The Almighty Martial Arts System 196

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Bai Ruoxi didn’t want to buy a car, because Cui Xiuping’s apartment was not far from the headquarters of the newspaper office. Even if he didn’t take a car, it would only take him about ten minutes to walk.

And the traffic jam in the capital is well known all over the country. Sometimes it’s faster to drive than to take the bus or squeeze the subway.

However, Jiang Fei made a decision. She couldn’t change it. In the end, Jiang Fei had to pull her to the 4S store to choose a car.

Bai Ruoxi has always had a strong character. He has his own opinions on many things and won’t be influenced by others. But since she was “subdued” by Jiang Fei, she was really suppressed by Jiang Fei.

When choosing a car, Bai Ruoxi and Jiang Fei have another dispute over the price of the car.

Bai Ruoxi’s idea is to buy a car of about 100,000 yuan. It doesn’t need to be too expensive. Fox, Pentium and Chery are all right.

Jiang Fei naturally disagreed. Although he is not so rich now, he can’t afford to buy a car for Bai Ruoxi for about 100,000 yuan. But Bai Ruoxi really doesn’t like to be too ostentatious. Jiang Fei also wants her as a reporter. If she drives a Mercedes Benz and BMW, a luxury car in the sense of mass, to work, it will be dazzling. Therefore, we chose a Volvo XC60 with more than 300,000 yuan.

The price of this car is slightly higher than that of Jiang Fei’s Jeep guide in Jincheng. The driving experience won’t be too bad, the car logo won’t be publicized, the average person can’t see the price, it’s relatively low-key.

When he bought the car, Jiang Fei took Cui Xiuping with him. It’s not that Jishitang’s little boss helps pay the bill, but that with him, many procedures will be convenient. There is no need to wait. There is no need to worry about the license plate. When Jiang Fei pays, Bai Ruoxi can pick up the car and walk away.

He bought a car this morning. In the afternoon, Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi went to rent a house together.

According to Cui Xiuping, this apartment was originally rented to white-collar workers working nearby. All kinds of household appliances and bed sheets and quilt covers are complete in the apartment. After paying the rent, you can check in directly without any trouble.

Cui Xiuping is usually a little fussy. But it was reliable. As soon as he entered the community, Jiang Fei was very satisfied with the environment and the security forces of the community. Even in Beijing, this area is definitely a high-level one.

“The rent in this community should not be less, right? 1,500 won’t come down in a month. ” Bai Ruoxi looks at the exquisite decoration, the collocation full of style, and the furniture in the living room that is not cheap at first sight.

Even though the area of this apartment is very small, it has only one room, one kitchen, one living room and one bathroom. It is a standard single apartment. But if you want to rent a place like this, you can’t get 1,500 in a month.

In Beijing, where the house price has broken through the sky, ordinary white-collar workers are not qualified to rent at all. Only gold collar workers can live in such a place.

Jiang Fei also knew that Cui Xiuping had subtracted a lot from the monthly rent. He felt his nose and said helplessly: “this guy was not prepared to collect money at the beginning. The rent of six thousand in this half year was agreed by me only when I forced him to pay it. But we don’t have to feel guilty. You know how rich the Cui family is. Jishitang is like a commercial empire. They really don’t pay attention to this small amount of money. It’s nothing! difficult to refuse such kindness. Let’s just grudgingly accept this guy’s kindness. “

Bai Ruoxi nodded.

As Cui Xiuping, He really don’t care about this money. They lived in Jishitang all day yesterday. It’s very clear about Jishitang’s degree of local pride. Just a pot of plants in the courtyard is enough for a person to eat, drink and have fun all his life!

After visiting the room from head to toe, Bai Ruoxi said, “you don’t need to buy kitchen utensils. But the sheets on the bed look very clean, but I think I’d better buy a new pair of toiletries together later. “

“No problem.” Jiang Fei agreed.

In this respect, the two of them have something in common, that is, they both have some slight habits of cleanliness. Especially on bed utensils, I’m not used to using things that others have used.

So They started to go shopping with their cars, and not only bought three sets of bedding and all kinds of daily necessities. By the way, I also bought a lot of ingredients in the market area of the shopping mall.

Jiang Fei will leave the capital fair and Jincheng tomorrow. This evening, Jiang Fei is going to make a rich meal and treat Bai Ruoxi well.

Put the unfinished dishes in the fridge tonight, Jiang Fei joked: “I’m afraid that these ingredients will really move in your daily life? Even if you are not busy at work, I don’t think you can cook by yourself. Don’t wait until I am half a month later in Beijing, the ingredients in this refrigerator are still intact. “

Bai Ruoxi is a little embarrassed when she hears the words. She gives Jiang Fei a look.

Generally speaking, men and women get along with each other, and the kitchen is a battlefield for women. However, Bai Ruoxi, who has outstanding abilities in all aspects, has no talent in cooking. Now she is only good at making egg fried rice and the bottom, and the taste is not very good, many times she does not want to eat a few bites.

As for stir fried dishes, Bai Ruoxi doesn’t want to think about meat dishes. It’s a question whether they can be cooked or not. And stir fried vegetable, the simplest tomato fried egg, potato silk, she will often make some wonderful taste.

So before Jiang Fei didn’t have the character’s possession, the cooking skills were not very good, but when they got along, Jiang Fei also occupied the kitchen.

“After eating the food you cooked these days, if you are not by my side, I will be a little reluctant.” Bai Ruoxi frowned and sighed.

Jiang Fei’s master level cooking skill is indeed too tempting and confusing. Once eaten, it will make people dependent. It’s almost toxic.

Bai Ruoxi hugs Jiang Fei’s waist from behind, sticks his cheek to Jiang Fei’s back, mumbles hopefully, “otherwise, you will stay in the capital for half a month?”

Jiang Fei has some heart defects. He knows that Bai Ruoxi is reluctant to leave the capital. At the same time, he is worried about his return to Jincheng.

Although Bai Ruoxi didn’t say anything or show anything these days, or even show Jiang Fei any face, Jiang Fei still knew that there was something in her heart.

“There is something to do in Jincheng this time. I’ll come back to Beijing in half a month. I’ll be with you for a long time. ” Jiang Fei gently broke off Bai Ruoxi’s hands, turned around and held her delicate body in his arms. I kissed Bai Ruoxi on the forehead, then put my chin on Bai Ruoxi’s head.

Bai Ruoxi buried his cheek in Jiang Fei’s neck and said “Hmmm” softly.

At night. Jiang Fei tried his best to put on a more wonderful food movie in the kitchen of this single apartment than “China on the tip of the tongue”. Under his hype, the pots and pans made a very pleasant sound, making a more delicious and rich table dish than that of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, and comforted Bai Ruoxi, who was a little resentful.

Jiang Fei also bought a bottle of red wine when they went shopping in the afternoon.

Half an hour later, the table full of delicacies became a mess.

Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi both burst out with amazing fighting power.

Then, nature is full of food and drink, thinking, lust and lust. A couple who are about to be separated are naturally in full swing, with intense emotions. The battle was raging.

In this small, still unfamiliar single apartment, Jiang Fei once again showed 18 kinds of martial arts, mercilessly ‘compensating’ Bai Ruoxi. And Bai Ruoxi seems to hold back a strong force this time, and the momentum is crazy. Even if Jiang Fei is a refined steel that is quickly tempered, she will also use her full of tenderness to turn it into a flexible one!

However, Jiang Fei was so fierce that she even took out the props to defeat the enemy. The buffs were all open

After passion. Even Jiang Fei, who has a physique of 2.6, can’t support himself at this time. He is exhausted and lies on the big bed. And Bai Ruoxi in his arms, at this time, turned into a ball of soft mud. I’m so tired that I don’t want to move a toe.

Jiang Fei’s big hand is still caressing Bai Ruoxi’s greasy jade like back, watching his love, interest, interior, clothes destroyed by his violence beside the bed, as well as the black stockings still hanging on Bai Ruoxi’s long sitting legs. Jiang Fei says with a smile: “My wife, when did you buy these props? You didn’t seem to have these when you were in Jincheng, did you? “

Bai Ruoxi could not help being shy at this time. She murmured, “I went to the company to go through formalities yesterday and went to the underwear shop to buy it…”

Although Jiang Fei was so comfortable that he didn’t want to move at this time, he still had some ideas on his mouth, criticizing: “when you buy this kind of thing in the future, you should remember to report the case first. Customers are God. You have to ask God what kind of style he likes, right

Bai Ruoxi raised a flushed cheek. White Jiang Fei one eye, ask: “just now you are not satisfied?”

“Satisfaction is satisfaction. But… ” Jiang Fei paused with a smile and lowered his head to Bai Ruoxi’s ear. “But next time, we can’t only focus on the inside, but also decorate the outside! It’s the king’s way to give consideration to both inside and outside! “

Bai Ruoxi did not understand and asked, “what is the exterior?”

Jiang Fei’s face was radiant with laughter. He seemed to think of some wonderful scenes. After a while, he said, “for example, police uniform, stewardess uniform, leather clothes and so on, you can…”

“Bad guy! I’ll buy it for you! “


The next day, Bai Ruoxi was going to work. She wanted to take a half day off and drive Jiang to the airport. But Cui Xiuping, who knew Jiang Fei was leaving, came to pick him up early in the morning and sent him something by the way.

So Bai Ruoxi didn’t send Jiang Fei to Cui Xiuping.

“What’s for me?” Jiang Fei asked after getting on Cui Xiuping’s car.

Before Jiang Fei could see what it was, he suddenly heard a “Ding Dong” in his head, and then a line of words came into his mind:

“To start the task of” saving traditional Chinese medicine “, do you accept it?”

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