The Almighty Martial Arts System 189

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Jiang Fei, of course, is not the descendant of Yu Qinghou. He heard the name for the first time today. His eight methods of magic needle are not inherited from Yu Qinghou.

Moreover, Jiang Fei has not yet fully learned the eight methods of Shenzhen. He has only one level of medical skill. Now he can only use the first four needles of the eight methods of Shenzhen. It is estimated that the later ones will not be possible until he upgrades again. Fortunately, his current medical proficiency is almost full, and it will not be long before he can step into level 8.

At that time, Jiang Fei estimated that his eight methods of Shenzhen could be complete and become the true inheritor of the eight methods of Shenzhen.

“You ask me, where did I learn my eight needlework methods? It’s very simple. It’s from an ancient book. ” Jiang Fei said casually.

However, Yu Ruzhi’s eyes, which are all kinds of romantic, suddenly look at Jiang Fei and wonder, “what ancient books did you learn from? Where did you get that ancient book? “

Jiang Fei smiled and recalled, “it’s a long story. I remember that was the summer when I was five years old. I went to the grocery store in town to buy popsicles with a dollar my grandmother gave me in my pocket. On the way home, I passed a small alley and met a beggar with long hair and ragged clothes. He stopped me and said to me, “pretty boy, I see your bones are amazing. It’s one of the most talented medical talents in the world. In the future, it’s up to you to hang a pot to help the world and save people from illness.”. I have a secret script “eight methods of divine needle” here, which is priceless. But I think it’s related to you, so I’ll sell it to you for ten yuan! But when I bought the popsicle in my pocket, I only had fifty cents, so I haggled all the way and finally bought the book of eight methods of divine needle with fifty cents

At the beginning of Jiang Fei’s speech, Yu Ruzhi was very happy, thinking that Jiang Fei really wanted to tell her the origin of the eight methods of Shenzhen. As a result, the more I heard about it, the more I was not right. At last, I frowned and gave Jiang Fei a look of unhappiness: “do you think I will believe it?”

Jiang Fei shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “I’m telling the truth. I can’t help it if you don’t believe it. If I could meet that old beggar next time. I’ll bring him to see you, and then you’ll believe it. It’s a pity to say that. I’d like to see the old beggar again. I need to know that there was more than one secret script of eight magic needles on the old beggar at that time, as well as the nine swords and nine Yin scriptures of Dugu. Unfortunately, I was very poor at that time. I didn’t have money on my body. Otherwise, I would have packed and bought everything… “

It’s a pity to look at Jiang Fei. It’s like a real expression. Yu Ruzhi’s enchanting and charming face thought that her anger was getting red. She opened her eyes and said angrily, “little brother Jiang Fei, do you think I haven’t seen ‘Kung Fu Hustle’, right?”

Jiang Fei stared at Yu Ruzhi in surprise and asked, “have you seen Kung Fu? Do you think the broken plot in Kung Fu Hustle is very similar to my experience? Have you! “


“Many years later, when I was watching Kung Fu Hustle, I thought I was wondering why my story had been put on the big screen like this? How do they know? They didn’t give me the adaptation fee! “

“Now I know why you can play in the entertainment world. I didn’t expect to be the biggest performer in China. It’s you! ” Yu Ruzhi took a look at Jiang Fei, sat down and drove, and did not continue to talk about it.

Now she has a deeper understanding of Jiang Fei. Knowing Jiang Fei can’t easily tell her the origin of the eight methods of Shenzhen.

But it’s also true that she wants Jiang Fei to tell her all the details about this kind of secret thing at will. It’s really not realistic.

Of course, not now, not later. Yu Ruzhi is always full of confidence in herself and believes in her charm.

“How did I become an actor? I’ve been on the idol route. ” Jiang Fei looks in front of the car. Said with a smile.

The car didn’t stop in front of Tongrentang, but people got off in a nearby parking lot. Then walk to Tongrentang.

Otherwise, in ten minutes. There are dozens of valuable luxury cars parked outside Tongrentang pharmacy, which is very noticeable.

Although traditional Chinese medicine is not an official, money can’t be revealed. You have to go to the Royal Palace at night. But too much publicity is not good, after all, a very sacred career, even if Chinese medicine to make money, also can not show off rich ah.

Jiang Fei and Yu Ruzhi went to the drugstore together, and there were receptionists waiting for them. They introduced them into a large room behind them.

This house is usually supposed to be the place where the staff of Tongrentang drugstore rest and have a meeting. At this time, they temporarily modified it to remove all the superfluous things inside. Only a row of long tables and stools were placed in the middle, which was reserved for the young experts who are going to take part in the competition.

There are many young girls in the room who are serving tea and pouring water. They are well served.

Jiang Fei arrived in the second batch. After five or six minutes, all the members of the Chinese Medicine Society arrived.

After a while of busy work, it was Kong Yun, the leader of Danxi sect, who came out to preside over the situation. He said: “everyone is here, and the doctor fighting competition is ready to start.”

“This year is different from the previous year. There are only 20 young talents participating in the competition. The number is much smaller than the previous year, so we will not be in the group this time. More than 20 young generation leaders will compete together. According to the old rules, there will be three competitions in total. The leader of our three major schools and Dr. Cui will be the referee to select the seven most comprehensive strength in the three competitions. After half a month, they will replace our traditional Chinese medicine circle and communicate with the western medicine exchange group! “

“The patients in this trial were randomly selected, such as tonifying deficiency, resolving symptoms, clearing away heat, warming inside, regulating qi, eliminating food, astringency, eliminating wind dampness, aromatizing dampness, resolving phlegm, relieving cough and asthma, calming nerves, calming liver and calming wind, activating blood and removing stasis. As for the treatment method, it is also randomly selected later, which can be prescriptions, acupuncture, massage, massage, cupping, qigong and dietotherapy. In each case, doctors must only extract methods to treat patients. Three games, each treatment can not be repeated. “

Jiang Fei is the first time to participate in the competition of fighting medicine held by the Chinese medicine society. He didn’t know their rules before, so he listened carefully this time.

After listening, it doesn’t make sense.

The arrangement of this society of traditional Chinese medicine is fairly fair. Every treatment means is randomly selected and no one can be partial. Some people are good at using traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. Some people are good at massage, some people are good at acupuncture, which can only be done by fate. The treatment method extracted is one of their own. That’s luck, if you extract the worst of yourself. I can only blame myself.

But fortunately, there will be three games. Even if the way of one game is not good at it, there are still two to be remedied.

If anyone is not good at three consecutive games, it’s not to recite – he is not worthy of being called a famous doctor at all.

There are similarities between traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts practice. Most of the time, they are all one principle and one hundred skills. In several basic treatment methods, one or two are not good at it. If all three methods are not good, it means that this person’s medical skill is really not good!

Jiang Fei has no objection. Naturally, other members of the society of traditional Chinese medicine have no objection.

Kong Yun nodded and continued: “the patients outside have been grouped according to different conditions. Now it’s up to the old doctor Cui to draw lots for us and decide what to do in the first round of competition!”

If we let others draw, some people may not be convinced, for fear that there is something false in it. But let Cui Qinghe draw, and everyone will be convinced. Old Cui, who has unparalleled medical skills and ethics, can’t help anyone cheat in this kind of thing.

“The first question, compare food therapy!” Cui Qinghe took out a small note, opened it and read.

After taking out the first question. Tongrentang’s staff immediately began to get busy. They went out to arrange patients with system problems, such as high blood pressure, skin disease, thyroid tumor and fatty liver.

I heard the first question. Jiang Fei glanced around and found that none of the 20 young masters who participated in the competition had any unusual emotions on their faces. Their expressions were all the same, just like they were going to show their skills.

“It seems that the strength of these people should still be good, even if they are given food therapy, they are still confident.” Jiang Fei thought in his heart.

But someone saw Jiang Fei looking around. A young woman with a ponytail and a sparkle embroidered on her chest joked: “Hello, king of traditional Chinese medicine needle. You are very good at acupuncture. Are you not good at other aspects? If today’s three questions. What do you do without acupuncture? “

Jiang Fei smiled and said lightly, “my acupuncture is really good. But I haven’t said that I’m not good at anything else

“Let’s see what you can do later.” The ponytail young woman also said with a smile.

Food therapy for traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, it is not a side door. Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that “medical therapy is better than food therapy”. Dietotherapy is not only safe. There is no pain, no side effects, and the price is relatively low.

There were not many dietotherapy before, but in recent years, more and more people like to use dietotherapy to cure and prevent various diseases and keep good health.

Enter the room, is a very fat, height just one meter seven, but the weight is afraid to have two hundred jin man.

The man walked into the big room and looked at the men and women, the old and the young, all of a sudden he was shocked. Although he had heard the news before, he said that many experts would come to see him for free, but at this time, he was also a little flustered.

These dozens of people are all so-called experts?

This situation makes him feel like a mouse!

However, thinking that the medical treatment will be free, and Tongrentang promised to give him many benefits, he reluctantly put up with it, and let twenty people take turns to feel his pulse for him.

Jiang Fei is among them naturally, but at the last one, wait for the 20 people in front to go up one by one to finish the pulse. After asking about the situation, he went up and put his finger on the fat man’s wrist for a few seconds, then he moved away, smiled and said to the patient, “thank you for your cooperation, I have cut the pulse.”

Seeing Jiang Fei’s move, a lot of people began to whisper: “cut the pulse for a few seconds? Is there such a fast one? “

“Even if the patient doesn’t ask a word, he’s completely abandoned the” ask “in the process of listening, listening and asking?”

“How do I feel that there’s a slight smell of force?”

“I hope this” king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine “is not too weak. Don’t make any jokes…”

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