The Almighty Martial Arts System 199

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Jincheng Shuangliu Airport.

One plane landed, another took off, and there was endless rumbling noise, and the noise was transmitted to all directions of the airport.

What seems to have happened in Jincheng recently is not only the airport, but also the crossing station of the expressway. The police system issued the highest level of wanted notice, aiming at an old man with thin body, haggard face and long hair.

The wanted crime hasn’t been released, but there is a saying among some people that the old man is more serious than the murderer. His charge is treason!

Anyway, the recent Jincheng is in a state of martial law. All kinds of ways have been investigated very well.

However, this time, the airport is not an ordinary passenger plane, but a private plane. The origin of the plane is very complicated. First of all, it is a large-scale plane, which is not comparable to tens of millions of private planes of ordinary people. In particular, the orbit of the plane and the landing position of the airport are all official. So even the inspectors dare not inspect such a plane too strictly.

At this time, there are only three real distinguished passengers in the luxury cabin of the plane.

Jing Ran, Bai mangguo, and that little flower, Hua Handong.

“You are still smart. Now the private planes are on. It’s so much better than the waste that we’re stuck in the car stage. ” The beautiful young man with braided hair and beautiful face is looking at the plane with admiration.

Hua Handong smiled and said, “Just stop burying me, right? The prices of the cars in your warehouse, the price added up, is only higher or lower than that of my plane! To get your sports cars. It’s several times more difficult than getting my plane! “

Jing Ran smiled and stopped talking.

This is indeed the case. Now the private plane in China has long been seen strange things. Some big stars have their own exclusive planes, let alone the real rich?

As long as you have money. Now buying a plane is a matter of minutes. However, many of the sports cars in Jing Ran warehouse are limited edition worldwide, and there is no place to buy them with money. There’s even one. There won’t be more than three in China!

His sports cars, even if put in the so-called super run club, are absolutely second to none.

Bai Mangguo is in a happy mood, so she always smiles. She looks out of the window with a glass of wine and sees white clouds under her. The tall buildings on the ground are as big as fists, and her mood is more open.

Recently, her relationship with Jing Ran has been developing rapidly. Now Jing Ran has asked her to play in the capital together. Mangguo decides to seize the opportunity of this tour and make a thorough determination of their relationship!

Hua Handong glanced at Mangguo and said, “besides, it’s useless to have a private plane these days. If Mangguo didn’t help me today, I’m afraid that this plane is no different from a pile of scrap iron. It’s impossible to fly in the airport. “

“Which there is. I’ve helped a little. ” Mango is smiling.

In the last few days. She is also very familiar with Hua Handong, the “playboy”. Every time Hua Handong says something, it makes her feel very useful. Every time, it makes her feel happy, so they don’t know each other for a few days. But the relationship has been good.

Then mangguo frowned again and said, “but I don’t know what happened recently. Yuan Yuan has always been mysterious, even she would not tell. Let the plane take off today. I asked her for a long time and made a lot of promises. In the end, all the people on the plane had to be checked once before she agreed. “

Jing Ran held his glass and frowned. “It seems that something very important happened to Ye’s family. It’s about general Ye. But I don’t know what it is. “

Hua Handong lowers his head to drink and doesn’t speak. He has an inexplicable look in his eyes.

The plane flew from Jincheng to Beijing and landed safely.

The three left by car. After three people left, Jing Ran and Mangguo didn’t know. Two people who didn’t belong to the crew came down from the private plane.

One is Tian Fei, a simple man full of explosive muscles. The other is a middle-aged man in a suit and suit, short stature and dark hair.

When they left the airport, they also had a car to pick them up.

When he got on the car, the short middle-aged man could not help taking off his uncomfortable suit and revealing an old one inside; the dark and thick hair on his head was also pulled down by him, revealing the original face of the inside — the long hair with sparse white color; and then he wiped off some potions on his face.

After such a simple image transformation, the middle-aged people will completely change.

Even he is no longer a middle-aged man, but an old man.

Poison king, old wizard!

“What is it worth spending so much energy on the capital?” The old wizard looked at the big man Tian Fei discontentedly and asked.

“Old man Wu, you still look much better in this way.” Tian Fei said with a simple and honest smile: “I don’t know what is the matter. However, I know that you are not very cold to the Chinese medicine society? Especially there are some old Chinese medicine men, you hate them deeply. Then this time, you can take advantage of this opportunity to give them a hard blow and make them half dead! “

The old man, who was not very happy at first, smelt the words, looked at the car immediately, and said in surprise, “finally, I will learn how to deal with this traditional Chinese medicine? How? “

Tian Fei shook his head and said, “I don’t know. But let’s wait. Since we have all come to the capital, we can’t wait too long. You can develop your poison well! “

Old man Wu nodded and smiled, revealing his incomplete teeth. His voice seeped: “I haven’t dealt with them for many years. I’ll see if they can crack my poison! “


Jiang Fei and Lin Moli go back to the rental house and have lunch. Jiang Fei envisions the future development of Jiang’s medical center. Learning from Cui family’s development mode of traditional Chinese medicine family, I told her together.

Lin Moli is a smart woman with great talent in business. Although she did not visit Jishitang in Beijing, she listened to Jiang Fei’s narration. In my heart, I had a general idea and understood Jiang Fei’s meaning. Even some things Jiang Fei didn’t think of, she did.

“To build our Jiang’s Medical Center into a traditional Chinese medicine company is no longer just a medical center, but it is not a lot of trouble. Now the Chinese medicine society has asked for you. It’s easy for us to go through the formalities with the Ministry of health. ” Lin Moli frowned and commented.

“But we also have two biggest difficulties and problems. First of all, the most important point is that if you want to develop traditional Chinese medicine products, you must have a prescription, right? I didn’t know you were a good doctor. Can we also make a powerful prescription? ” Asked Lin Moli, looking at Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei said confidently, “you don’t need to worry about this. I’ll take care of the prescription. When you need it, I promise to give you countless classic formulas. The medicine produced is absolutely superior to all kinds of medicines of Jishitang and Tongrentang! “

See Jiang Fei have confidence, Lin Moli also have confidence.

She now has complete trust in Jiang Fei, not only because of the relationship between the two, but also because of the ability that Jiang Fei has shown in different fields, which is indeed like omnipotence, which can’t be questioned.

Lin Moli nodded and thought, “the prescription problem can be solved. Production is certainly not a problem. Then the only remaining problems are sales channels and market awareness. You can’t help me with these two aspects. Please give them to me. I’ll do the planning right away. Go to the market and make an investigation and analysis, and let you know when it’s done. “

Jiang Fei smiled with satisfaction.

The decision to do business with Lin Moli is his most clear decision. With her in. A lot of things have become easy and simple, he can safely do the shake hands shopkeeper.

Lin Moli suddenly sighed again. Looking at Jiang Fei with a smile in his eyes, he said, “I wanted to wait for you to come back. Let you buy me a good car. Now it seems that there are many places to spend money. I’d better buy an ordinary car for the time being and make do with it! “

Hearing this, Jiang Fei felt his nose helplessly. Lin Moli already knew that yesterday he bought a car for Bai Ruoxi in the capital. Although she didn’t deliberately fight for anything, she didn’t regret it. But women jealous is their nature, even if most of the time can control their own, but in some cases, will sneak out unconsciously.

Just like now, Lin Moli thinks that if Jiang Fei bought a Volvo XC60 for Bai Ruoxi, she must also buy a car of the same price, or even more expensive.

Some things can’t be contested, but some things can still be contested.

Jiang Fei naturally can’t be stingy about this matter. He said: “I will accompany you to pick up the car later, right? Don’t worry, how much money we have now, you can spend all your budget on buying a car. It’s not too hard for me to earn money. I can earn it at any time after spending it. “

Lin Moli gave Jiang Fei a white look and said, “forget it. Let’s save this money for start-up funds. Not everyone is like Ye Yuanyuan, so you can easily earn 2 million. “

Lin Moli wanted to save money, and Jiang Fei didn’t ask her to buy a car this afternoon.

Just at this time, Jiang Fei had an idea in his mind that a large amount of start-up funds must be needed to start the establishment of a Chinese medicine company, and they must not have enough money now.

Jiang Fei felt that he might have to think of another way to make money.

As for the way to make money, it is naturally through the system.

Now he has more than 4,000 gold coins in his wallet, which can be exchanged for many precious elixirs. The effect of these pills is absolutely unimaginable. In the real world, they belong to the level of fairy medicine!

If you can find the right buyer or seller, you can make a lot of money in an instant. It’s faster than the money from drugs, goods, military and fire!

It’s just that the buyer is hard to find. It’s up to luck.

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