The Almighty Martial Arts System 201

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“Ding! Congratulations to the player for getting a copy of the’Summoned Beast Evolving Agent’!”

As the number of gold coins in Jiang Fei’s wallet changed from 4,414 to 3,364, one bottle appeared in Jiang Fei’s storage. When the thought moved again, the small bottle appeared in Jiang Fei’s hands.

With some pain, he opened the bottle cap and placed it to Goshawk’s mouth. Jiang Fei couldn’t help but said: “This is more than a thousand gold coins, which is enough for me to buy a lot of good things! You have to give me a little bit of strength and evolve successfully. Take me to fly!”

Goshawk seems to understand that Jiang Fei is going to feed it, and at the same time it seems that he also feels that the contents of the bottle are good for him, so the long beak peak of nearly three centimeters can easily reach in. Put it in the bottle and swallow the medicine inside.


Not a minute after the potion was in his stomach, the goshawk had just gotten out of the cage, and immediately began to fight with eyelids, his eyes could not be opened, as if he was about to sleep on Jiang Fei’s arm.

The Summoned Beast Evolver started to work.

Jiang Fei was not alarmed but excited. Simba was the same last time. After taking the Summoning Beast Evolving Potion, he fell asleep for several hours before evolving successfully.

Instead of putting the goshawk in the cage, Jiang Fei went outside the villa and gently sent it to a branch of a tree. He grabbed a branch and began to sleep.

Birds are different from other animals. When they sleep, they don’t need to find a nest at all. They can sleep peacefully on poles and branches. It’s like little dragon girl sleeping on a rope. There’s no need to worry about falling down.

Looking at the goshawk who had completely closed his eyes on the branch, Jiang Fei was full of expectation.

Although eagles are generally much smaller than eagles, even the largest eagles in the real world are unlikely to carry people. Guo Jing’s pair of white eagles in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is definitely a fetish that can fly manned. It is only possible in martial arts novels.

But Jiang Fei felt that he was not without hope!

The goshawk that Dunzhu caught for himself is definitely a good breed even in the grassland, and its shape is top. Its wings are more than one meter wide. And the most important thing is that our evocative agent is not what we can have in real life. More sci-fi than the panacea in martial arts novels!

After Simba ate it, he became a spirit beast. Now it is still growing up, far from being an adult, and its physique has surpassed many adult Tibetan mastiffs. If it turns one year old and becomes an adult, it will become a terrible monster.

The goshawk took the Summoning Beast Evolution Potion, if the body size can be doubled, the body length will be more than one meter. The spread of wings will be two or three meters wide!

On this scale, it’s not amazing to be able to carry a hundred kilograms of things. Jiang Fei’s own weight must be more than 100 Jin, but he can do lightness skills, and he may also have internal skills in the future. These are things that violate the laws of physics. Let him lie on the goshawk’s body, and the load will not be heavy.

In anticipation, two hours passed in a flash.

At last, the goshawk, which was anchored on the branch, slowly opened his eyes.


The eagle’s voice is sharp and harsh, just like the loud voice from the plateau. Jiang Fei is doing nothing to prune the branches of the fruit trees. Hearing the sound, my eyes lit up and looked into the sky.

The fruit trees around the villa have grown lush and luxuriant for a long time. According to this rising trend, many fruit trees will definitely blossom and bear fruit next year.

“How quickly did it evolve?” Jiang Fei thought in surprise.

The evolution time of goshawk this time is much shorter than that of Simba last time. It only sleeps half of the time. Jiang Fei thought about it and thought that goshawk was not as seriously injured as Simba. He needed to recover from the injury before he began to evolve. After all, when Simba, the Tibetan mastiff, was bought back, he was on the verge of dying and could not live for a few days. And this goshawk is safe and sound, even if Dunzhu boil for a few days, it doesn’t matter. Just a little bit tired.

“This time, the system didn’t inform us. It seems that goshawk is not like Simba. Evolved into a spirit beast. ” Jiang Fei pondered in his heart, slightly lost.

If this goshawk had evolved into a spirit beast like Simba. The system will send him a message immediately, just like Simba’s successful evolution last time, which directly rewarded him with 300 experience points.

But looking at the goshawk circling in the sky, Jiang Fei’s loss soon disappeared. Even if this goshawk has not evolved into a spirit beast, it will definitely have great advantages and changes compared with other eagles. There will certainly be something different!

But now the goshawk is flying too high, and Jiang Fei has excellent eyesight, and he can’t see what changes it has. So he blows a whistle, and the goshawk in the sky hears it, and immediately lands down, and soon stands on Jiang Fei’s arm.

“Well, it’s much heavier than just now!” Jiang Fei was slightly overjoyed and his arm is not clear enough to make him gain weight.

This summoned beast evolution agent is really not a magic thing that can be imagined in the real world.

A small bottle of liquid medicine doesn’t weigh much. After the goshawk took it, he didn’t eat anything else, so he gained weight directly. Is this what absorbs air to gain weight?

It’s against the law of conservation of energy!

Jiang Fei began to observe the shape and appearance of the goshawk carefully.

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When you gain weight, your physique will naturally increase, and your body length will increase from 60 cm to more than 10 cm, which makes you more powerful. This physique has almost exceeded the limit of eagles, and has reached the physique of eagles!

Although this change is not too big, it still makes Jiang Fei very satisfied.

After all, Summoned Beast Evolution Potion is not a one-time drug, but after the first evolution, there will be a lot of growth for a long time to come.

Now the goshawk’s body length has reached 70 cm, but it will not stop there. In the future, even if it rises another 20 cm or 30 cm, it will not be impossible to reach the terrible figure of one meter!

There is probably only one kind of raptor in the world, which can be up to one meter long. That is the Andean condor. It’s the largest bird in the world. It’s 130 cm long, weighs more than 20 jin, and has three meters of wings!

If this goshawk can reach one meter long, plus its own unique, strength, wings have become more powerful because of evolution, carrying people to fly in the sky, I’m afraid we can expect it.

Moreover, Jiang Fei can clearly feel that although this goshawk has not evolved into a spirit beast like Simba, its intelligence should have been improved to a certain extent, and its intimacy to him has also become higher. A pair of fierce eagle eyes have some humanized color.

“I’m going to hunt now. Rabbits and pheasants in the mountains will suffer.”

When Jiang Fei’s arm was shaken, the eagle flapped its wings and soared. A strong wind swept up beside Jiang Fei. This made Jiang Fei think of a poem: Mirs rise with the wind one day and soar up to 90000 Li!

Looking at the goshawk flying into the sky, Jiang Fei was also quite proud for a moment.

In fact, Jiang Fei didn’t just want to hunt in the mountains of Daocun. Although these mountains in Daocun are not small, and there are many kinds of small prey, they are not really wild after all, and there are no large animals to fight against.

If you take Simba and goshawk to grassland, Changbai Mountain and other places in the future, you can really enjoy yourself! Take these two pets with you, which is much better than ordinary hunting enthusiasts hunting with shotguns and compound bows and arrows!

“I heard that there seems to be a large legal Hunting Club in Sichuan Province, which is not far from Jincheng. Although not comparable to the Changbai Mountain hunting ground and the capital international hunting ground, the scale is not small. It seems that there are even wild boars in the field. You have to go to the military, but you don’t have to have a background. It seems that when to ask Ye Yuanyuan… ” Jiang Fei looked at the eagle hovering in the sky and thought.

With goshawk and Simba, it’s a waste if we don’t go hunting. If possible, Jiang Fei would definitely go to grassland or Changbai Mountain.

However, there is no time to achieve this goal recently. In half a month, he has to attend the Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting to complete the system task.

The reward for this mission is “Dugu Jiujian”! Jiang Fei can’t slack off. He must be serious.

Jiang Fei stayed in Daocun for two days, took goshawk and Simba up the mountain, swept a peak and ran all over the mountain.

He chased rabbits and pheasants, and finally captured a lot of prey. After he was addicted to hunting, he temporarily left Daocun and returned to Jincheng.

He is still stuck at level 7 in the medical level, and the growth rate of his proficiency is extremely slow. I really don’t know how many days it will take to upgrade successfully.

In order to be on the safe side, he is going to work hard in the past half a month and go to Jiang’s hospital to see the patients in person to improve his proficiency.

If he hasn’t upgraded his medical skills to level 8 after half a month, Jiang Fei thinks that this meeting of Chinese and Western medicine exchange is really a bit suspended, maybe he will come back in despair and fail to complete the system task.

During this period, Xia Xiaozhi and Xu Jing, the three high school girls, clamored to go to Daocun villa. Even though Jiang Fei was not keeping his word, he put them off temporarily, saying that he would wait another half a month and take them back in August.

And big star Qiao Yi, in Jincheng things finally busy, before leaving, she specially and Jiang Fei about a meeting, said goodbye, just left Jincheng.

About her and Jiang Fei’s affair, has passed the most prosperous stage, occasionally there are reports, but did not occupy the front page position.

In this Internet age, where new things come out every day, even a sensational thing will gradually become dull with time. It can be said that time can really dilute everything.

However, Qiao Yiyi’s hopes that time will not dilute the familiarity between her and Jiang Fei, and that she will not forget the week of living together in the rice village villa in the fairyland of the world

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