The Almighty Martial Arts System 204

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“What kind of meeting are you going to attend in Beijing?” Ye Yuanyuan asked when she looked at Jiang Fei, who was taking care of the flowers and plants, standing behind him.

After hearing that Jiang Fei returned to Jincheng, she finally found time to find Jiang Fei. She is busy these days. According to the situation of Jiang Fei’s assassination last time, she also wanted to arrange guards to protect Jiang Fei’s safety, but Jiang Fei refused .

Ye Yuanyuan thinks about it herself. The assassination of Jiang Fei by two top killers at that time was not only unsuccessful, but also resulted in one death and one injury. Thinking of the shooter’s tragic death, she felt that even if someone wanted to kill Jiang Fei, it was not so easy.

Ye Yuanyuan knows more about Jiang Fei than anyone else. Even Lin Moli and Bai Ruoxi are not as good as her.

For example, Lin Mo Li knows a little about Jiang Fei’s martial arts. She has seen Jiang Fei do it twice, but they are all skittish. She doesn’t know how strong Jiang Fei’s specific force value is.

Ye Yuanyuan had fought with Jiang Fei many times and knew Jiang Fei’s true strength.

“Yes. How do you know? ” Jiang Fei asked casually.

“Before the exchange meeting of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine started, the situation became very noisy, and many people paid attention to it. You, who are going to represent traditional Chinese medicine, have been known by many people” Ye Yuanyuan held her chest in her hands and said lightly.

Jiang Fei stood up, clapped his hands, put the scissors aside, looked at Ye Yuanyuan thoughtfully, and asked: “But you shouldn’t be the one who pays attention to these nosy matters, right? Tell me what you’re looking for today. “

Ye Yuanyuan is not a woman. Not only the chest does not have the flavor of a woman, but also the personality does not have the flavor of a woman.

In addition to familiar people in front of her character is barely normal, there is a little bit of femininity. If you are in front of a stranger, or someone she doesn’t like, it’s a cool person. There’s also some violence against women.

But this woman’s character is very straight, will not beat around the Bush, so as long as familiar with her people. Yes, she’ll get to know soon.

Jiang Fei now has a general idea of the woman’s character.

Ye Yuanyuan nodded, her face a little dignified. Still some inexplicable irritability, deep voice said: “when you go to the capital in two days, I will go with you.”

Jiang Fei was stunned and asked, “are you going too? For what? “

Ye Yuanyuan’s eyes were cold: “because the poison king who poisoned my grandfather recently had news in Beijing! If the information is good, this person is likely to take action against the communication between Chinese and Western medicine and make trouble on the way! “

I heard the news. Jiang Fei was really surprised.

The meeting is a contest between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, which is related to the future development of traditional Chinese medicine. Since the poison King fled Jincheng, he didn’t hide well to protect his life. What kind of chaos did he want to make in the exchange meeting!

Is there any secret in it?

Jiang Fei frowned and thought it was not easy. He had to discuss it with several leaders of the Chinese medicine society, Dr. Cui. Jiang Fei had seen the power of the old man’s poison. If he had not used the antidote pill exchanged from the system store at that time. Ye Zhennan has long been dead.

If this guy makes trouble at the Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting, it will be very difficult. Maybe there will be some pitfalls at that time. Even if Jiang Fei’s medical skill has been upgraded to level 8, and the fifth and sixth techniques of the eight methods of Shenzhen will be mastered, he must be careful.

Jiang Fei wants to make the best of all the preparations. For the sake of that book of Dugu Nine Swords, Jiang Fei said nothing could be failed.

“How far did your grandfather’s poisoning go? Has the envoy behind it found out? ” Jiang Fei asked with a frown.

This matter for many other people are absolutely confidential, even if Ye Yuanyuan’s best friend mangguo repeatedly curious questioning, she is tight lipped. But she would not hide anything from Jiang Fei.

“I’ve got some eyes. But I’m not sure. However, now that the other party has already revealed his position, if we can make progress in this trip to Beijing. Then you can understand it thoroughly. ” Ye Yuanyuan said cautiously.

“You mean, there’s a suspect. But because of the lack of evidence, we can’t arrest them. ” Asked Jiang Fei.

Ye Yuanyuan nodded.

Jiang Fei was dumbfounded and said, “isn’t that your style? Your Ye family is so fierce in Jincheng that they dare not arrest anyone who has doubts. It’s too cheap! Can you bear it, old man

Ye Yuanyuan glanced at Jiang Fei and said, “do you think it’s in ancient times that people with power and power can do things for nothing? If there is no absolute evidence, even we can’t arrest people casually! “

“Then why did you bring two soldiers with submachine guns to arrest me when you first asked me to treat the old man! It’s not typical bullying! ” Jiang Fei is not happy immediately, very dissatisfied ground says.

Ye Yuanyuan smelled the embarrassed look on Yan’s face, and thought that this guy was really vengeful!

At the beginning, because she was a little impulsive and didn’t really show any impoliteness to Jiang Fei, she was retaliated by this guy openly and secretly. She didn’t say it many times. Now it’s been such a long time, and he has to mention it from time to time.

“I didn’t really catch you at that time, did I? It’s just a threat. ” Ye Yuanyuan explained.

Jiang Fei waved his hand. He didn’t want to fight in the past. Anyway, now that he has reconciled, he said, “after going to the capital, do you need me to cooperate with you? What can I do for you? It’s very important for me to take part in the Chinese and Western medicine exchange this time. So you can’t let me release water or anything in order to catch the poison king. “

“So you don’t want to lose?” Ye Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Fei strangely in her eyes and jokingly said, “I don’t see it, you still have such a sense of honor? As far as I know, you still haven’t joined the Chinese Medical Association. But you have already promoted Chinese medicine. Responsibility is on your shoulders? “

Jiang Fei straightened his chest and said: “of course! For me, glory is my life! Chinese medicine and I have the responsibility to keep our reputation as members of Chinese medicine! “

Ye Yuanyuan turned her lips and said, “come on. You and I don’t know. If glory was your life, would you have been frightened by two submachine guns? “

“Do you think your breasts are big enough. You don’t need my help? ” After someone was torn down, he became angry and said darkly.


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Ye Yuanyuan, who has always been extremely cold and arrogant, still has the cheek to stay for dinner. And he also asked Jiang Fei to make more delicious food. They even led Simba and goshawk to the mountain specially to fight some game.

These animals are pheasants and hares. In fact, the nutritional value may not be higher than poultry, but the meat quality is better than poultry, and the taste is more wonderful. In addition to some wild vegetables and mushrooms in the mountains, a pure natural game banquet is really a rare delicacy. Even if you go to a high-end hotel, you can’t eat it.

“It’s better to go up the mountain hunting with you than to take Lin Moli or Qiao Yiyi.” Jiang Fei looked at the grassy mountain. Ye Yuanyuan, who is also walking on the flat ground without any obstacles, said in praise.

Instead of smiling because she was praised, Ye Yuanyuan said coldly, “you are talking nonsense. Can the two of them compare with me? “

“Quite proud.” With a smile, Jiang Fei said, “what do you think of my two pets? Are they good hunters?”

With that, Jiang Fei shook some pheasants and rabbits in his hands.

“I don’t know much about eagles, but I can see that you are too big. It looks like a goshawk, but it’s no smaller than a carving. As for you Tibetan mastiff, it’s even more strange. I always think Tibetan mastiff is not good. Whether it’s combat effectiveness or intelligence quotient, your one is both extremely outstanding! “

Ye Yuanyuan looked enviously at the eagle hovering in the sky and the fierce Tibetan mastiff on the ground. Puzzled to ask: “you don’t say you are very short of money, this goshawk and Tibetan mastiff, the price of tens of millions are not uncommon?”

“It’s true that I’m short of money, but I’m not going to buy the dog and the eagle. Raise eagles and walk dogs. Without them, there would be no fun in my rice village villa. I’m counting on them to accompany me on the hunt” Listening to Ye Yuanyuan, who has always been very proud, Jiang Fei can’t help feeling proud.

There are not many things that can surprise this woman.

“By the way, I heard it’s near the suburbs of Jincheng. There seems to be a large hunting ground, right? But most people can’t get in. After the Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting, we will catch the culprit who poisoned your grandfather. Shall we go and play? ” Jiang Feidao suggested.

Ye Yuanyuan hears speech to have some heart suddenly, the body has violent element’s she. I’m not interested in hunting.

But she shook her head and said, “I’ve been to the hunting ground you said a long time ago. It’s not interesting at all. There are wild boars in it, but the biggest one is less than 200 Jin. It can be cleaned up without guns. There is no challenge at all. If you are interested in this aspect, I’ll take you to Changbai Mountain hunting ground or the international hunting ground in the capital when it’s over. These two places are just good things. “

This woman really has violence factor in her body, but Jiang Fei likes it!

As a man, it’s natural to be a little more challenging to hunt. What’s the difference between hunting without challenge and killing pigs?

Ye Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Fei with a smile and said, “but if you really have the courage, don’t go to the hunting ground. Go directly to the primitive deep forest on the other side of Xiaoxing’an Mountains. It’s said that there are even blind bears and wild boar kings! It’s life-threatening. If you’re not careful, you’ll die in it. “

Jiang Fei naturally can’t let a girl look down upon him, and said with a smile, “OK! As long as you lead the way, there is no place I dare not go! “

After the Chinese and Western medicine exchange meeting, with Simba and Cangying, and a three foot green sword, let alone the deep forest, Jiang Fei can still come and go freely even in the African prairie!


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