Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 222

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The video rang for more than a minute, and ye Shaohua didn’t answer.

Qinghai Guzhou can’t help it.

He hung up the video phone and typed four words directly.

Qinghai Guzhou: why not take it?

Ye Shaohua squints and looks at it. It’s different from the original plot. The original plot, Qinghai Guzhou didn’t ask her,

She thought it should be because she singled out the world boss in the evening. She didn’t want her guild to lose a master.

It was a long time before she replied.

Ye SHANGCHU Yang: it’s just a game.

Song Chen, on the other side of the computer, frowned, a face that was more handsome than ordinary people.

Before his news, she is seconds back, did not expect that this time she only seven or eight minutes back, he was a little impatient.

Qinghai Guzhou: Well, you go to the game, we lift the relationship.

The love sea has been waiting for a long time, thinking that if ye SHANGCHU Yang refuses, he will forcibly terminate the love, that is to spend a little money.

He thought a lot. The only thing he didn’t think of was when he finished this sentence.

Ye Shaohua replied directly.

Chuyang on the leaf: OK.

There is another sentence next second.

Ye SHANGCHU Yang: I’m playing. Yuelao is waiting for you.

Ye Shaohua changes the page to the game, arms the orange which has not been strengthened and synthesized into the backpack. Seeing someone adding friends, he refuses, and then transmits himself to the Yuelao temple with the transmission character.

Before, she was a god level task in real life, and there were more than 100 QQ wechat work numbers every day.

It has become a habit to refuse at will.

So she didn’t know that in another corner of the city, two people were looking at each other, one was rejected for the first time in her life, the other was rejected for the first time in her life.

Qinghai Guzhou has a long dream. Seeing Ye Shaohua’s consent, she tells Xiaohua about it and lands her game number directly.

Release the relationship in front of the old moon.

To see the red line between the two broken, the ocean of love alone just a sigh of relief.

Guzhou and ye Shaohua are both the characters in the love of swordsman. The news that they are relieved of their love is sent by the system again.

Long hair and waist to see, she immediately chatted about Qinghai Guzhou.

[secret chat] long hair and waist: chief, why did you break the relationship with Xiaoye because of trifling with the shadow?

Song Chen frowned.

[secret chat] Qinghai Guzhou: it has nothing to do with making shadows. It’s a matter between me and chuyang.

After that he shut down the chat system.

Long hair and waist accompany Ye Shaohua to do a task for a while, and help her scold Qinghai Guzhou.

Ye Shaohua just smiled and didn’t care.

She thought of the plot. In the original plot, what really forced her to die was Song Chen’s words.

At the meeting of the players of swordsman love, I summoned up my courage and went to see my guild friends.

At that time, facing all kinds of vicious words on the Internet, after going to the player meeting, the perfect song Chen and an Xun made her ashamed.

Also let the original body envy very much, she likes to look good-looking person very much.

Song Chen and others didn’t say anything in front of her.

When she used to go to the toilet, she heard what song Chen said to an Xun.

“It’s disgusting to think that I’ve been in love with that ugly person before. It’s better to be in love with a pig than with her. It’s better to be a man!” At that time, I saw Song Chen’s eyes clearly, disgusted and disgusted

That kind of eyes directly hurt the original owner’s original self-esteem.

The guild gatherings were ostensibly silent, and after she left they were full of sarcasm.

Said that the original photo is true, said that she is a liar, in the game as a goddess, deceive other people’s feelings.

Song Chen is the son of the Internet tycoon, typical of the rich second generation, and an Xun is a big guild with a prominent birth.

I knew they were two worlds.

Think of here, ye Shaohua is hanging the game, while opening the computer to find business opportunities, it is obvious that there is no way to resist a strong settlement just by relying on Ye Fu’s real estate.

It’s no wonder that the death of the original owner didn’t cause a little sympathy.

How can a sudden rising real estate tycoon compare with a guild with hundreds of years of experience?

It’s not money, it’s power.

As long as the Ye guild is strong enough to settle down, those people can no longer shake their position, all problems are no longer problems.

Now the original master is studying computer, and ye Shaohua naturally relies on it.

In the real world, she is the God of national protection and the first line of defense to the outside world. The firewall of the national security bureau is created by her. She is also the top nine level agent of the country.

Her identity is quite secret, except for a few heads of state, few people know her existence.

In the entertainment circle, some people who offended her were taken away by unidentified forces because the state sent some people to protect her.

So the best way to solve this world is to have power, and control the power to settle down.

Setting up a guild is nothing more than an aristocrat inherited from the Republic of China.

And she is to be a woman they can’t afford.

While thinking about it, ye Shaohua used his talent to get into the protective net, and put his data into a group of people they had newly collected.

She didn’t know that when her information was put on the national special operations team, those who were extremely secretive were shocked.

The real improvement of Ye Shaohua’s hacker technology is in the interstellar world.

That sixteen dimensional space of the world has great inspiration for her. If she has enough time, she can also study sixteen dimensional space in the real world.

This civilization has surpassed the development of modern society for hundreds of years. The hacker technology she used there is far less than that of the world.

Ye Shaohua is just like this for them. A 100 level god suddenly sends an application email to take a group of rookies to fight boss.

Do you think the rookies are excited?

After sending, she turned off the pages full of code and switched to the game.

The nianzhou guild is opening a guild copy.

She heard a clear voice of a girl, “I said to open a copy, Qinghai Guzhou will call you back, please everyone, open the guild voice is more convenient.”

This is the sound of idle flowers playing with shadows, that is, the sound of an Xun, which is a standard beauty sound.

Then Song Chen’s very gentle voice.

“Sister in law, your voice is really beautiful. You must be a beautiful woman!” Speaking of An Xun’s dog leg guild ‘s orange.

She said, see the guild page “Ye Shangchu Yang” joined the team.

The orange suddenly said, “Oh, the first sun is here. It’s just the first sun. Is it convenient for you to open your voice? Speaking of the guild town for four months, we haven’t heard the voice of Chu Yang yet. Let’s listen to the voice of the goddess. “

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