The Almighty Martial Arts System 202

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In recent days, Lin Moli has been collecting all kinds of information, often driving the blue yinglang which she just bought to do market research.

She mainly investigates the business models of large pharmacies such as Jishitang and Tongrentang, as well as the efficacy, audience, sales and profit of the main drugs sold by these brand pharmacies.

Only when these preparations are well done, she and Jiang Fei want to establish a Chinese medicine company and start to develop their own drugs, can they have a clear goal and direction, and will not blindly produce some drugs without market.

“Why are you so diligent these two days? Come to the hospital every day. Is it because you are worried about the exchange meeting between Chinese and Western medicine that you are still cramming”, Lin Moli just came back from the outside. After watching Jiang Fei send off a patient, she walked into the office with Jiang Fei. She couldn’t help laughing and joking.

“Do you think this is the final exam in college? I’m still cramming. ” Jiang Fei moved his stiff body for a while. “Besides, even if this Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting is equivalent to an exam, do I still need to do this kind of thing with my strength? You look down on me. Do you think my brand of “king of Chinese medicine needle” is fake? “

In the past, although the brand of Jiang Fei, the king of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, was true, some of his name was not right and his words were not right, and he was not officially recognized. But after Jiang Fei’s trip to the capital, he took part in the doctor fighting competition of the Chinese medicine society. His title of “king of Chinese medicine needle” is completely stable. Even if he advertises the title of “king of Chinese medicine needle” openly in the future, there will be no old man like Qin Zhengming to trouble him.

Jiang Fei is thinking about it now. If we want to continue to establish the Chinese medicine company, we will call it “Jiang’s Hospital”. It seems a bit awkward. It’s better to call it “Needle King Medical center”.

It’s just that. Is it too cool?

Jiang Fei thinks it’s OK.

“What are you doing so hard these days?” Lin Mo Li asks curiously.

Of course, Jiang Fei can’t tell Lin Moli that the reason why he works so hard is that he needs to upgrade his medical skill level to level 8 in order to be proficient.

Lin Mo Li soon said with a smile, “but if only you were so diligent all the time. Because of you in these days, after the news spread, the turnover of our hospital began to double from the next day. I heard the following report that some patients were waiting for you. Let you personally help see a doctor, have begun to go through the back door to send red packets, the weight is still enough, heard that tens of thousands of have! “

Jiang Fei shook his head, not knowing whether he should be proud or helpless.

In today’s society, patients don’t go through the main door to seek medical treatment, or there is no way to go through the main door. They always want to rely on their own money or power to take a shortcut. Rely on money and effort to get through the relationship.

But in fact, these people don’t have to do this at all.

If their condition is not serious, then spend more time in line, Jiang Fei will always give them treatment. If the condition is really serious, it can’t wait any longer. As long as they make it clear to the nurse and hang up an emergency, Jiang Fei will definitely give him treatment first.

But a lot of people are not willing to do so. Subconsciously chose to send red envelopes to the back door.

This is the most common situation in many hospitals in China, even in many public institutions. It can’t be more normal.

“Dong Dong Dong!”

There was a knock on the door outside, and Lin Mo Li said, “please come in.”. The door was pushed open. What came in was a woman with black framed glasses and a folder in her hand, with a cold and serious temperament. But the woman didn’t wear a nurse’s uniform or a white coat. She didn’t look like a hospital employee.

“Manager Lin, here is the information report you want. I’ve sorted it out for you. It’s on this book for those with big market prospects and good profits; it’s on this book for those who can accumulate public praise, follow the popular line and lay a foundation for reputation. ” After this woman came in, she stood in Lin Moli to report things, looking like an elite white-collar woman in the office.

As for Jiang Fei next to her, the cleaning aunt of Jiang’s medical school, who was less than 20 years old and just graduated from nursing school, was adored and regarded as an idol. But she didn’t even take a look at it. She didn’t seem to find the charm of Jiang Fei like the bright confidence in the sky.

“Well, good. Let me put it here first. At two o’clock this afternoon, you will accompany me to visit the Jincheng branch of Jishitang in the south of the city. ” Lin Moli said.

The young white-collar woman with black glasses nodded and walked out of the office.

“This is the female assistant you hired?” Jiang Fei asked curiously.

Lin Moli nodded and said, “Well. She is a high-achieving student, graduated from a postgraduate of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. She is not small in ability and is also very reliable in doing things.”

Jiang Fei smiled. Now Lin Moli is more and more developing towards the direction of a strong woman. In this regard, she is somewhat similar to Bai Ruoxi, and she has a strong sense of professionalism.

However, Bai Ruoxi is for the ideal in his heart, and does not care about the amount of money, more like an absolute idealist. But Lin Moli is a female president with a strong business talent and outstanding in management.

Are these two really destined rivals in previous lives?

“Jincheng also has a branch of Jishitang?” Jiang Fei asked in surprise. He remembers that the main dispensaries of Jishitang are all opened in the capital, and in other small places outside the capital, they supply goods to the shops through other channels, and then share the profits.

“Yes. The main store of Jishitang is in Beijing, but it has branches in all the first tier cities and provincial capitals. Only in prefecture level cities can drugs be sold through agents. So I’m going to visit Jishitang in person this afternoon. ” Lin Mo Li nods to say.

“Do you need me to call Cui Xiuping and ask him to ask the owner of Jincheng Branch to help you? If you do market research yourself, they won’t cooperate, will they? ” Asked Jiang Fei.

Lin Mo Li brightened her eyes and said with a smile: “of course! I haven’t thought of that yet. Well, it would be great if you could tell the young owner of Jishitang to open a convenient door for us. At that time, the survey information we will do will be more comprehensive and more authentic, which will be good for our future development and direction. “

So Jiang Fei quickly called Cui Xiuping and told him about it. Cui Xiuping is now completely conquered by Jiang Fei. Of course, he agreed without hesitation. When he heard that Jiang Fei was going to transform the hospital and take the Cui family’s business path, this guy was not afraid to be robbed of business by Jiang Fei. He didn’t have the consciousness that his peers were enemies. He also took the initiative to ask for some information to be faxed to him later.

In addition, this guy also took the initiative to say that when Jiang Fei’s pharmaceutical company was to be established, he had to go through the formalities.

The establishment of a traditional Chinese medicine company is nominally subject to the examination and approval of the Ministry of health. But in fact, the most important link lies in the Chinese medicine society. As long as the Chinese medicine society is settled, there will be no problem.

If ordinary people want to deal with the society of traditional Chinese medicine, the top organization of traditional Chinese medicine in China, it will be even more difficult. Even if they have strong financial resources, it is not an easy thing. The audit of various new drugs will make you deathless.

But for Jiang Fei to say, it is no more simple, minute things.

Lin Moli is also very happy to hear that with Cui Xiuping’s help, it is much easier for them to set up a Chinese medicine company. Now in this society, factories and production lines are not difficult. As long as you have money, you can do it. The most difficult thing is to go through all kinds of procedures and audit. They had already had a deep understanding of this when they set up the Chiang’s hospital.

After thinking for a while, Lin Moli said, “in this way, half a month later, when you come back from the Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting, our pharmaceutical company will almost be established. However, I don’t need to worry about the prescription you said. Now I haven’t seen any prescription from you. I can say that to set up a pharmaceutical company, the means of management and sales are very important, but the most important thing is that the drugs we have developed are effective! Otherwise, it will be a bad thing for us to set up a pharmaceutical company, which will smear the plaque of “king of Chinese medicine acupuncture.”

With a smile, Jiang Fei confidently said, “don’t worry. There will certainly be no fewer prescriptions, and the curative effect of the finished drug is absolutely first-class! “

After a few days of hard work, his medical proficiency has reached level 7 and 99%, even if no matter how slow it is, he can officially break through to level 8 in less than three days.

With 8-level medical skills, plus the system’s natural identification of drug ingredients and formulas, it will also push back the perfect function. Even if Jiang Fei can’t think of any classic drugs, it’s a big deal to go to the market to buy some drugs according to Lin Moli’s investigation results, and then give an enhanced version of the prescription!

It’s a bit rogue, but it’s a great idea. Moreover, it is also a matter of speaking on one’s own ability and taking one’s own way, so that others have no way to go.

Finally, a week after returning to Jincheng, Jiang Fei, who had worked hard in the hospital for several days, finally heard the wonderful voice of the promotion.

“Ding Dong! Congratulations on the player’s medical skill level 7, 100% proficiency, automatically upgraded to level 8

Then, Jiang Fei felt as if he had some kind of insight, which was similar to that described in martial arts novels. He suddenly realized a lot of things that he had never understood before.

The most direct thing is that Jiang Fei feels like he’s playing a game to unlock a new lock. Although he used to use the eight methods of Shenzhen, he only knew the four basic techniques in front of him, namely, the method of retaining Qi, the method of luck, the method of lifting Qi, and the method of middle Qi.

And the eight methods of divine needling, naturally, have a total of eight techniques.

When Jiang Fei’s medical skill level was 7, he didn’t know the following four techniques at all. He didn’t even know his name.

But now, Jiang Fei has realized two kinds!

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