The Almighty Martial Arts System 194

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Two consecutive contests have won the first place, let alone an outsider, even in the internal society of traditional Chinese medicine, no one has ever been so successful in the annual competition!

Even Cui Xiuping, the son of heaven and the descendant of the thirteen needles of the ghost sect, is called the little doctor Cui. It’s good to get the first place in every competition. Just like in today’s two games, even without Jiang Fei, Cui Xiuping is just an outstanding person in the crowd. He can enter the top eight, but he can’t distinguish too many advantages from other young masters.

Let alone two consecutive games in an overwhelming, uncontroversial, far ahead of the advantage to get the first!

In the past, Cui Xiuping was able to have advantages and distinguish obvious advantages from others, only acupuncture. It’s really hard for other people to fight with him if he can’t get out the eight methods of Shenzhen and Linggui.

However, the eight methods of Shenzhen have been lost for a long time. Before Jiang Fei came out, no one could use them for more than 100 years. The eight methods of Linggui are not lost, but they are in the hands of an ancient family of traditional Chinese medicine.

The attitude of this family of traditional Chinese medicine is even more arrogant than Cui family, because many years ago, they had a conflict with the society of traditional Chinese medicine, which decided that their family’s descendants would never join the organization of the society of traditional Chinese medicine again!

The society of traditional Chinese medicine is very important for most traditional Chinese medicine. It’s a great honor to join it. But for such a family of traditional Chinese medicine, They really don’t care.

When old doctor Cui diagnosed the child and said that the child had measles, everyone was boiling.

Not only beyond the young heroes here, but also beyond us old men!

Is this saying on behalf of old doctor Cui that he can’t compare with Jiang Fei?

In fact, from the situation just now, it’s true. Jiang Fei just felt the pulse and then determined the condition of the child. However, although Cui found a little abnormal after pulse cutting, he was not sure. Only after acupuncture did he come to a certain conclusion.

Which is better, which is weaker. It’s already obvious.

In the second and third break, everyone was talking about it.

More than twenty young people. At this time, there was no such fierce battle * at the beginning, and He understood why the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine half a month later had to let Jiang Fei Go.

It turns out that this man, who is about their age and even a little younger than them, was already so powerful!

He, the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, is not only good at acupuncture, but also can completely and thoroughly abuse them in other aspects!

Such a man. It’s really an impulse that can’t give birth to a hot blooded war in one’s heart!

It’s too strong. It’s so powerful that it’s a little desperate.

Even Cui Xiuping’s confidence is not so strong at this time.

In the first defeat, they belittled the enemy and made a habitual mistake. In fact, they didn’t lose too much in the real medical skills. But in the second, the result was very clear. Jiang Fei’s medical skills had indeed reached a very deep level, which was unimaginable. It’s hard for them to catch up. They don’t even know how to catch up.

It’s still in the incubation period, but it hasn’t manifested itself yet. How can I use the pulse to diagnose it?

I’m not an advanced machine!

As for the young women, they are attracted by the powerful opposite sex. In the eyes of Jiang Fei, they are all red. The naked hint makes Jiang Fei feel embarrassed.

Finally, the third competition comes.

This contest is no longer important to Jiang Fei. Even if he loses in the third match, he can be promoted directly according to the amazing performance of the first two matches. Half a month later, on behalf of the whole Chinese medicine community, he went out to fight the western medicine exchange group.

So most people don’t have much desire to beat them. Instead, they want to draw out acupuncture to fight. Let everyone have a look at what the legendary eight methods of divine needle look like.

Cui Xiuping also participated in the competition. At that time, we may see a fierce confrontation between the two top acupuncture techniques of “eight magic acupuncture methods” and “Thirteen Guimen acupuncture methods”!

Take a look at these three top acupuncture techniques. Who is better!

However, it’s a pity that Tiangong is not beautiful, and the third event drawn out in the end is massage.

Massage is different from massage, not to mention the “massage” in many red light districts.

Massage has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. It is a kind of non drug natural therapy. On the acupoints and meridians of the human body, it uses various methods such as pushing, holding, pressing, rubbing, kneading, pinching, pointing, clapping, etc. in order to achieve the effect of dredging meridians, promoting qi and blood, supporting injury and pain, removing pathogenic factors and strengthening, harmonizing Yin and Yang.

The comparison of massage must be different from the previous two games. It’s impossible for a patient to massage everyone. This must be a doctor and a patient, and then massage one by one.

So there are a lot of patients this time. It needs to be enough for twenty-four patients.

Tongrentang pharmacy is also a big undertaking, and there is no lack of patients. It has been well prepared for this competition. There are not enough patients in need of massage in the headquarters, so they are transported from other branches. Anyway, the whole capital is so large, with a population of more than 20 million, it is not difficult to find more than 20 patients.

The applicable symptoms of massage are actually very wide. It is not only in the traditional sense of sprain, joint dislocation, lumbar muscle strain, muscle atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis and so on that massage can be used. In fact, even if the facial trigeminal nerve is the same, nose, eyes, ears and other problems can be treated by massage.

Even if it’s neurotic vomiting, dyspepsia, habitual constipation, insomnia, spermatorrhea, dysmenorrhea and neurosis, massage still has great effect.

Jiang Fei, the leader of the previous two games, was a little quieter and more normal in this one. He didn’t make people feel as inconceivable as the two games just now.

Of course, this is also relatively speaking.

Jiang Fei’s performance in the third match is still excellent. It’s not impossible to rank in the first place even if you want to rank.

The object of Jiang Fei’s treatment this time is a young, about twenty-two or three curtilage man. This guy’s occupation is also special. He seems to be an author of online writing. I need to sit in front of the computer for more than ten hours every day, and I don’t like sports very much.

So even if you are young, you are only in your early twenties. There are a lot of problems with the joints all over the body. For example, sciatica, lumbodorsal neuralgia, arthralgia of ten fingers of both hands, astringent and dry eyes, etc.

Jiang Fei asked this guy to lie in bed, and then he used massage techniques such as pressing, kneading, pinching, trembling and beating. Beating joints all over his body and massaging his brain and face.

After about 20 minutes, I groaned and groaned on the bed for 20 minutes. It seems that the guy with some indecent and sullen character got out of the bed and made him move.

“Try to see if you have a comfortable day.” Jiang Fei said.

As a result, the guy was immediately excited and said that he was completely comfortable, just like the sequelae of writing novels these years had disappeared completely. Even if there are already some myopia. The eyes with dry hair and astringent hair become clear and bright.

This guy also excitedly gave Jiang a big hug and said enthusiastically: “Look, the original Chinese medicine is so magical! It seems that the massage shops I used to enter are not authentic! “

Jiang Fei thought this guy was funny. He said with a smile, “I’m afraid the massage shop you entered is not for massaging your joints?”

The guy laughed, scratched his head, and asked, “doctor, what’s your name? Can I have a contact information? I’m a novelist. I’m trying to write a novel about traditional Chinese medicine recently. In the future, can I ask you some questions about traditional Chinese medicine? “

Jiang Fei’s current telephone number is basically not to tell the patient.

But he thought this guy was interesting. I didn’t know how to do it. I nodded, wrote my phone number on a piece of paper, handed it to him and said with a smile, “my name is Jiang Fei. You can find me later. You can also let me run a dragon suit in your novel. “

“Hello, Fei ge! My name is Ye Datong. You are such a powerful character, how can you be a Dragon Runner? You are absolutely the hero. There are several women masters in the harem, all of them are the kind of people who have lost their country and their city! ” Ye Datong, a wretched man, clapped his chest and promised.

Jiang Fei smiled. No more.

Think about his life now. In fact, it’s not so different from the novel, the beautiful women around. There are already many. It’s not easy to surrender


After three contests, it was after 5:30 p.m.

According to the Convention, the Chinese medicine society naturally has to organize a team to finish eating, but Jiang Fei has not gone. He is not familiar with these people and has no common language. It’s better to go back to Jishitang and accompany his wife earlier.

Bai Ruoxi has gone to the company to report today, and has done almost all the formalities. Tomorrow, he and Bai Ruoxi will go to find the house together.

Thinking of this problem, Jiang Fei sighed again, and felt that his money was not enough, which was far worse than the protagonist in the novel.

The protagonist in other people’s novels, who is not worth millions of dollars, let alone for his girlfriend, even for a little concubine, is directly sent to a villa.

And now, he has a million bank cards, which is rich compared with ordinary people.

But in the capital city of land and money, the house price is often a few square meters, what can he buy with this money?

Therefore, it’s not allowed now. It’s definitely not allowed for the time being to buy houses in the emperor. He’d better rent a better apartment for Bai Ruoxi.

“But a million dollars is not enough for a house. It’s OK to buy a car for my daughter-in-law.” Jiang Fei felt his chin and thought in his heart.

For women, Jiang Fei has never been stingy. As long as we can, we can do it as much as we can.

As a reporter, Bai Ruoxi always uses the newspaper’s car for his work. However, it is always convenient to have his own car.

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