to read the winning prescription. There are Dukang’s “cheqianziyimi congee” of Danxi sect, Zuojun’s “Cordyceps, Lily and duck soup” of attacking evil sect, blue Caijie’s “stomach nourishing Bergamot congee” of Huoshen sect, and Cui Xiuping’s “Prunella Herbal Tea”

Yu Ruzhi read out seven names and seven recipes in a row. No Jiang Fei.

People who are read names are naturally happy, while those who are not are naturally disappointed.

However, it’s a little strange that we didn’t read the place this time. Can we say that after changing the rules this time, we will not be ranked?

At this time, Yu Ruzhi, whose words stopped for a while, once again fell on Jiang Fei, a little hot, and said: “the seven people I read just now, although there is a difference in the efficacy and time of the prescription, but the four judges decided not to be ranked, this time only the first.”

“The first place in this stage is Jiang Fei! “

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