The Almighty Martial Arts System 193

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After the reaction, almost everyone immediately turned their eyes to Jiang Fei, so did Cui Xiuping and Lan Caijie.

Even if it’s not like the last game to beat everyone and get the first place. But at least it should be in the top eight, right?

Now Jiang Fei doesn’t even enter the list. The contrast between this and the last one is too big. It’s hard for everyone to accept!

If before the last meeting, most of the people in the Chinese Medicine Association had some hatred towards Jiang Fei because of some things happened in Jincheng and the headquarters of the Chinese Medicine Association, and they didn’t care about the name of Jiang Fei as the king of acupuncture.

But after the last competition, all the people in the Chinese medicine society are convinced of Jiang Fei.

He may not have said anything, but he has recognized Jiang Fei’s medical skills in his heart. He has some admiration for Jiang Fei and regards him as a real “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine”.

Jiang Fei not only has real talent and practical learning, but also must have good medical ethics!

Otherwise, he would not give such a “people friendly” prescription in the morning, and would not really consider the cost for patients.

So now Jiang Fei’s second game is lost, not even the top eight. Everyone is also surprised by the result, which is a little inconceivable.

However, just when people were extremely surprised by the result, they found that Jiang Fei himself seemed not surprised by the result, whether there was any change in his face, and seemed to have expected the result.

Cui Xiuping frowned, raised his head and asked, “Master Yu, I want to ask Jiang Fei what’s his prescription and why he didn’t get into the top eight?”

For Cui Xiuping, now he has regarded Jiang Fei as a worthy opponent, if the opponent’s performance is out of order. He will also feel unhappy in his heart, which makes him feel invincible.

Yu Ruzhi’s expression was a little strange, and she turned out another prescription. “I’m just going to say that. The reason why Jiang Fei didn’t rank in the top eight this time,” he said. It’s because we think — he’s got a wrong diagnosis this time! “


Yu Ruzhi’s answer makes everyone stupid. If there is a mistake in the diagnosis, it is just a mistake!

How could it be!

Everyone on the scene is the top expert in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Even the worst is not so bad. Although the patient’s child’s condition is a little serious, it’s easy to diagnose it. Don’t mention the famous doctors sitting here. Even if any doctor in Tongrentang outside comes in, he can easily judge the child’s condition.

The difficulty of this test is only in children’s physique and medication. How to make the child’s body able to withstand the drug. Do not harm the health of children, but also can quickly cure the disease, which is the real key part of testing young masters.

“The child has a sore throat, slight fever and runny nose, but these major symptoms are not obvious. They are the most common children’s disease, respiratory infection. All 23 young doctors except Jiang Fei gave this answer, and we three referees. It’s also a given condition. “

“But the diagnosis given by Dr. Jiang Fei is the initial stage of respiratory infection plus measles! In other words, Dr. Jiang Fei felt that this small patient was not a common respiratory infection. It’s viral respiratory infection! ” Yu Ruzhi frowned and said that his extremely charming face was full of doubts.

Hearing Yu Ruzhi’s explanation, everyone was also full of doubts.

“Early stage of measles? Viral respiratory infection? How can this be possible? There is no symptom at all! “

“Yes. This is a common respiratory infection, there is no sexual tendency of the virus

“What’s more, most of the children today will be injected with measles fry, right? How can we still have measles? “

“These are nothing. The key point is that there are no symptoms in the early stage of measles, which can be said to be the incubation period. There is no discomfort in children’s body, if Western medicine test is not used. It’s very difficult for us to check it out. Jiang Fei just like us, just put the pulse. Take a step back. Even if the child is really suffering from measles, it is absolutely impossible to diagnose on pulse cutting! “

More than 20 young people, as well as the old people who were watching around, were talking about it one by one. They thought it was very unreliable.

Just now I was surprised that Jiang Fei didn’t make the list, but now most of them think that Jiang Fei is really misdiagnosed this time.

Maybe Jiang Fei found that there was a little difference in children’s body. He wanted to bet like gambling. The result was obviously that he was too bold, so he made a wrong bet.

Yu Ruzhi looks at Jiang Fei and says, “Jiang Fei, what do you want to say about your diagnosis?”

Jiang Fei was slow and calm as always. He didn’t seem to hear the voices of the people around him. He said, “this child is indeed suffering from measles. There is nothing wrong with my diagnosis. “

“So you don’t think you’re misdiagnosed now?” Yu Ruzhi asked.

Jiang Fei nodded and said, “of course. This is not a misdiagnosis. If you don’t believe it, you can pulse the child again. “

Cui Xiuping, who was next to him, could not help but say, “even if we pulse ten more times, our results are the same as before! Because we can’t diagnose measles which is still in the incubation period! Our traditional Chinese medicine is not a precise analytical instrument of Western medicine. We can see the blood changes in patients! “

At this time, the old doctor Cui has stepped down seriously and walked towards the child waiting for the result.

Obviously, he will go to see the children himself!

When they saw it, they immediately surrounded them. Old Cui’s medical skills are obvious to all, and everyone feels extremely admirable. If the result of his diagnosis is still ordinary respiratory infection, then the result will be determined this time.

Even if Jiang Fei insists that he has not been misdiagnosed, he will still be regarded as misdiagnosed.

Jiang Fei is also curious to follow in the past, to see what kind of results this old doctor Cui will have.

Naturally, he would not feel that his diagnosis was wrong.

Yes, generally speaking, measles, which is still in the incubation period of 8-15 days, will not cause any discomfort to the patients, and the general Chinese medicine will certainly not be able to diagnose it. But he has a medical system. The diagnosis and treatment above is very clear!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Jiang Fei has already thought that if these famous doctors of the Chinese medicine society can’t diagnose the real condition of children. Then he asked to send the child to a precious hospital for blood test. What will happen then. It’s clear.

Cui Laohe made his face in front of the child with a smile on his face, let the child stretch out his palm, and he began to cut his veins.

The pulse cutting time is not long, about half a minute. In the process, the old doctor Cui still smiles to eliminate the psychological fear of the child and appease him.

From the beginning to the end, no one could see the change of old doctor Cui’s face or the real situation.

After cutting the pulse. Cui Qinghe turned around and frowned. He said to a waitress in Tongrentang: “go get me a box of silver needles.”

Just a word, let everyone in the room face big change, some shock.

“Gui Men Shou” old doctor Cui is going to use acupuncture!

You know, what Cui is the most powerful and good at is actually acupuncture. After all, “Guimen thirteen needles” are three top acupuncture techniques!

Now the old Cui doesn’t say a word after cutting the pulse. He asks someone to bring the silver needle directly. The situation is not right.

Is it true? Cui Laozi really found out that this child’s condition is not simple. Maybe there is a latent virus hidden?

If not, he would have announced the result directly. It’s OK to say that Jiang Fei’s diagnosis is misdiagnosis. Why use acupuncture?

People’s guess didn’t wait too long. When the silver needle was brought, the parents of the child coaxed the child to sleep, slightly covered his eyes, and didn’t let him see the acupuncture and feel afraid. Mr. Cui picked a short needle of three and a half inches, and it was painless.

This is also the great cause of Tongrentang family. I made a lot of promises to explain the people in this room in advance. They are all the top Chinese doctors in China. They usually can’t hire famous doctors even if they spend money.

Otherwise, the child’s parents. And surely no one will be allowed to acupuncture their children so directly.

Old Cui’s injection speed is not fast, it’s a little slow.

It’s just like the martial arts practitioners will always pursue fast in the beginning, the faster the better. But when the martial arts have reached the highest level, they can almost return to the basics. At this time, their speed may not be very fast, just practical.

Shenmai point.

The silver needle doesn’t go in directly, but rotates slightly to the left and right, which makes the children’s parents a little frightened, for fear that their children will cry out because of the pain. But after a while, they found that their children didn’t respond at all. They didn’t seem to feel that someone was “injecting” them. They were relieved.


This is not a sound, but the end of the silver needle is like sealed wings, shaking rapidly. However, it is too thin to smell. Only those with good eyesight can find it.

“Is this the thirteen needles of the ghost gate? It’s wonderful. The air flow and pulse in the human body are completely presented through the silver needle! “

“Only the top acupuncture method like Guimen thirteen needles can achieve this! Today is an eye opener. “

“I don’t know the eight methods of Shenzhen, how to compare with the thirteen needles of Guimen.”

Many people whisper, Jiang Fei is also slightly squinting at this time. The layman watches the bustle, the layman watches the doorway.

The level of medical skill has reached seven. He who knows eight methods of acupuncture can see more about the power of acupuncture. After watching it, he had to admit that the acupuncture skill of the old doctor was no lower than that of him.

Even if he exerts all his power, he can only do this.

Acupuncture doesn’t last long, after all, it’s not a cure, it’s just a check-up. Two minutes later, Mr. Cui pulled out the needle with a dignified face.

When she handed the silver needle to the female nurse, Dr. Cui took a long breath of relief, glanced around the people, and said in the eyes they were expecting: “this child is really suffering from measles! Jiang Fei’s pulse cutting skill is superior not only to all the young heroes here, but also to us old men! “

“So, this second ranking change. First, it’s still Jiang Fei! “

Jiang Fei, who wanted to keep calm, finally showed a bright smile when he saw that all the people were shocked and couldn’t close their mouths.

If I’m not careful, I still won the first place. What can I say?

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