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Xu Ze smiled and sat in front of the boss’s computer and turned on the computer. He is the only one who doesn’t have a computer in the bedroom. It’s not that he can’t afford it, but he doesn’t need it. Because he seldom has time in the bedroom at ordinary times and doesn’t use the Internet very much. Even when he wants to go to the bedroom, the boss has less time in the bedroom. Generally, he can use his computer.

Therefore, he has not touched the edge of the network for most of the month, and occasionally surf the Internet, but it is also a rare pastime.

Xu Ze went on QQ for a while. QQ hasn’t been on for half a month. When it was opened, it was “Di, Di, di……” The ground kept ringing, except for the two groups in the Department jumped out of countless messages, it was Xiaohao and Xiaomin did not know when the message was sent.

“Brother, are you there? Our department won the basketball game again yesterday! Ha ha… ” It’s Xu Hao, of course, who speaks so loudly.

“Brother, are you busy recently? Don’t work too hard…”

“Brother, we are going to have a violin competition soon. I’m a little nervous. I don’t know if I can make it to the final!”

Seeing this, Xu Ze smiled slightly. Qing’er is the same girl as before. She always looks small in front of her.

Looking at the time of the last news, on March 21st, it was yesterday that Xu Ze gently knocked back several lines of words: “Qinger, come on. I believe you, you are a famous talented woman in the university. You have won a good place in those competitions. You must take the first back this time, even if you don’t have the first, you need the second!”

After going back to the past, there is no message coming back. It seems that there is no online now.

Xu Ze then hangs QQ where, no longer pays attention to, but opened the star big forum again, browses at will;

The star University Forum is the official forum of star University. Generally, students of star university live in the forum, which is very popular. What happens in the school generally spreads in the forum at the first time. So when students of star University surf the Internet, the first thing is to see the forum to see if there is any interesting thing happening in the school.

Xu Ze just opened the forum and browsed it at will, only to find that his fight that day was also on the forum gossip board, and the title was still highlighted, there were photos on it, but the photos did not show the clear front of himself and others, only a few photos by sun Lingfei were very clear and bright, and the photos of the broken Jade Buddha were also very clear.

In the end, there is also the beginning and the end of the event, and the introduction of the characters is only replaced by Xu, Tao, and others. The introduction of the events inside basically does not deviate from the actual situation.

Xu Ze carefully looked at these photos over and over again, his face became more and more gloomy. He thought of the figure that had been hidden in the bottom of his heart, and his heart began to ache faintly again. Looking at the familiar figure, Xu Ze could not help but murmur: “how is that person? He is richer than me, but will he treat you so sincerely? “

In a daze, he suddenly heard the bedroom door opened again. Xu Ze adjusted his mood and turned around, only to see Xunzi coming in.

Xu Ze was shocked, but his heart was filled with rage. He slapped the table, stood up and looked at the mule and said, “boss, what’s the matter? Who doesn’t have eyes to provoke you? “

Seeing Xu Ze’s angry expression, Xunzi grinned happily, but it was also hurt by the injury on the corner of his mouth. He quickly covered his mouth, looked at Xu Ze and grinned and said, “today’s fight is not wrong, we are a bit of a man, and it’s not good as before!”

“Er…” Xu Ze was stunned, but he frowned casually. Since the last fight, he seems to be a little different from before. His character seems to have changed a lot. If he saw Xunzi fighting with people like this, he would not be so angry and impulsive.

But at this time can not care about this many, Xu Ze looked at the mule, frowned and said: “what’s the matter? About me? “

“Today’s game with the manager happened to involve Tao Zhixiong. I didn’t know him before. I didn’t know him until I saw Zhang Linyun today!” At this point, the mule frowned and said proudly, “it’s just that the kid hit us and he was still arrogant. I hit him with one blow and flew his two teeth. Later, everyone heard that Tao Zhixiong was the one. He fought with the manager. Although our people were hurt, they didn’t suffer a loss. Haha Tao Zhixiong has to lie down for a few days! “

Hearing Zhang Linyun, Xu Ze felt a pain again, but he was moved by the mule’s anger. He just looked at Xunzi and said: “it’s not big, is it?”

Xunzi grinned a little difficultly and patted Xu Ze on the shoulder with a smile. “It’s OK. Men fight. No matter win or lose, no one is embarrassed to poke up!”

“It’s just that those brothers in our team are interesting enough to hear that the boy is Tao Zhixiong. I didn’t say hello, and everyone rushed on, so that one by one those managers called father and mother! Ha… Yo… ” Before the mule was satisfied, it was pulled to the corner of his injured mouth again. Xu Ze hurriedly ran to the drawer and brought a bottle of safflower oil and put it on him.

At ten o’clock in the evening, according to tomorrow’s curriculum, after reading a book, Xu Ze went to bed early again, but in his sleep, he became restless again. In his confusion, Xu Ze heard the strange voice again: “the system has been charged up to 35%, and the system analysis suggests that the optimization should be carried out when the energy value is more than 50%, so as to avoid the system from sleeping again; …. Alarm, system active data synchronization failed, external data collection and analysis completed, the host environment is abnormal, unable to contact the federal central computer, unable to synchronize data; comprehensive analysis of the similarity between the current environment and the federal environment is 65%, approximately the level of the earth’s origin in the early 21st century! “

“In order to save energy, the exploration and analysis of external data will be suspended; the training mechanism of host super medical escort will be continued!”

The next morning, Xu Ze thought of yesterday’s voice that was a dream but not a dream. He held his head in pain and felt that his head was too big. He thought crazily, “what’s going on? Is it a dream? Or something? “

After a long time, it was not easy to forget these strange thoughts. Under the urging of the mules, Xu Ze got up to eat breakfast and prepared for class. However, Xu Ze once again found painfully that his food intake seemed to be still increasing. Among the three people who were just fat, Xunzi ate six big Shao sellers and two bowls of porridge in a row, which barely filled his stomach.

“Damn it What to do after that? In this way, I don’t have enough money to eat! “

The fat man blinked at Xu Ze, whose face was full of pain, and finally couldn’t help it. He turned to look at the only Xunzi among the four who had ever eaten more than himself, and said, “boss, how much can you eat in the morning?”

“Er… I usually eat a lot at noon or at night. It seems that in the morning… ” The mule looked at Xu Ze, swallowed his mouth hard, then shook his head helplessly.

“Isn’t it that you haven’t recovered enough after being stimulated? Or that you are strong enough to attract beautiful girls?” Gangzi looked at Xu Ze, looked at the mule again, and touched his nose: “no, it’s obvious that the bachelor example of the eldest brother is here…”

But Xu Zeke was not in the mood to talk with them. He couldn’t figure out why. He clapped his face painfully. He decided to leave, because now, after smelling the strong smell of food in the canteen, he seemed to be hungry again.

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