The Almighty Martial Arts System 195

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It was Cui Xiuping who sent Jiang Fei back to Jishitang.

After today’s three contests, Cui Xiuping is totally convinced of Jiang Fei. He is no longer proud of him and dare not look at him again.

Cui Xiuping, like his grandfather, has a lot of feelings for traditional Chinese medicine and wants to carry it forward. He has ideals and aspirations. He has admiration for doctors with excellent skills and high medical ethics.

Now in front of Jiang Fei, he can’t be proud.

It’s like the Monkey King, who was crushed by the Buddha of Rulai under the Wuzhishan Mountain. He knows that he is not as skilled as a human being. Compared with Jiang Fei, his medical skills are much worse. Therefore, in the face of a doctor who is more powerful than himself, he will no longer be hostile.

“Jiang Fei, will you participate in the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine in half a month?”

In the car, Cui Xiuping was driving in front of him. He asked Jiang Fei, who was sitting comfortably in the back, a little uneasy.

He had always been confident before, always felt that he should shoulder the responsibility of recovering traditional Chinese medicine, and he should play the leading role in the exchange of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

But now that he had Jiang Fei, he felt that he should step back and give Jiang Fei the main responsibility to fight against them. It would be good for him to be a companion.

It’s not that he didn’t dare to take the responsibility and ran away. It’s the fact that he needs to make the right choice.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

His ability is not as great as Jiang Fei’s, so naturally he can’t do it on his own and assume more responsibilities. Otherwise, it would be to fight with a swollen face to make a fat man, and suffer from death.

Moreover, in order to consider the future development of traditional Chinese medicine, without any accidents, he also felt that Jiang Fei must be the main force, so as to be more sure to block the aggressive Western medicine.

Listen to Cui Xiuping, the old proud and charming robed man, with some nervous voice. Jiang Fei was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “of course I will. Since I promised your grandpa, I won’t go back. Although I didn’t join your Chinese medicine society. However, I am also a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and a part of it. It also opened a Chinese medicine hospital. Since I have to rely on traditional Chinese medicine to earn money, I have to offer my share when it is threatened. “

Jiang Fei’s words are plain and common, and his tone is not so impassioned, but Cui Xiuping is particularly excited. Hurriedly nodded: “that’s good! The exchange meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine will be held in half a month. Are you staying in the capital in half a month? “

Jiang Fei shook his head and said, “No. I stayed in the capital for two days, helped my girlfriend rent a house and settled down. I’m going back to Jincheng. I have a lot of things to deal with in Jincheng. After half a month, the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine will begin. I will go back to the capital. “

He really needs to go back to Jincheng.

In the two days when he came to Beijing, he saw how Xiang Cui’s family of traditional Chinese medicine made a fortune and made a fortune by using traditional Chinese medicine. Jiang Fei can’t wait to go back to discuss with Lin Moli how to implement these methods and build a prototype of the future “medical Empire”.

The sooner the matter is put on the agenda, the better.

And yesterday he received a phone call from old man Ji. His eldest son, Dunzhu, had returned to Jincheng from the plateau and brought him an eagle. He asked Jiang Fei when to get it. Jiang Fei has to make time to go back.

He can’t ask others to sign for the eagle. This is an adult eagle. It hasn’t been tamed yet. You have to go back to tame it.

As for old man Ji’s illness. After Jiang Fei’s acupuncture for a period of time, it’s no longer a big problem. On weekdays, several doctors in Jiang’s medical center can take the place of him for diagnosis and treatment. Take the prescription Jiang Fei prescribed for him again. It won’t take long to recover.

But Jiang Fei also thought of a very important question. Now his medical skill level is 7, and his proficiency is 96%. Even if each level is upgraded to the final level, the difficulty will be multiplied, and it is more and more difficult to upgrade. But in half a month, how can his medical skills be upgraded?

At that time, the medical skill will definitely be improved again. Maybe the last few stitches of the eight methods of Shenzhen will fully understood!

thus. I’m afraid Jiang Fei’s medical skills can really reach the top level in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, which can be called a lonely expert. I’m afraid it’s old Cui. Jiang Fei didn’t think he would be worse than him.

Half a month later, Jiang Fei’s confidence will be even greater if he attends the conference on the exchange of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Plus there is systematic help. No matter what means and intrigues western medicine faces, he can smash with absolute strength, win a big victory and fight for one breath for Chinese medicine.

“Well, if you have something to do, I won’t keep you if you want to go back to Jincheng. But if your girlfriend wants to rent a house in the capital, I should be able to help. ” Cui Xiuping said warmly.

This kind of situation is hard to imagine yesterday.

At that time, Cui Xiuping had to be polite to Jiang Fei because of his grandfather’s order, but he would never ask for help from his heart.

Although Jiang Fei felt a little uneasy about this guy’s enthusiasm, he still thought that it would be easier to ask him to help him when he thought of his identity as a little boss of Jishitang.

The Cui family, as a family of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, is based in the capital city. The dignitaries who have received their family’s favor over the years don’t know how many. If you want him to help you with something, you may be able to do it in minutes.

“Then thank you.” Jiang Fei nodded with a smile.

“I remember your girlfriend working in the newspaper, right? Their headquarters I remember is in the North Third Ring Road, do not know what kind of accommodation you want to rent, villa or apartment? Siheyuan is also a success. It should be accessible. ” Cui Xiuping asked.

Hearing this, Jiang Fei was immediately led by the second generation of the rich No, it’s the idea of the rich generation that defeats.

Even if you rent a villa, this guy wants to rent a courtyard directly!

It’s no wonder that there are not many quadrangles in the capital now. The regular quadrangles are not less than 300 square meters in general, and the price is over 100 million yuan. Even in the Third Ring Road, an irregular courtyard is not a small courtyard of a quadrangle. I’m afraid it can also be counted as tens of millions!

It’s an astronomical number to buy such a quadrangle. Even if it’s rented, it’s not cheap! It’s definitely much higher than the average villa.

Jiang Fei coughed and said, “a single apartment with better property and living environment is fine. Not so much. “

Cui Xiuping saw that Jiang Fei was worried about the price, so he quickly said, “you don’t have to worry about the price. Even if you want to rent a quadrangle, I can guarantee you a very low price. Not even rent. “

No rent?

This Cui family’s little host’s energy is not ordinary!

Jiang Fei heard that he was really moved, but finally he shook his head and said, “don’t bother. It’s just a single apartment. My girlfriend lives alone. The villa and the courtyard house are too big but not good. “

Bai Ruoxi is not really a woman who likes luxury and money worship too much. Her daily life is very delicate. She’s not used to living alone in a villa or a courtyard. Jiang Fei knows her very well.

Otherwise, she would not choose the career of reporter, which is hard-working but not very high income. With her ability to do other work, she will surely achieve great success.

When I returned to Jishitang, the sun had not set yet, and Bai Ruoxi had returned from the company. Sitting in the backyard of Jishitang, reading and drinking tea. It’s not easy to have such a courtyard in this noisy capital.

Cui Xiuping was very knowledgeable and did not act as a light bulb.

Jiang Fei went to the side and took a sip of Bai Ruoxi’s tea cup and looked at the strange flowers and plants in the courtyard.

Bai Ruoxi closed his book and asked with a smile, “what about today’s meeting? What are they asking you to do? “

“To save traditional Chinese medicine!” Jiang Fei replied.

“Really?” Bai Ruoxi opened his eyes wide and was surprised.

If she had, she would have thought Jiang Fei was joking and boasting. But this time back, she saw too many changes in Jiang Fei. Not so good as words. The top Chinese medicine organization in the country specially wrote an invitation to Jiang Fei to come to the capital in order to save traditional Chinese medicine. It’s not impossible.

“Yes. Today, they came to see if I had any real ability. As a result, you were too good at me and shocked them all. So one by one I solemnly invited me to represent Chinese medicine half a month later To participate in the Chinese-Western Medical Exchange Conference. Didn’t you see that the robe man Cui Xiuping sent me back just now? His attitude has changed a lot from yesterday? ” Jiang Fei said with a smug smile.

Bai Ruoxi grasped the most important part and asked, “do you want to attend the exchange meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in half a month? Will you stay in the capital”

Before Bai Ruoxi, she would not be so sticky to Jiang Fei, which can be seen from her determination to work abroad. But this time back home. Found many beautiful women around Jiang Fei, Bai Ruoxi suddenly felt a lot less secure. I think I should be a normal woman.

“Um. But I have to go back to Jincheng to deal with some issues. The exchange meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine won’t come back until the beginning. ” Jiang Fei said. Of course, he recognized the implication of Bai Ruoxi’s words. He wanted to stay in the capital for half a month, but he had to go back.

Hearing this, Bai Ruoxi gave Jiang Fei a disappointed look.

Jiang Fei smiled and bent down to pick up Bai Ruoxi and let her sit on him. Bai Ruoxi is not used to resisting: “what are you doing? Let me go. Someone wants to see it. “

Jiang Fei liked the coquettish and panic appearance of the strong female monitor who dared not be convinced in the class at the beginning. He kissed her on her bright pink lips and didn’t care about the way she said: “what happened when others saw? We don’t have to worry about renting the house tomorrow. Cui Xiuping said he would take care of it. He helped solve it. Shall we buy you a car tomorrow? It’s more convenient to have a car for you to go to and from work. “

“Buying a car? No need? ” Bai Ruoxi frowned. She can’t get rid of it, and she can only sit in Jiang Fei’s arms blushing  like a little girl, trying to keep Jiang Fei’s big hands from touching her.

“Why not?” Jiang Fei’s fingers twined with Bai Ruoxi’s long, soft hair, smelled the good smell of her body, and said with a smile: “My wife is so beautiful. She usually goes to work by bus or by subway. Isn’t it too cheap? And I’m not sure. What if I meet a  tram idiot or something? “

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