The Almighty Martial Arts System 197

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Jiang Fei was stunned by the sudden scene, and didn’t know what happened.

System tasks?

He has been attached to the game characters for so long, but never before has such a thing happened. How can a task of “saving traditional Chinese medicine” suddenly emerge today?

Can real life, like playing games in the game, receive various tasks?

It’s too weird!

“What’s the matter?” Cui Xiuping looked at Jiang Fei, who was stunned when he took over something. His face was a little nervous, and he said, “what’s the problem? Are you going to change your mind? “

Jiang Fei returned to his senses, shook his head, opened the second invitation he received, and said, “what’s the change? Invitation.”. Dear Mr. Jiang Fei, the society of traditional Chinese medicine will meet the western medicine exchange group in the capital on July 30 for a competition. This competition is related to the future development of traditional Chinese medicine and the honor of all traditional Chinese medicine! On behalf of all colleagues of the Chinese medicine society, I hereby invite you to participate. Thank you! Kong Yun, Yan Xiping and Yu Ruzhi present it! “

Jiang Fei responded and knew why the system suddenly gave him such a task. Is it because of this invitation?

But no, when he was in Jincheng, he was also invited by Cui Xiuping to participate in the seminar of Chinese medicine society. Why didn’t he receive any systematic tasks?

What’s more, it seems too much to say that this task is “saving traditional Chinese medicine”?

Did the exchange fail, and traditional Chinese medicine will disappear from the earth? At best, it’s just a hit, and it’s going to be even less.

Is it more accurate to say that this task is to “promote traditional Chinese medicine”?

Jiang Fei frowned. He was puzzled. He did not understand the specific conditions for the system to release tasks.

“Is it a hidden task or something? You need special conditions to trigger it? “

This problem is understood for the time being. So let’s put this problem aside. Jiang Fei has put out the system interface in his mind, and that line is still there.

No hesitation.

Click accept!

Jiang Fei will naturally accept the task. Not to mention that he agreed yesterday in front of the crowd. My own meeting will take part in the exchange meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine half a month later, and will represent traditional Chinese medicine in the war.

And. People who have played the game know that if the system releases any hidden tasks, there will be very good rewards, rarely for the purpose of cheating, so we must follow.

Jiang Fei now has the character system. He can’t fight monsters to upgrade. He doesn’t have too many gold coins. He can get such a hidden task. Of course, he will accept it without hesitation!

He wished that the more tasks he had, the better he could do them at any time! Then he won’t have to worry about experience and gold coins.

“Bite! Congratulations to the player on the mission “Save Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Then, under this line, it is marked to explain how the task should be completed and what the completion standard is. And – what rewards will be given after completing the task!

Seeing this, Jiang Fei’s face was immediately shocked. He opened his eyes and mouth wide and could not close his mouth for a long time!

“It’s just It’s pie in the sky! ” Jiang Fei shouted in his heart, feeling that he had really gone to the dogs.

I didn’t expect to come to the capital at will, participate in the seminar of Chinese medicine society at will, and get the first prize at will. Casually accepted the invitation from the society of traditional Chinese medicine.

And then————

The system gave him “casually” once and released a task!

The goal of this mission is very clear. It is to ask Jiang Fei to attend the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine half a month later. Win the western medicine opponent completely, lay down the opponent completely, win with absolute advantage, and then the task is completed.

This is expected.

What makes Jiang Fei most incredible is that the reward given by the system is to present a secret book of “Nine Swords of Dugu” after completing the task. (this script is a system gift, no character level requirement is required!)

Jiang Fei is numb!



I don’t know what words to use to express my mood!

Dugu Jiujian! This is one of the most powerful sword techniques in Jiang Fei’s eyes. It’s a classic sword technique created by the sword devil who seeks defeat alone. All of the swords that I have learned are top masters. This sword technique is absolutely incomparable in power.

When Jiang Fei opened the store system, he also saw the exchange requirements of this sword technique. You have to spend 280,000 gold coins to get it after you reach level 40!

This time the system rewarded him directly with this secret script. Moreover, you can learn without any level requirements, which is to open a giant plug-in for him!

How much is 280,000 gold coins? According to one to five hundred, a total of 140 million yuan!

That is to say, Jiang’s medical center needs to earn 140 million yuan. The gold coins exchanged can let Jiang Fei buy the secret script of Dugu nine swords.

140 million yuan. After Jiang Fei’s development of the medical Empire, it may not be difficult to earn such money. Maybe it can be done in two or three years. But now Jiang Fei is absolutely unimaginable.

Besides, not only so many gold coins, but also the level of characters needs to be at level 40 of the Avenue!

Now, what is Jiang Fei’s rank? Level 4!

If it wasn’t for this additional condition of ignoring the level of characters, even if Jiang Fei redeemed this secret script, I’m afraid it would take decades for him to have a chance to learn it. Maybe he will be seventy-eight by then!

Now everything has changed. It only takes Jiang Fei half a month to get Dugu Jiujian. With this set of swordsmanship, Jiang Fei will definitely become Superman and the most powerful swordsman in the world!

A generation of great Xia was born.

What Eastern swordsmanship expert, what European fencing method, Jiang Fei’s one move sweeping, fighting the invincible hand in the world!

In the legend, there are no moves to win. Who can compare?

“What happened to the system this time? So nice to me! ” Happiness came so suddenly that it was almost unreal. Jiang Fei suspected that he was still dreaming.

This mission is not so difficult, and Jiang Fei is ready to accept it in the morning. Why did the system suddenly give him so much benefits?

“Can it be said that this task is not as simple as I thought it would be difficult?” Jiang Fei couldn’t help but think of it in his heart.

But Jiang fei thought about it carefully and didn’t think it would be difficult. He has a medical skill level of 7. But after half a month, it will reach level 8.

At that time, his level 8 medical skills will go to the Sino Western medical exchange. Could anyone else be his opponent? With systematic help, Jiang Fei felt that even old Cui, a great doctor, could not beat him!

When Jiang Fei was caught in a big surprise, Cui Xiuping was so scared that he didn’t know what happened, and what kind of moth Jiang Fei was going to make.

Jiang Fei read this invitation, immediately fell into a state of silence, the expression on his face is even more unpredictable. A frown, a surprise, a surprise, the nature of change, it can be called a face changing master!

“What happened last night that made Jiang Fei suddenly don’t want to attend the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine half a month later?” Cui Xiuping can’t help but live in his mind.

When Jiang Fei got the invitation, he became like this. Cui Xiuping didn’t think much about it.

If that’s the case, it’s not good!

If it’s OK without Jiang Fei, Cui Xiuping can do it by himself, and he’s confident. I feel that I can take on a great role. But now that he has seen Jiang Fei’s medical skills, Cui Xiuping has learned what it means to be extraterrestrial and extraterrestrial. He has become much more modest and cautious. Jiang Fei severely frustrated his indomitable spirit, and could not be as proud as before.

Now if Jiang Fei doesn’t make it, Cui Xiuping will bear enormous pressure. He can’t even say that he dare to play!

Stop at the side of the road. Cui Xiuping looks back at Jiang Fei and asks, “Jiang Fei, do you really decide to change your mind? Do you have any requirements and dissatisfaction with the Chinese medicine society? You can just mention it. I will tell my grandfather and the three sect leaders. I’ll try to satisfy you! “

“Er…” Jiang Fei has come back from his reverie.

Again and again, make sure that your task system is not wrong, and the rewards under the task are not wrong. It’s true. Jiang Fei, in a good mood, can’t help but reach out and pat Cui Xiuping on the shoulder. “Half a month later, I have to attend the exchange meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine! Whoever doesn’t want me to join is my enemy! Besides, I have to win when I join! No matter how fierce or scheming the foreign devils are, I, Jiang Fei, will let them know that the cultural crystallization of thousands of years of Chinese culture will never fall behind. Even if in some ways, it can not compare with western medicine, but in many ways, it is still far more than them! “

The heroic words Jiang Fei suddenly uttered stunned Cui Xiuping, who was still terrified just now.

For him, this matter is also a twists and turns, happiness comes too suddenly!

“You said Are they all true? ” Cui Xiuping asked.

Jiang Fei nodded and said, “it’s more true than real gold and silver!”

“Then your expression just now What’s going on? ” Cui Xiuping doubts.

Jiang Fei laughed and said, “that’s when I let Buddha see that western medicine was defeated by us. It’s like when I rolled back to the West in a mess, so I was very happy.”

“All right.” Cui Xiuping didn’t ask again. He thought that you were not smiling happily just now. It was just like a madman!

However, it doesn’t matter. As long as Jiang Fei can participate in the exchange meeting, it will be better!

All the way speechless, Cui Xiuping sent the invitation task is completed. Jiang Fei was sent to the airport. After watching the plane go straight into the blue sky, he turned around and left

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