The Almighty Martial Arts System 191

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“The first place in this stage is Jiang Fei!”

When Yu Ruzhi read this sentence, everyone below was shocked.

Both the young masters and the old doctors who were watching the battle said that the result was unacceptable. After a short silence, everyone began to discuss about it.

This guy, who only knows how to be a maverick, can only cut his pulse for a few seconds. Besides fatty liver, he can diagnose two complications of tuberculosis and ulcerative colitis. It’s not easy. Many people are secretly guessing whether Jiang Fei cheated and secretly glanced at the answer of the person next to him.

Now, however, he is listed as the only one in the first place, which makes everyone confused. This is definitely not the result of cheating.

Cheating first? Who did he copy!

You know, just now, seven young experts have given out a wonderful prescription, which is the limit of using food therapy to treat fatty liver. In this respect, both the effect and the effective time have reached the limit. If they don’t use other means or tools, even the old doctor Cui, they don’t think they can make much progress on the basis of these prescriptions.

That’s why seven young masters’ recipes are not divided into high and low, and all of them are listed in the same level.


Why is this guy listed as number one? Did he prescribe any golden medicine that can make people become immortal on the spot!

Kong Yun and Yan Xiping on the stage have complicated faces, while Cui Qinghe and Yu Ruzhi have a smile on their faces, which makes people feel surprised or inconceivable.

More than 20 young and vigorous experts, naturally, would not express happiness to this result, and they all squeezed their fists. Discontent, unwillingness and doubt are almost all written on the face.

Immediately someone came back and stood up. This man’s robe and chest were embroidered with a skull. He should be a young expert attacking the evil sect. He held back his anger and asked politely: “Yu sect leader. We’d like to know why Jiang Fei was listed as the first one alone? Is it possible that his prescription is better than that of the seven of us

Yu Ruzhi shook his head and said: “in terms of quick effect, not only the seven people I just read out, but also the twenty young heroes here have taken this into consideration when prescribing prescriptions. Try our best to make up the gap between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in this respect. This is very good, which means that all of you here understand the difference between our traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and also understand what we should pay attention to if we want to compete with the western medicine exchange group! “

“Just now, I read out the prescription of seven of you. All four of our judges saw it and thought it was very delicate. If we let the patient do it strictly according to your prescription, at least two months later, the patient will be able to recover completely and recover normally. And. This has basically reached the limit of the treatment of fatty liver and the complications caused by fatty liver. In the aspect of quick effect, if other methods are not used. It’s no longer possible to improve. “

Hearing this, the young master of the offensive sect was more puzzled and asked, “in this case, why would Jiang Fei be listed as the first one to surpass us?”

This time, Yu Ruzhi didn’t speak. Cui, the ghost master, beckoned her to sit down. Then he stood up and said, “because you only know how to treat the diseases the patients have now. Let the patient’s body return to health, but not for the patient to consider deeper and further! The patient in front of me. Do you think he will get fatty liver and fatty liver complications? What is the reason after all? “

“Fat.” Someone replied.

“Yes! You’re right. Obesity! But you know that he is the fatty liver caused by obesity. Why do you only know that you can cure the fatty liver of the patient even if you have finished the prescription, but you forget that if you want to keep the patient healthy all the time, you must keep the body thin and prescribe a slimming diet for the patient’s constitution? “

When they were stunned, they suddenly realized that the whole audience was silent and no one was talking.

Cui continued: “of the twenty-four prescriptions, only doctor Jiang Fei’s prescription, in addition to the treatment of patients’ fatty liver, also added a diet that can let patients lose weight while treating fatty liver! If we want to improve the influence of traditional Chinese medicine, we need to pursue the speed of quick effect. However, in your pursuit of speed, please do not forget the most fundamental theory of traditional Chinese medicine, fundamental treatment! If the patient’s obesity can’t be eliminated this time, even if his fatty liver is completely recovered after two months, how long will it take to relapse? “

More than 20 young masters fell into a long silence here.

In the end, a young master of Danxi sect with a Ding carved on his robe stood up with a red face, still a little unconvinced and said: “we really ignore this point, forget that we should reduce the patient’s obesity while treating the patient’s fatty liver – but this is not a difficult thing to do, it can be done easily. I admit that Jiang Fei is more comprehensive than us in this respect, but I don’t admit that his medical skills are higher than mine! Therefore, I am not convinced to put Jiang Fei on top of all of us and become the first! “

Cui Qinghe didn’t get angry, but nodded and said, “yes, it’s a little unconvincing to list Jiang Fei as the number one above all of you. However, Jiang Fei’s comprehensive consideration is not the key point for him to become the first! “


Cui’s words shocked everyone again. This is not the main reason, so what’s the main reason? Is this guy really making some prescriptions to cry ghosts and gods?

Cui Qinghe didn’t let people guess for a long time, and soon came up with the real reason: “all of you, whether you were named in the top seven just now or a dozen people who didn’t! Do you think that there is something wrong with the prescription you all gave? Or what did you forget? “

Everyone’s eyes were stunned.

“Wrong? What did you forget? “


“There is nothing wrong. The prescriptions I prescribe are completely harmless and purely healthy, and they will not produce any side effects when treating diseases. “

Cui Qinghe pressed his hands in the air to make everyone quiet. For the first time, his face was disappointed.

It seems that people still don’t understand the shortcomings of their own prescriptions. What’s wrong? I feel disappointed.

Cui Qinghe sighed. Just said: “your prescription really has a quick effect, but don’t you know that each prescription you prescribe contains a kind of very precious and cheap medicinal materials or ingredients? These herbs are quick to work, but do you think ordinary people can often use these ingredients? One eat is to eat for two months, I’m afraid that this money for most of the family is a lot of money! If the average person can’t afford your prescription at all. Even if your prescription no matter how delicate, no matter how effective, what’s the use? This is a useless, flashy recipe! “

“Of course, the materials in these prescriptions are very common for us. If we want to get them, they can’t even be precious. That’s because we Chinese medicine, in these years, have been full of pots and pans, even if Chinese medicine is in danger. It’s about to be completely eroded by western medicine, and we can still make a lot of money! But what about most traditional Chinese medicine? Can they make a lot of money? “

Here we are. Many young experts, even the old and famous doctors who were watching, all blushed.

They are all driving millions of luxury cars today. They are really rich people.

Although they don’t have cheap medicine like some doctors, they specially prescribe expensive medicine. But in many cases, the pursuit of quick results, directly ignoring the general medicine, subconsciously choose the best and most valuable medicine.

This, indeed, is their group of top Chinese medicine after making a lot of money. Forget some essential things that should be remembered by TCM.

They seldom see ordinary poor people. Most of them are for the rich, so no one will complain to them that the medicine is too expensive.

“The purpose of today’s competition is to fight for doctors. It’s for the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine half a month later, and it’s to ensure that Chinese medicine doesn’t perish under the encroachment of Western medicine step by step. However, even if we resist this time, we will not change our existing problems, continue to be extravagant, forget that traditional Chinese medicine is not blindly pursuing the essence of luxury and speed, so that traditional Chinese medicine can only serve the rich, then we will also die! “

“Well, the topic is a little far away. I’m not a member of the Chinese medicine society. You may have some prescriptions against the despised doctor Jiang Fei. I won’t read them here. Anyway, they are all the most basic and cheap ingredients, such as corn, sweet potato, oats and bean products, which can be used by the most ordinary people all the time. Later, I’ll have Dr. Jiang’s prescription photocopied, so that every young hero here will have a copy. I hope that this prescription can become a sword of Damocles on your head in your future doctor career, and remind you what we should remember as Chinese medicine! “

Cui said that, sighed again and sat down.

More than 20 young people, one by one, were blushing and a little embarrassed.

For example, Cui Xiuping, who just expressed disappointment and made fun of Jiang Fei, now blushes like a monkey’s ass and dare not look up at Jiang Fei at all.

And some young girls, such as those in the fire god’s ponytail, are not so ashamed of their female identity in this matter, so they finally look at Jiang Fei with adoration in their eyes.

It looks like it was conquered by Jiang Fei

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