The Almighty Martial Arts System 192

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A young man who does not belong to the society of traditional Chinese medicine, does not belong to the school of three universities and several families has won the undisputed first place in the competition.

If this matter goes out, they are more than 20 ordinary arrogant children, known as the young experts of hope in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, I’m afraid they will have no face.

However, when the staff of Tongrentang quickly copied Jiang Fei’s prescription and distributed it to everyone, dozens of people in the room saw the above formula, but there was nothing to say, and their cheeks were slightly red and hot.

Compared with the flashy prescriptions given by more than 20 of them, they only know that the pursuit of quick results has forgotten whether the cost of the materials themselves can be borne by the patients.

Jiang Fei’s prescription is really too good!

Even if Jiang Fei’s prescription doesn’t work as fast as the best of them, the patients can take it everyday without any economic pressure.

Therefore, Jiang feisheng won the fair game.

And as Cui said, Jiang Fei used his practical actions to teach the arrogant young masters a lesson.

be sincerely convinced!

No matter just now in the Chinese medicine society to see Jiang Fei’s eyes or not, have what mentality of famous doctors, are so.

Generally speaking, the competition of traditional Chinese medicine society can only be concluded in three days, and only one competition can be held each day.

After all, China’s top TCM gathered in the capital to hold a discussion conference, which is not really for taking the exam. The competition is only secondary. We must eat, drink and play well. Just try one game a day.

But this time the situation is different. As a result, the number of people has been reduced by more than half. Only about 20 people have participated in the competition, and the competition is much simpler. The time is not too long; second, the time is already very urgent, and the western medicine exchange group is aggressive, leaving only half a month to prepare. Chinese medicine society these tens of hundreds of people also do not have before that kind of carefree relaxed mood.

So the four judges decided it was noon. There must be only one competition in the morning. But in the afternoon, we should hurry up and have two consecutive competitions. This competition will be finished in one day today, without waiting for another three days.

Lunch at noon, such a large society of traditional Chinese medicine, each member of which is the master of driving millions of luxury cars, naturally can not be shabby. People went directly to Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, which is composed of ancient royal gardens and modern state guesthouse buildings.

Jiang Fei has not come to these high-grade places in recent years. However, Jiang Fei was not very interested in having dinner, no matter how high the hotel was.

Even if the chef of this hotel has a good craftsmanship, can the things he has made taste better than those made by his master chef?

To be honest, if allowed, Jiang Fei would rather not come to such a high-end hotel for dinner than go home and do it himself.

And when he entered the State Guesthouse, Jiang Fei was a little depressed.

Because if you want to enter here, you don’t have to register unless you have a pass for the State Guesthouse. And if you don’t have a pass, you have to register your ID card to have a meal here!

Of the nearly 100 members of the Chinese medicine society, all of them are naturally licensed. Jiang Fei is the only one. I want to go to register.

“It’s a real trouble. Is it so high? I won’t come to such a place if I die later! ” Jiang Fei is very upset in his heart.

There is not too much emphasis on the order of seats when eating, but there is also a little emphasis on it.

For example, young people certainly don’t want to sit with the old men in the society. After all, there is no common topic, even if they are equal in status, they are not comfortable.

For example, Cui Qinghe’s an old doctor and the three major sects’ leaders and high-level worshippers, not only have excellent medical skills, but also have their identities there. They will sit alone together, and ordinary younger generation can’t get in.

With Jiang Fei. It’s almost the people sitting next to him in Tongrentang just now. For example, Cui Xiuping and huoshenpai, a young woman with a ponytail and a very outgoing look.

“Jiang Fei…” Cui Xiuping looks at the 2300 ocean delicacies per person. But I don’t have much appetite, especially when I occasionally look at Jiang Fei. The embarrassment on my face never disappeared.

“Well, what’s up?” Jiang Fei asked casually.

At the beginning of the entrance, Jiang Fei was still a little dissatisfied with the so-called state guesthouse and thought it was not so good.

But after sitting down, Jiang Fei thought that this place really seemed good. These dishes are served in a fixed order. Jiang Fei basically tasted them once. It has to be said that although the taste of these dishes is not as good as what he made himself, it is a little worse, but it really deserves the word “delicious”.

After all, it’s such a big place, where the per person consumption level is also set. The per person consumption of 21 people, plus 15% of the service fee, is more exquisite in cooking, cold dishes, soup and dessert. It tastes smooth and fragrant.

Of course, as a top chef, Jiang Fei can clearly distinguish which ingredients are used in this dish, which processing procedures are gone through, and even which ingredients are not properly matched, which process is a little bit worse.

However, in fact, eating food and taste is only one of the aspects. It’s more about the environment and service of eating!

Every time you eat a dish, there will be a special waiter beside you to explain the materials, origins and practices of each dish, and even the stories and historical figures behind them.

It’s really a feeling of emperor enjoyment.

Jiang Fei looked at the scale of these services and the per capita consumption level. Before, he felt that it was not good to open a hotel or anything. It was too troublesome to make money. Now all of a sudden he’s a little bit moved.

It’s certain to build a “medical Empire” back to Jincheng, but we can also make some appropriate investment and development in hotels and restaurants.

His cooking and wine making skills are so idle that they are wasted if not utilized.

“I’m sorry…” Cui Xiuping, who wants to be arrogant and has a high vision, is the only second generation of “ghost thirteen needles”. After half a day’s holding, he finally said three words in his heart.

It turns out that he was called the little doctor Cui and asked him to apologize. And he is also a person who made him have a very hostile attitude before apologizing, which is really a bit embarrassing for him.

“I’m sorry?” Jiang Fei smiled. “Why?”

“I despised you for the contest this morning. It turns out you’re not too cocky. It’s my arrogance. I apologize for my pride! ” Cui Xiuping said, blushing.

I wanted to tease the man in the robe. But seeing this picture of him, Jiang Fei thought it was funny again, and he had no mind. For this robed man, the more he looks at him, the more he can understand his mistakes, the more he can correct them. He is quite upright in his heart. He is somewhat of the nature of his grandfather, old doctor Cui. He doesn’t suffer any loss like many dandies do now. I can’t lose face. If anyone offends him, he must die.

Cui Xiuping can apologize for his mistake, which is precious. So Jiang Fei waved and said, “it’s OK. Anyway, you are not the only one who despises me this morning. “

“Now I take back what I said before, you are a very strong opponent, or you are an opponent worthy of my respect and attention. This morning’s game I lost convinced, but the next two games I will not easily lose to you, even if it is a trial of acupuncture! ” Cui Xiuping continued to blush and said hatefully. It’s like swearing.

Jiang Fei smiled and said, “I’ll see!”

“I support Jiang Fei! I also think you will win Xiuping! Now the most powerful master in my mind is Jiang Fei “The fire god sends the young woman with the ponytail to break in and say with a smile beside.

Her name is blue Caijie. In this morning’s contest, she was also one of the seven young masters besides Jiang Fei. She was regarded as the leader of the young generation of Huoshen sect.

Cui Xiuping listened to blue Caijie’s words, but he was speechless. Most of his fighting spirit was destroyed.

You should know that before, Lan Caijie had a good relationship with him, and he always admired his medical skills and his thirteen needles of the ghost gate. Now he has directly rebelled.


In the afternoon, the contest will be held in Tongrentang.

For twice in a row, the old doctor Cui drew lots. The way of drawing out the second scene is to compare the prescriptions, which is the most basic and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s also the most commonly used method.

Most of traditional Chinese medicine, when treating patients. It’s all prescriptions. Acupuncture, dietotherapy, massage and massage all add up to less than prescriptions.

So this competition, although it is not too difficult, any Chinese medicine can come to participate.

But it’s also true that everyone is not weak. It’s also very difficult to study a doctor’s basic skills and stand out in this competition.

The patient who came in this time was a little over three-year-old with a sore throat, slight fever and runny nose.

Such patients undoubtedly add a little trouble to the diagnosis, because as we all know, it is the most difficult and the most difficult for doctors to treat children. Because children’s own resistance is very poor, the body’s immune system is not mature enough, the internal organs are very delicate, there is a big difference between drugs and adults. Some drugs can be used by adults, but by no means by children. In addition, after the child changed the disease, he could not express his own situation clearly.

Therefore, in fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, it is the same as western medicine, and even a special department for children has been set up. Some traditional Chinese medicine is specially for children.

Fortunately, more than 20 young experts, including Jiang Fei, who are not specialized pediatricians, will not be trapped by this trouble one by one. After the diagnosis, they will soon go back to work with confidence.

But because of the lesson Jiang Fei taught us last time, everyone became more cautious this time. After opening the prescription, they didn’t dare to hand in the paper immediately. Instead, they frowned and thought about it a lot. All the questions about medication, treatment, effectiveness, children’s physique and so on were taken into account, so they handed in the paper.

Yu Ruzhi announced the results.

This time, she still looked at Jiang Fei strangely, frowning and puzzled, but according to the comprehensive opinions of several judges, she said:

“Most of the prescriptions given by the doctors this time are very delicate. The following eight are the top eight prescriptions we have ruled out: Cui Xiuping, Lan Caijie…”

The names of the eight people were soon read out. The people on the list were happy and those who didn’t were lost.

It took everyone a while to find a problem.

Jiang Fei, the first player on the game, failed to make the list!

Should this be the case, or something unexpected?

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