The Almighty Martial Arts System 198

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It was already midsummer, the temperature of the northern capital city has made people dizzy, and the temperature of the southern Jincheng city is also not too low. The whole geography is like a big stove, which makes people want to hide in the air-conditioned room all the time.

It was noon when Jiang Fei got off the plane, when the sun was hot in the day. Just as Jiang Fei was thinking about going to take a taxi, he suddenly saw a slim girl in sunglasses with long black hair flowing towards him.

“Didn’t it say it wasn’t for me?” Jiang Fei was moved to see Lin Moli.

Yesterday, when the two texted with each other, Lin Moli asked when he would return to Jincheng. Jiang Fei said that it was the flight ticket for this noon, but she didn’t have to pick up the plane. He would take a taxi to get back. As a result, Lin Molly came to the airport.

After Bai Ruoxi came back from abroad, Jiang Fei and Lin Moli spent less time together, but they never evaded. Lin Molly, who likes to face up to the problems, also changed her style this time. This time, she chose to take the initiative to avoid, without any confrontation with Bai Ruoxi!

This relieved Jiang Fei, who was worried that the two women would directly perform the plot of beauties and staged the torture war. At the same time, he naturally felt guilty about Lin Moli.

Bai Ruoxi didn’t wear a professional suit today. She wore a White Chiffon Lace up collar loose sleeve top, black chiffon yarn polka dot skirt, and a pair of golden boat shoes. The overall look was elegant and feminine. It was not so strong and a little more gentle. Walk between the style, just like a beautiful scenery in summer, give people a cold wind, full of turnover.

Bai Ruoxi did not speak, but looked up and down at Jiang Fei, surprised and said, “you have no luggage?”

“No, it’s all in the capital.” Jiang Fei hit haha and told a lie.

In fact, he came back with a backpack. However, he threw it into the storage space of the system when others didn’t pay attention.

The volume of the system is about one cubic meter, although it is not large. But it’s convenient to put some luggage, silver needles, necessary medicine and so on.

Lin Moli naturally took Jiang Fei’s arm. They went to the parking lot outside the airport together. Like Bai Ruoxi, she immediately grasped the most important thing when she heard Jiang Fei’s answer and asked, “will you go to the capital again soon?”

Jiang Fei touched his nose and could only honestly admit, “in half a month, I have to go to the capital to do something.”

When Lin Moli heard the words, her tone suddenly changed. She was full of jealousy and said: “why, after half a year’s separation, I really miss you so much, which gives you a full week. Like paint and glue, I haven’t felt tired yet. I have to meet you in the capital half a month later? “

Jiang Fei’s eyes were a little cramped and explained, “it’s not what you think. Half a month later, I went to the capital because of the Chinese Medicine Association. I’ve talked to you about this organization before, haven’t I? Qin Zhengming, Professor of traditional Chinese medicine in the second hospital where we used to work, is known as the top organization of traditional Chinese medicine in China. It’s very important that they invite me to participate in the Chinese-Western Medicine Exchange Conference in half a month. “

For Chinese medicine society, Lin Moli knows more than Bai Ruoxi. After all, Lin Moli used to work in the hospital, and now she is the main person in charge of Jiang’s medical center. She pays attention to the affairs of the medical industry every day.

So I heard Jiang Fei say that. Lin Molly was also reluctant to be jealous. She was surprised and said, “are you invited to the Chinese-Western Medicine Exchange Conference? Today’s “traditional Chinese medicine” newspaper, only a special report on this matter. It’s a big medical event. But what are you doing? “

“It’s all reported?” Jiang Fei was also a little surprised, and his attitude towards this matter was a little more serious.

If at first he promised to participate in the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine, he was still in the responsibility of a traditional Chinese medicine, but there was no restriction, just do his best. But now after receiving the system task, especially seeing the secret script of Dugu nine swords in the task reward, Jiang Fei has to finish the task at all costs!

And. Jiang Fei always felt that the task was strange and that there was something fishy in it. It’s just that he hasn’t found out yet.

Otherwise, the system can not give such a huge reward for no reason. It must be that there are some unusual difficulties in this task, which are not so easy to accomplish.

“On the surface, the exchange meeting of Chinese and Western medicine is far from simple and harmonious. If it is more appropriate, it should be a competition between Chinese and Western medicine, which is more accurate. This exchange meeting is a contest between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to see who is more powerful and who should take the leading position. If this time TCM fails in the process of competition, then the situation of TCM will be even worse in the future. ” Jiang Fei explained.

Lin Moli finally showed a smile on her face and said, “so, TCM has no confidence in itself and wants to ask you to be a foreign aid?”

Jiang Fei nodded and smiled: “yes. Who told me that my medical skill is too powerful and my name is too famous. In addition, when I went to the capital this time, I missed a couple of hands. Several major principals of the Chinese Medicine Society regarded me as a savior one by one. Please join the exchange meeting half a month later. “

This is indeed a matter of great honor.

A doctor can do this and make the highest organization in the field of traditional Chinese medicine ask for help from you, which is absolutely something that ordinary doctors dare not think about.

This honor is equivalent to that the actor gets the best actor of Oscar and the writer gets the Nobel Prize for literature!

They went to the parking lot and got on the car. Lin Moli didn’t let Jiang Fei, who had just got off the plane, drive. She still got the driving position. After starting the car, she said, “you didn’t embarrass them when you attended the seminar of the Chinese medicine society this time?”

She is very clear that Jiang Fei and several members of the Chinese medicine society have had conflicts, so she knows Jiang Fei’s impression of the Chinese medicine society is not good. At the same time, she also knew that Jiang Fei had some revenge, and would not forgive a person too easily.

Jiang Fei is speechless. This woman is really a roundworm in his stomach. She knows him well.

“Their attitude is pretty good, especially the ghost sect master Cui, who showed me enough respect at the beginning, so I didn’t mean to make trouble. When I went there, I met the old Yu Qingsong from Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine. I’m not polite to him… “

Jiang Fei roughly told Lin Moli about what happened at the Chinese medicine conference, including the “Millennium school” and the family of Chinese medicine. Lin Moli is driving. I listened with interest on one side.

After entering Jiang Fei’s Medical Center, his future plan has been finalized, and It is basically impossible to change to another one. So he will develop in the field of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, and will be interested in some secrets of the senior level of traditional Chinese medicine. Learn more.

It took about half an hour to rent a house from the airport to Jiang Fei’s urban area. Jiang Fei also gave a general account of what happened in the capital these two days.

Now Lin Molu lives either in the villa of Daocun or in Jiang Fei’s rental house. It’s impossible to go back to her own house. Because she’s now — ‘homeless’!

The house she used to live in, which her parents bought for her, was ready to make her a dowry. But later, when Jiang Fei said that he would open a medical center, Lin Moli decided to become a shareholder. In fact, the more than one million yuan she took out was not her savings, but she sold the house and took the money into shares!

Jiang Fei didn’t know it at that time. He thought that Lin Moli was actually the second generation of the rich woman, and her family was rich. Later, Jiang Fei once said to go back to her home and have a look. As a result, the woman couldn’t hold her back, so she told Jiang Fei the truth.

Jiang Fei was speechless after listening, and his mind was very complicated. This woman spelled so hard. Unexpectedly, she sold the house as soon as he said he would, and made such a big decision in an instant.

Although now, Lin Moli’s decision is not bad. It’s easy to earn back the capital at the rate of making money of Jiang’s medical center. The two million yuan from ye Yuanyuan directly returned more than half of the capital.

However, when Jiang Fei put forward this proposal, Bai Ruoxi did not know how capable Jiang Fei was or whether his future was good or bad!

She just heard Jiang Fei’s suggestion, and she didn’t hesitate to sell the house to support Jiang Fei

Looking at Lin Moli’s perfect side face and her serious appearance when driving, Jiang Fei’s heart was stirred again. No matter how hard the heart will become soft.

Compared with what he did for this woman, this woman did too much for him.

The car slowly entered the community.

“I’m sorry…” Jiang Fei suddenly spoke. Said in a low voice.

Lin Moli, who paid close attention to the road ahead, heard these three words and her face was obviously stiff. Naturally, I understand what Jiang Fei means. However, the expression on her face did not stay for a long time, and soon pretended to be nothing. She gave Jiang Fei a white look and said softly, “I’m sorry for anything. I didn’t ask you to do anything. “

Yes, I’m sorry.

Love has no right or wrong, only willing or unwilling.

Two people because of love together, is it clear who took advantage of more, who suffered more?

As long as Lin Moli moves her heart and decides to love, she will be happy even if she has many difficulties and grievances. It’s like drinking water.

Love is like an invisible war. Lin Moli doesn’t want to win. She just wants to be together and get happiness.

Of course, no woman wants to be just one of the heroines around a man, just like a man always likes to occupy a woman alone.

But what’s the way?

That’s the fate. She knew Jiang Fei later than Bai Ruoxi. Even if Bai Ruoxi later gave her a chance to take advantage of it, she eventually became the one who deserved the loss.

Lin Moli didn’t get off the car, but leaned on Jiang Fei’s shoulder and sighed softly: “the road is my choice. I have no regrets. It used to be and still is. So, don’t blame yourself, or I’ll be hurt. “

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