The Almighty Martial Arts System 203

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The first four techniques of the eight methods of Shenzhen are the basic techniques, which can be seen from the name of the techniques.

According to the name, the effects of several methods can be inferred from the method of retaining Qi, the method of luck, the method of lifting Qi, and the method of middle Qi.

Today, however, Jiang Fei’s understanding of the latter two techniques is totally different. He can tell a totally different feeling from his name.

The fifth form of the eight methods of divine needle: Canglong tail-swinging method.

The formula of Canglong’s tail swinging method: Canglong’s tail swinging joint, pull back and hold the needle slowly. Like the rudder of a ship in the river, the whole body is flowing.

Or use tonic method to get qi, then pure tonic, tonic method without getting qi, use to reduce, this is also the Hanzhong change of people.

When you want to put the needle down, you should fly the Qi to the place where the joint goes, so that the person who pulls back will hold the needle slowly. If the rudder of a ship is moved with its Qi from left to right, its Qi will naturally interact with each other and move slowly from left to right.

The sixth form of the eight methods of Shenzhen: Chifeng shaking his head.

Pithy formula: the needle is like the scull in the boat, like Chifeng shaking his head. We should not disobey the principle.

If you want to lower the needle to get Qi, you have to close it down. If you want to lower it, you have to close it up. You have to enter the needle continuously. From Chen to Si, you have to withdraw the needle. From Si to noon, you have to turn left to left, and right to right. In fact, you only move left and right. It’s like ringing a bell with your hand.

Looking at the names and descriptions of the two techniques in his mind, Jiang Fei was pleasantly surprised.

“This technique, just look at the name to know the domineering leakage! There must be more cattle than the front four” Jiang Fei couldn’t help thinking.

There are essential differences between these two techniques and the previous four.

When Jiang Fei returned to his office, he calmed down. Seriously feeling the difference between the two needling methods, I suddenly found out. When he was holding a silver needle in his hand, he was ready to perform acupuncture. There was a surge of qi in his body!

As long as he performs acupuncture and moxibustion, he can transfer the qi flow from the silver needle to the patient’s body, and greatly increase the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion.

“What’s going on?” Jiang Fei was shocked.

“Is this the legendary internal power?” Jiang Fei felt this wonderful feeling.

Now he can clearly know that the Canglong tail swinging technique and the Chifeng head shaking technique behind the eight methods of Shenzhen are fundamentally different from the four techniques in front of him because if you want to use them, you have to have this kind of qi  in your body!

This kind of qi will instantly promote the doctor’s acupuncture to another level. If we say that Jiang Fei’s previous medical skills can only be regarded as quasi doctors. Medical skills have reached the top level in the ordinary sense. But now that you have learned the fifth and sixth form of the eight methods of Shenzhen, you have become a real miracle doctor!

“No, it’s definitely not the internal force in martial arts novels. It’s essentially different.” Jiang Fei put down the silver needle and frowned.

First of all, he hasn’t practiced any internal mental skill, and the system hasn’t given it to him now, so he can’t produce internal power for no reason. After all, he is only upgrading the level of medical skills, no matter how high. It’s impossible to become a martial art and generate internal Qi. The two are not the same at all.

After all, he is not the Asia invincible. He is playing with the silver needle for curing diseases and saving people. Not embroidery needles.

Secondly, after a while of careful experience, Jiang Fei has understood a lot.

According to his current medical attainments. For the understanding of medical technology, the qi in his body is a little bit sci-fi. But it’s not really out of line. At least, this is the category of ordinary people. It’s just like some people who practice martial arts, although they don’t have the same systematic help as him, they can still become a master. One can easily fight more than ten times!

This is what Jiang Fei’s internal air flow means.

This is a natural qualitative change when acupuncture and moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine has reached a high level. You can feel your own qi flow in the body, and use the qi in the body to expand the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion to the maximum extent.

After all, what traditional Chinese medicine stresses is that everyone has his own Qi. The so-called “Invigorating Qi” and “deflating Qi” actually refer to this qi flow.

There are four basic techniques in front of the eight methods of Shenzhen: Qi retaining method, Qi moving method, Qi lifting method and middle Qi method. Each of them also has a word “Qi”.

However, although most doctors know that there is Qi in the human body, they also know that this is the reason why people get sick. But they know how to manage this Qi and how to cure diseases, but they can’t really feel this Qi. They can only rely on the classics left by the sages, the experience and accumulation, and then follow the gourd and pot ladle.

This kind of form, is like a kind of saying: know it, don’t know why!

Although this sentence may be a bit excessive, the truth is somewhat similar.

Most traditional Chinese medicine is like this. They have always learned medical skills based on the books left by their ancestors, and then improved their medical skills. According to these experiences, they made their medical skills more and more exquisite and more powerful.

Even Jiang Fei had always been like this.

What’s more, the sages of traditional Chinese medicine are really powerful. With the experience and books left behind, people can still become a doctor with excellent medical skills and save lives just by learning from these experience books.

However, the real miracle doctor will not only stay in this aspect, but will personally feel the qi flow in the human body and be able to really operate and utilize this qi.

Only after stepping into this step can we be regarded as a real master of acupuncture.

But such a master, let alone the contemporary, even from ancient to modern times, I’m afraid there won’t be too many. Only those famous ancient doctors in the history of traditional Chinese medicine have reached this point.

Such as Hua Tuo, Bian Que and Zhang Zhongjing————

Jiang Fei was very surprised. He didn’t expect that when his medical skill level was just upgraded to level 8, he didn’t step into level 9, which is the real great master level. However, his medical skill has reached this level, and he has been able to compete with the sages in the history of traditional Chinese medicine!

It’s incredible.

Jiang Fei has seen the way that old doctor Cui used the ghost door’s thirteen needles. Therefore, he was sure that although the medical skills of old doctor Cui were really impressive. It’s amazing, but it’s just amazing in the ordinary sense. It’s better than when he’s still at level seven.

However, old doctor Cui certainly did not reach the point of sensing the airflow in the human body! If he had reached this point, he would not need acupuncture to confirm the child’s condition when he was cutting the pulse of the measles child in Tiana that day. He could confirm the child’s condition directly according to the qi flow!

Therefore, in some aspects, Jiang Fei’s medical skills are still not as good as those of the old doctor Cui who has been practicing medicine for decades and has seen countless doctors. But in the main medical skills, in the aspect of acupuncture and moxibustion. Old doctor Jiang Fei must have confidence!

And Dr. Cui is now the most powerful person in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Even if there are some old hermit doctors who are very powerful, they are almost the same as Dr. Cui.

Now, isn’t Jiang Fei invincible in traditional Chinese medicine?

Thinking of this possibility, Jiang Fei couldn’t help being heroic, and some experts said lonely: “is this the best in the world? How lonely! My goal in the future. Is no longer beyond anyone. It’s about putting your own name in the history of traditional Chinese medicine and coexisting with the most dazzling names, right

Although this sentence is suspected of being too arrogant and disrespectful to the sages.

But. It’s true.

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Now Jiang Fei’s medical skill is level 8, so he can be called an expert. He is lonely and cold at high places. If he can upgrade his medical skills to level nine in the future. What will it be like?

At that time, I was afraid that life and death, flesh and bones, would snatch their lives from the hands of Yama. It is no longer an exaggerated adjective, but the most real one. The most appropriate description?

“Think about it, it’s really a little excited!” Jiang Fei thought in his heart.

After staying in the office for half an hour, Jiang Fei calmed down, temporarily stopped his restless heart, and went outside to continue to see the patient.

Now his medical skills have been upgraded to level 8. A few days later, Jiang Fei’s confidence has greatly increased. He no longer has to worry that he will not be able to win a big victory in the exchange meeting and complete the task.

The medical skills are comparable to those of the medical sages such as Hua Tuo, Bian Que and Zhang Zhongjing in history. If he still can’t win the Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting, Jiang Fei won’t live, just buy a piece of tofu and kill him!

Not worried about the next meeting of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, Jiang Fei just wanted to try out the power of the fifth and sixth hand hair of the eight methods of Shenzhen, and whether the new realm he realized was easy to use or not.

The final result shows that it is easy to use!

Very easy to use!

Even – easy to use too much!

Being able to use the air flow in the human body is not only very useful for acupuncture, but also for pulse detection. The effect is totally different from that of the previous seven levels.

As for why it is said that it is too easy to use it, because Jiang Fei found that he used to rely on mental strength when he used acupuncture. As long as he had enough mental strength, he could give acupuncture to patients.

However, if he uses the fifth and sixth methods of the eight methods of Shenzhen to treat people’s diseases by using the air flow in his body, he will have to take off his whole body in a few minutes!

This kind of “Qi” is more precious than mental power. It must be used sparingly. When it’s not necessary, don’t use the black dragon’s tail swinging method and Chifeng’s head shaking method.

Anyway, after he can feel the qi flow, even if he uses the four techniques in the eight methods of Shenzhen, his power will still increase a lot.

When Jiang Fei came back to the office, he couldn’t help muttering: “mental strength can be increased by adding the” spiritual attribute “of the four attributes. But how can this “Qi” be increased? “

“Is it related to physical strength? Or is it related to internal strength? Now the system has not issued a secret book of internal strength for me to practice. All the stores in the store are the top Nine Yin and Nine Yangs, too. It’s expensive and can’t afford i

“Sooner or later you have to practice your internal skills. The incomplete version of Taijiquan has no internal power. If you don’t have internal power, no matter how subtle the move is, its power will be greatly reduced. “

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