My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 161, Congenital late stage

Lin Hai dejectedly opened the Qiankun bag in his wallet.

Since Nezha sent it to him, I’d like to see what’s the difference between The “Tao Te Ching” read by these immortals and those found everywhere on the Internet.

In the square grid, a blue book with a very simple cover was quietly placed there.

Tao Te Ching: it’s written by the great lord of Tao Zu. Taoism cultivates the mind of immortals. Rank: Divine.


What what? Cultivation of Immortal Mind, or God?

Lin Hai almost jumped out of bed!

Nima, is it true? If that’s true, wouldn’t that elder brother be underdeveloped?

Lin Hai has nothing to do with the Internet novels. Those real people in Xianxia start to walk on the road of becoming a fairy from getting the skill of cultivating immortals?

If the Tao Te Ching is also the so-called skill in the novel, doesn’t it mean that brother can become immortal?

How exciting he is!

Lin Hai extracted the Tao Te Ching directly.

Do you practice?


In a flash of blue light, Tao Te Ching disappeared in Lin Hai’s hands.

“Tao can be said. It’s extraordinary. The name can be named, not the name. The beginning of the unknown world. The mother of all things. Therefore, we often have no desire to see its wonderful…… “

A large piece of golden seal script appeared in Lin Hai’s mind. The strangest thing is that Lin Hai understood the meaning completely, as if these words were written by himself.

Unconsciously, Lin Hai sits with his knees crossed, palms up, nose to mouth, mouth to heart, and enters the state of epiphany.

The bright moonlight, shining on the body of Lin hai from the window, seems to have turned into happy particles, pure and incomparably pouring into the major acupoints of Linhai.

“Huh? It ’s so rich, the essence of the moon! Chu lin’er, who is playing backgammon, is shocked.

Looking back, She saw Lin Hai sitting there, there was an indescribable divine solemnity.

And the light of the moon seems to meet a huge magnet, rushing into the body of the forest sea.

“Curious, is he practicing?” Chu lin’er frowned slightly, as if thinking.

Lin Hai did not wake up until the next morning.

Slowly open your eyes, a flash of light, like a flash of light.

“Congenital late period!” Lin Hai’s heart shakes!

One night’s practice, I actually jumped from the initial stage to the later stage!

This Tao Te Ching is indeed priceless!

But soon, Lin Hai shook his head again, a bitter smile in his heart.

No wonder there have been no immortals in the world for so many years. Even the ancient martial arts experts rarely appear.

It’s one aspect to lose the transmission of skills, but I’m afraid the main reason is the rarity of heaven and Earth Spirit.

Lin Hai’s current understanding of the Tao Te Ching is no different from that of taishang laojun. If we change to ancient times, Lin Hai should be able to break through the congenital period and enter the condensing period overnight.

But now, the mind skill of God level is in hand, and it’s 100% comprehension, which is just at the late stage of congenital.

“You seem to have improved?” Chu lin’er looks at Lin Hai strangely, “How did you do that?”

“Well, when is brother’s strength not improving? What’s the fuss?” Lin Hai got up to wash.

“Old man, I’ll go shopping. Will you go?” After breakfast, song Qin asked Lin Wen, who was reading the newspaper on the sofa.

“No, there’s nothing to stroll about.” Lin Wen said, crazily, across his neck.

“If you’re a dead old man, you can’t talk well. Ah Hua, bite him!” Song Qin looks at Lin Wen and gets angry.

“Woof!” Ah Hua was dressed in flower clothes and made two fierce voices towards Lin Wen.

“You dead dog! Turn around and let the strongman come and beat you to death! ” Lin Wen threw the newspaper. People bullied him, and the dog bullied himself.

“Come on, come on, My ah Hua are not afraid of him. When he comes, he will bite him together, isn’t it, ah Hua?” Song Qin squats down and holds the head of ah Hua, saying intimately.

“Wuwu……” Ah Hua’s goods will please song Qin immediately scattered toward Song Qin.

“Hum, I don’t believe it, Xiaohai, you call your apprentice and ask him to come here!” Lin Wen said.

“Forget it, Dad.”

“No, your mother and the dead dog are out. I’m so bored. You let your apprentice come to accompany me.”

Lin Hai is speechless for a while. Isn’t this an old child?

There’s no way. Lin Hai calls baldheaded.

“Master, ha ha, I have practiced the first move of shadowless feet Foshan, ha ha ha!” Before Lin Hai spoke, there was a strong, excited laugh from the other end of the phone.

I wipe, really?

If the bald head is strong, Lin Hai will be aggressive.

This kid is not like himself. He can learn martial arts from a little learning. If he wants to learn martial arts, he must learn it step by step. How can he learn it so fast?

Ma De, is this product really a martial arts wizard?

Lin Hai is also curious.

“Drive here.” Lin Hai Hung up the phone. He didn’t know much about it. It’s time to be bald.

“Master! Ha ha ha Ouch! ” Baldheaded Qiang get off the car, haven’t responded to come over, Lin Hai a fist waved past.

As soon as the bareheaded strong subconscious swings his head and body, his right leg is swung up, straight to Linhai’s chest, fast and fierce.

“I wipe, you can!” Lin Hai leaps back, his face is unbelievable.

The bareheaded and strong foot, both in strength and speed, is almost catching up with the one before today.

“… What’s the matter with your eyes and your legs? ” Lin Hai suddenly found that there was something wrong with being bald.

I saw two big circles with bare head. They were black and black. At first sight, they looked like police chief black cat.

His legs are even more amazing.

The left leg is high and the right leg is low. NIMA is lame when he turns around.

“… Master, I was so excited yesterday. I practiced according to the script for one day and one night, and it’s like this now. ” Bareheaded strong a little embarrassed touched big head.


Nima, it’s too hard. I didn’t stop all day and night.

“Master, look again. How about my leg? ADA!!! ” Bareheaded strong left leg slightly curved, right foot raised, with three kicks, fast and powerful!

“Cao, Foshan shadowless feet are Huang Feihong’s Kung Fu. Do you learn from Li Xiaolong’s calling Gan Mao?” Lin Hai scolded, but he had a little admiration for his bald head.

It’s hard to practice day and night. Not everyone can do it. It seems that it’s a little perseverance to be bald and strong.

“It’s very good. a martial art master!” Lin Hai paid a heartfelt compliment.

“Ha ha, really?” Which into think, Lin Hai a praise, the bald head Qiang excited bad, more than 40 years old people, how high a jump!

“Ouch!” This time, I was so happy and sad that when I landed on my feet, my left leg suddenly became soft and my bare head fell to the ground.

“… What I said just now, when I didn’t say it. ” Lin Hai’s face is full of black lines. NIMA can fall to the ground with any jump. No such martial arts expert is as good as a child.

It’s embarrassing to be bald.

“Master, I’ve been practicing for too long. My left leg is a supporting leg. the weight is too big, and it’s swollen.” Said baldheaded Qiang, pulling up the trouser legs.

“I wipe!” Lin Hai was startled. His bare head and strong left leg were swollen like a pillar, with blood stasis all over it.

Nima, if you keep practicing like this, don’t say you’re a martial arts expert. You’ll lose your leg!

Cao, also want to be Huang Feihong, this NIMA direct practice into seven ghost feet.

“Huh? Wait! ” Speaking of ghost foot seven, Lin Hai suddenly thought of one thing!

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