The Almighty Martial Arts System 200

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“Master, your illness is almost healed.” Jiang Fei looked at the old man, whose body was almost healthy, leaving only a few faint red marks for the old man to put on his clothes.

The old man’s complexion has recovered completely, which is no different from ordinary old people. For example, he does not need the help of his two sons when he wears clothes. He can also take care of himself in his daily life.

“Thank you, doctor Jiang! If it wasn’t for you, doctor Jiang, my old life would have been gone! Dr. Jiang, you are my Savior! ” Said the old man, with a look of heartfelt thanks.

Jiang Fei shook his head with a smile: “don’t say that. I’m a doctor. It’s just my job to help you.”

“Dr. Jiang, your great kindness and kindness are unforgettable to our two brothers. We can’t repay your kindness even if we do our best! In the future, as long as you have orders from Dr. Jiang, even if it’s up to the mountain and down to the sea of fire, we brothers will do it for you! ” The two brothers, Dunzhu and sangzhu, also came to Jiang’s hospital this time.

Brother Dunzhu went back to his hometown for a long time. Two days ago, he just returned to Jincheng and sent the eagle to Jiang Fei.

Looking at the excitement of their faces and their impassioned preparations, Jiang Fei immediately waved his hand and said, “you are right. Where do you need to go up the mountain and go down to the sea of fire? When I come to your hometown later, you will treat me with a cup of butter tea and a cup of highland barley wine, which is very good.”

He personally gave the old man acupuncture and moxibustion, and then prescribed a prescription for him according to the change of his condition. After three days later, he finished the medication. The old man’s condition is really not a big problem, can leave Jincheng and return to his hometown.

Dunzhu brought Jiang Fei back from the grassland. It is an adult goshawk.

This small and medium-sized Raptor was kept in an iron cage by him when he brought it back from the plateau. In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, they are covered by black cloth and brought over secretly. After all, in China, although the number of small and medium-sized birds of prey, such as hawks and falcons, is numerous, but after all, it is still restricted by the law. If caught, it will definitely be fined.

Jiang Fei was quite excited. After seeing off the father and son, he did not lift the cage covered by black cloth in the hospital, but left the hospital with it.

Go downstairs. Get in the car.

At this time, Jiang Fei just pulled the black cloth away, and the real face of the goshawk in the cage suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Fei.

“It’s really big!” Jiang Fei was a little surprised and a little pleased with the hunt.

This goshawk’s forehead, pillow and head side are dark brown, the base of neck feather is white, the eyebrow lines are white with black feathers, the ear feathers are black, the upper body to tail are gray brown, and the flying feathers have dark brown horizontal spots, which are not much different from what Jiang Fei saw on TV before.

But this goshawk is bigger than the average Goshawk. It should be an excellent variety that Dunzhu specially caught for him.

The eagle is about 60 cm long, and its wings are shrinking at this time, so it is impossible to judge the width of the wings when they are unfolded. However, Jiang Fei took a look. He had to live at least 1.2 meters!

At this time, there is still wild in the eyes of this Goshawk. When Jiang Fei opened the black cloth, he was restless in the cage, but he did not use his head to drill the cracks in the cage. Or keep tweeting.

It is estimated that many days have passed since Dunzhu caught him from the grassland. Although Jiang Fei specially ordered, he didn’t need his help to tame it. But since being caught these days, it has been suffering for a while. Although its wild nature is still there, it is too tired at this time, so it lacks a lot of fighting spirit.

“Good, good.” Jiang Fei nodded with satisfaction, smiling.

He was very fond of birds when he was a child. When he was living in a small town with his grandparents, he climbed trees and dug out bird nests with his friends and fed birds. Although at that time, no more than a few of them were reared, and most of them died in the middle of the way, thus killing many innocent “lives”. However, Jiang Fei’s interest in raising birds has never ceased since childhood.

I didn’t expect that one day, he would no longer feed birds, but would have a chance to feed this Raptor!

Without saying anything, Jiang Fei immediately started the car and went straight to rice village, which had not been back for several days.

As a summoner, he was always domesticated, and was not worried that he could not tame the adult Goshawk. I have already tamed the Tibetan Mastiff Simba last time. Jiang Fei is familiar with this matter. It may be a long and difficult job for others to set up an eagle, but for Jiang Fei, it is a matter of minutes!

Moreover, Jiang Fei is still thinking about a very important thing.

After taming this goshawk later, will you give it a bottle of ‘Summoned Beast Evolution Potion’?!

Now with the store system, Jiang Fei doesn’t need to wait for the upgrade to open the unknown props. As long as there are enough gold coins in his hand, he can exchange them from the shop.

The Summoned Beast Evolution Potion Jiang Fei knew from the beginning that it was divided into the interface of the pill system, and the price seemed to be 1050 gold coins.

It’s a little expensive. However, Jiang Fei still has more than 4000 gold coins in his hand, and he can still be regarded as a “rich man” in front of him. To spend a little more than 1000 gold coins to buy a bottle of Summoned Beast Evolution Potion for evocative animals is also within the scope of tolerance.

However, these more than 1000 gold coins are enough to buy a good elixir or a Xiao Li Throwing Knife!

A Xiao Li flying knife. I have tried it last time. It’s quite equivalent to that. So I signed up for a unique skill. A flying knife is a life!

If you can find a local tycoon like Ye Yuanyuan and sell it for millions, it’s not too difficult.

Now, Jiang Fei is using it to buy a bottle of Summoned Beast Evolving Agent, which seems – – too extravagant.

Jiang Fei has some problems.

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An hour and a half later, the scenery is still the same, just like the rice village of fairyland on earth.

Jiang Fei stopped his car in front of the villa and whistled. Simba, who ran there, ran back in half a minute and kept making love around Jiang Fei.

The hair on Simba’s body is too long. If it is an ordinary Tibetan mastiff, it is estimated that hair loss can make the owner feel extremely troublesome. Headache. Fortunately, as a pure Tibetan mastiff, De Simba, plus taking Summoning Beast Evolution Agent. After becoming a spirit animal, it seems that its own genes have changed a lot. Many problems of other Tibetan mastiff are not found in it. Just like its IQ, it’s completely evolved.

“Roar!” Simba is more and more powerful. His legs are about 80 cm long. His front legs are on Jiang Fei’s body. It seems that he is hostile to the goshawk in his cage. If Jiang Fei didn’t hold it in his hand, he would take the goshawk as prey and drag it out and tear it.

And there are wild goshawks in the cage. In the face of this unusual, lion like Simba, he was also obviously afraid and looked at the other side of the cage to retreat and shrink his head.

“Why, your voice has become so powerful?” Jiang Fei was stunned at Simba’s roar.

In the past, Simba’s roar was fierce, but it was barely within the range of dogs. But now, it’s like a subwoofer in the throat, like a real beast!

Jiang Fei felt that. If he takes Simba to the city and walks around the neighborhood, maybe someone will call the police and say he is raising lions

Looking at the eagle ready to move. Fangfo sees Simba like a prey. Jiang Fei raises the cage a little and pats Simba’s head. “This is not your prey, you can’t eat it You can’t eat people in the future. They fly in the sky. From now on, they will be comrades-in-arms. From now on, they will go up the mountain and hunt together!”

Get Simba out of here. Jiang Fei took out the key to open the villa door and put the cage on the table. After that, Jiang Fei quickly stretched out a finger and put it against the eagle’s head.

When the goshawk saw Jiang Fei coming in behind him, his eyes were suddenly awe inspiring. The goshawk’s eye, which was already fierce and incomparable, wanted to send out lightning and was ready to peck Jiang Fei with its sharp mouth.

The beak and claws of the goshawk are not simple things. Their fighting power is very fierce. If the beak is implemented, Jiang Fei’s fingers will be cut open immediately, and the meat may be pecked away!

But Jiang Fei was faster than the goshawk, and touched it before it was put into action.

And then————

The next moment, the goshawk did not move, the ferocity in the eyes disappeared, just like the soul was imprisoned in general.

At this time, the system interface appears in Jiang Fei’s mind, which shows: Congratulations on tame the summoned beast “Goshawk”!

When Jiang Fei pulled his finger away with a smile, the goshawk was completely tamed and no longer had the hostile attitude towards Jiang Fei.

Just kidding. Even if he has trained a master of level 9, even if he tames some monsters, he can easily catch them, not to mention a small Goshawk.

Open the cage and release the Goshawk.

The goshawk had been locked in a cage for several days and fluttered its wings and circled in the wide living room. When Jiang Fei stretched out a hand, it was very obedient and slowly fell down and stood on Jiang Fei’s arm.

“How big it is! The width of the wings is one meter two! But it seems that the weight is too light. It should not exceed three jin at most Jiang Fei estimates.

He was satisfied with the shape of the Goshawk. It was half a meter long and more than a meter wide with its wings spread out. It would be easy to hunt a rabbit or something.

However, this is still a bit far from the pair of white eagles that Guo Jing raised in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” imagined by Jiang Fei.

Guo Jing’s pile of white eagles can lift people up into the sky!

After imagining some scenes in the novel, Jiang Fei’s impetuous heart became more uncontrollable.

After gritting his teeth, quickly made a decision, Spend 1050 gold coins from the system to exchange for a bottle of Summoned Beast Evolution Potion!

“I can’t bear the child, but I can’t catch the wolf! Earn gold coins if they are gone, not to mention that there are still a lot of gold coins left. In order to travel the sky, it is worth trying! “

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