The Almighty Martial Arts System 182

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Good things don’t go out, bad things spread far and wide.

Jiang Fei didn’t expect that he defeated Qin Zhengming and Yu Qingsong, two old men, in Jincheng, thousands of miles away, and joked about the Chinese medicine society. He was even known by the members of the Chinese medicine society. However, his medical skills and deeds were never mentioned.

It seems that his reputation has deteriorated in the society of traditional Chinese medicine. If he stands up and admits his identity, it is estimated that these guys will not let him go easily, right?

However, Jiang Fei naturally did not panic or want to leave. Now he is very curious about what the seminar of the Chinese Medicine Society looks like. Let’s see what the top Chinese doctors in China will discuss together.

Is it a fight doctor? Is it to discuss and develop traditional Chinese medicine? Or directly discuss how to make money?

However, Jiang Fei wanted to watch in a low-key and silent way, but the members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine were quite curious about his raw face.

“Why, fix the good face around you? Is it the new doctor to join our society of traditional Chinese medicine” Someone saw Jiang Fei and asked curiously.

People who can enter the hall today, except for the uniformed waiters, only members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine are eligible to enter. Now people are not allowed to enter.

Jiang Fei’s dress is obviously not a waiter, but also with Cui Xiuping. At first sight, he knows that it’s like sitting on the same footing. His identity should be equal. Naturally, the only possibility is that he is a new member of the Chinese medicine society.

“So young to be able to enter the society of traditional Chinese medicine, which family of traditional Chinese medicine, or the’ Millennium school’ of outstanding young people, right?” Someone laughed and exclaimed.

Although there are many middle-aged people and young people in the hall today, it seems that the members of the Chinese medicine society are not very valuable, but these young people and middle-aged people can enter the Chinese medicine society with their real strength!

No matter who the Chinese medicine society is, it’s impossible to go through the back door. It’s impossible for such a distinguished family and identity as Cui Xiuping. Only when the medical skill reaches a certain level and can be compared with the top famous doctors in the country can it be absorbed.

And the young people here today. Or Cui Xiuping. His family history has passed on for hundreds of years. A family of Chinese medicine with a profound foundation is like a family with a golden key at birth. It has been nurtured since childhood and has access to all kinds of advanced knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, medical skills are naturally outstanding when young and have stepped into the ranks of “famous doctors”; otherwise, it has learned in the “Millennium school” and achieved extraordinary achievements.

Hear these words. Cui Xiuping’s eyelids jumped. I don’t know how to introduce Jiang Fei.

If according to his original intention, what he would like to do is to directly disclose Jiang Fei’s identity and tell everyone that this guy is Jiang Fei, the guy who claims to be the “king of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine” in Jincheng, and He looks down on the Chinese Medical Association, Despise the doctor of the Chinese Medical Association.

At that time, he won’t be needed. I’m afraid dozens of people in the hall will all be excited and attack Jiang fei. They will give a good breath of suffocation.

Think about this scene, Cui Xiuping thinks it will be very comfortable. It must be very popular!

But if he did, what if Jiang Fei made a scene and broke up today’s Chinese medicine society? And he promised his grandfather. If you want to invite Jiang Fei, he will go back to meet and talk with him in person. The task has not been completed yet!

So Cui Xiuping can only resist the temptation and perplexity in his heart, which makes him have the idea of impulse. He bowed his hand to the crowd and said, “wait a moment, I’ll introduce his identity to you later.”

For the time being, I’ll bear it. After grandpa meets this kid, I’ll wait for a while for the doctor fighting competition after the discussion, and then let this guy know my strength. Know the inside story of TCM society!

Cui Xiuping thought silently in his heart.

Although his grandfather seems to value Jiang Fei as the “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine”, he is very interested in the long lost Shenzhen eight methods. But Cui Xiuping didn’t think so. He is recognized as a rising star in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. In the traditional Chinese Medicine Association, the medical skill is not the highest, but it is also the younger generation that seldom meets the enemy. Even if Jiang Fei’s medical skill is good, he must not be his opponent!

So when it comes to the fight between doctors, Cui Xiuping feels that he is going to make Jiang Fei look bad and lose face. It’s just a matter of minutes.

They took a seat at random. Jiang fei asked curiously, “what do these people mean by the Millennium school just now?”

Cui Xiuping explained patiently, “if you want to give a definition to Millennium school, you can understand it as a school in martial arts novels. For example, Huashan school and Songshan school have similar natures. “

“The Millennium school is just a title, but it may not have passed on for thousands of years. This is just a person who represents the long time of inheritance of this school, who once appeared in the history at the level of a patriarch. There are also classic works that reflect this school. Among the children of later generations, there are many outstanding people, many learners, and it is impossible to disappear in a short time.”

“The Millennium school actually has a lot in common with Cui’s family of traditional Chinese medicine. For example, it has been passed down for a long time. Many valuable experience and wealth have been left over from generation to generation, making it easier for our younger generation to learn medicine. For example, many young and middle-aged people in the hall are not too old, but their medical skills can compete with the top famous doctors all over the country because of the inheritance and learning. “

“The three most prosperous’ millennial schools’ in China are all part of the society of traditional Chinese medicine, namely ‘Huoshen School’, ‘Danxi school’ and ‘Offensive Evil school’! And I said just now that we have three leaders in the society of traditional Chinese medicine, they are the leaders of these three schools respectively. “

Jiang Fei was amazed.

Although his current medical skills have consciously reached a relatively high level, but for these TCM secrets, it is the first time to hear them. I didn’t expect that Chinese medicine in China has such a mysterious doorway in it. Even more martial arts novels are divided into different factions!

“Is it difficult for ordinary doctors to join these three schools?” Asked Jiang Fei.

Cui Xiuping nodded and said, “of course, it’s very difficult. Even though the number of the three schools is the largest, there are about 100 real disciples, old and young! At the least, there are only fifty regular disciples who attack evil sects. “

“So these three schools usually have industries outside, and also have businesses to open prescriptions and hospitals?” Jiang Fei looked at Xiuping thoughtfully again and asked with a smile.

When Xu Xiuping saw Jiang Fei’s appearance, he knew what Jiang Fei thought. It’s just that they secretly make a lot of money with the help of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Of course! Each of these three schools is no smaller than our Cui family’s Jishitang. ” Cui Xiuping didn’t say it well. “But what if we have an industry out there? Can’t doctors make money? Do you open a medical center in Jincheng to make money? Why didn’t you go straight to the patient for free? “

Jiang Fei was dumbfounded and said, “look at you. What are you worried about? I didn’t say I couldn’t make money, I just asked casually. Do you feel guilty for your reaction? “

Cui Xiuping was almost spitting blood. He was once again put into the ditch by Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei smiled and shook his head, turned his head and looked at the members in the hall. He didn’t ask any more questions.

It’s nothing to make money with traditional Chinese medicine. Doctors also need to eat. It’s impossible to see patients for free. It’s natural that we should receive money from doctors.

This is also the principle Jiang Fei has always believed in. So Jiang Fei doesn’t feel embarrassed to open the Jiang’s medical center and make money.

It’s just that, after making money, you should do something serious, right?

Since you are an officially recognized organization, every member of the Chinese medicine society also has the special allowance of the State Council – although very few. But each of you has a responsibility on your shoulders.

You have specially assembled most of the top doctors in the country to form such a society. Shouldn’t you do something for traditional Chinese medicine?

If you are not in his position, you will not find a way to deal with it. You’re all in this position. You have to give some.

But one by one, you are only trying to make a lot of money. You can’t even choose the president to fight inside!

Is this really appropriate?

Even if Jiang Fei was just an outsider and didn’t join the society of traditional Chinese medicine, as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, he felt that he couldn’t see any more.

Just when Jiang Fei was indignant and had some thoughts of “indignant youth”, suddenly there was a voice of surprise and anger behind him: “Jiang Fei? How dare you come here! Are you ready to mock our whole Chinese medicine society! “

Jiang Fei was also surprised to hear this voice. Looking back, he found that Yu Qingsong, a stunt professor at Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, who was also wearing a robe, came in from the outside and was ashamed, angry and angry when he saw Jiang Fei.

Over 60 years of success, he went to Jincheng last time to cure Ye Zhennan. He was helpless and failed to cure. Instead, he was severely attacked by a young man. This is the most humiliating thing in his life. So Jiang Fei’s appearance can be recognized even if it turns grey!

Today, he must come to the discussion conference of the Chinese medicine society, where his family lives in the capital.

But I didn’t expect to see Jiang Fei when I walked in!

“Oh, it’s so clever. You’re here, too. ” Jiang Fei saw the old man who was going to make him feel ashamed, but he lost his old face. He said with a smile.

He saw again that there was no need to panic.

As for the fact that it’s in other people’s territory and there are a large number of Chinese medicine scholars, how about that? These people can beat him!


Yu Qingsong was so angry that he blew his beard and stared at Jiang Fei. He almost didn’t breathe. After staring for a while, he pointed to Jiang Fei and said, “he He is the “king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine”, who despises the Chinese medicine society! “

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